[60+] Narazgi Shayari in Hindi (2022) | नाराज़गी शायरी

[60+] Narazgi Shayari in Hindi (2022) | नाराज़गी शायरी

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Narazgi Shayari

Narazgi Shayari

Anger is strange even in the paths of love
Somebody changes the way, the destination is lost to someone else..!!

The distance between us has increased, it means a little,
That I should stop loving her..!!

Like I understand your every displeasure,
I wish you understand my only helplessness..!!

Look, she expresses displeasure with me like this,
He doesn’t even hide anything, he doesn’t show anything..!!

Know this before persuading someone,
Whether he is angry with you or upset..!!

Your tantrums, your displeasure see you,
Will kill me one day..!!

If you are angry, then express it but do not hate,
If you want someone else, then tell me, just don’t do infidelity..!!

People often make one mistake,
The one who is angry tells him to leave it..!!

There is no shine in the eyes nor there is any movement on the lips,
Your displeasure has such an effect that now there is sorrow moment by moment..!!

Tell me the reason for leaving
were angry with me or there were thousands like me..!!

Narazgi Shayari in Hindi
Narazgi Shayari in Hindi

Don’t keep resentment there my friend,
Where you have to tell you are angry..!!

Starting your own love
Love has not started and you are already making us angry..!!

Don’t know what you are angry about with us,
Even if you meet in dreams, you don’t talk..!!

I was defeated by your love,
You have settled in my heart, I cried even in anger with you..!!

Just sort out all of us,
Better scold us than getting angry..!!

Being silent does not mean that I am angry,
Something must happen, I am not unnecessarily angry..!!

What are you angry about, you seem angry,
It seems as if you are not always feeling today..!!

Sometimes resentment outweighs love,
But every day’s displeasure reduces the value..!!

You also said two things of love while celebrating us,
Since when are you sitting angry in this affair..!!

Of course you have a right to be angry with me,
But don’t forget our love in resentment..!!

Narazgi Ki Shayari
Narazgi Ki Shayari

I am angry with you not with your time,
Which you never got for me..!!

Now don’t even ask why don’t you talk,
Even so much anger is not good, Sanam..!!

Where do we have to be angry?
Even if he smiled, we would have agreed..!!

There is anger too, but to whom should I show it?
There is love but with whom should I express it?
What is the relationship in which there is no trust,
Now how can I tell them the right..!!

Right in anger
But they got away from us..!!

If you are angry, be angry with anger,
The matter should not be so bad that it should be separated..!!

I don’t know what this heart wants even then
Thought often comes even after you cry..!!

Don’t get angry, something doesn’t look good,
This anger does not adorn your beautiful face,
Sometimes it happens, forgive the mistake,
This recipe does not suit the cruelty of the fans..!!

Silently accept your words,
This is also the idea of ​​my anger..!!

This is the sign of true love,
He has a different story away from heartburn..!!

Narazgi Par Shayari
Narazgi Par Shayari

Why are you angry with these stupid antics of mine,
There is life for a few days then you will go away from this place..!!

That person was a bit angry with me,
was probably going home alone with displeasure,
His face was also a bit silent,
But the noise was visible in his eyes..!!

Don’t take my anger as my infidelity,
Anger also happens with the one who has immense love..!!

forget all his mistakes,
When she innocently asks what is angry..!!

You laugh to make me laugh, you cry to make me cry,
Once you get angry and see, I will die to convince you..!!

Your anger is my passion,
Let’s see who is older..!!

Remembering is also an act of great courage,
Because forgetting someone is very common these days..!!

Ever since you stopped celebrating Ruthe,
Since then we have stopped being angry with God..!!

It doesn’t matter if the wishes remain unfulfilled,
I have seen some dreams getting broken from very close..!!

How close were you, you are in my breath,
How did you say at once that you forget me,
At that moment it felt as if my death had come..!!

Narazgi Wali Shayari
Narazgi Wali Shayari

Silence is better
People get angry with words..!!

You were my yesterday and I am today
Now I will not come to celebrate because I am angry..!!

What are you angry about, you seem angry,
It seems as if you are not always feeling today..!!

Of course be angry with someone’s mistake,
But don’t be so angry
That person should hate himself..!!

Smile also tells sorrow-heart,
It is not necessary for me to have a habit of crying..!!

Why are you so far away from me I want you,
Listen with all your heart, my love
You are my life, you are the whole place..!!

To hear one in your affair,
Now even God got angry with us..!!

We are special till then,
As long as she is with me..!!

It is not in my nature to be angry with anyone,
Angry are those who are proud of themselves..!!

Everyone shows belongingness in life,
But who is yours, only this time tells..!!

Shayari on Narazgi in Hindi
Shayari on Narazgi in Hindi

It doesn’t matter if the faces become strangers.
If the attitude becomes a stranger, it gives a lot of trouble..!!

Don’t ask how every moment passes without you
Sometimes the desire to talk, sometimes the desire to see..!!

The mistake is the most, yes I did too.
Now forgive me why I am so far away,
Why did you leave like this for a mistake..!!

Some heartburn goes away with just a hug,
Not understanding by explaining..!!

Conflict happens when there is a complaint,
And complaints come from those who love..!!

If you are angry then there will be no happiness,
Without you there would be no light in the lamp,
What to say what will pass on this heart,
Will be alive but life will not be there..!!

Of course you have a right to be angry with me,
But don’t forget our love in resentment..!!

Can’t be forgotten
not me my heart has chosen you..!!

We are helpless, do not care, we are sad, not angry,
Appreciate friends from the heart,
We can be forced in life but not unfaithful..!!

Somebody is very sad because of your departure,
If possible, come back with some excuse,
You are a million angry, but once you see,
Someone is shattered because of your anger..!!

If your anger is your compulsion,
So let it be, I don’t have to believe..!!

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