70+ रोमांटिक स्टेटस ♥ Romantic Status for Your BF/GF

Romance Status

When it comes to romance, there’s no denying how important it is to choose the right words. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to apply romantic status and tell how much you love them. If you want something for your BF/GF romantic status If you are searching, then in this post we have brought you the very best love romantic status, which you can use as WhatsApp and Instagram Status.

romantic status

The path that leads to your heart, we are the passengers of those paths.

Dabang Romantic Love Status In Hindi

I get it like day goes by night, I got it by bowing my eyes like this.

true love status in hindi

Your noor has illuminated the paths of love, these nanos of yours have caught us with paper and pen.

romantic status for husband

sweet romantic status

Somebody gets lost in something or the other, the barren land falls in love with the rain.

love romantic status

The complaint is with myself, love is with you even today.

Pyar wale status

I am fighting with myself for you, I do not know which love I am doing.

Cute Romantic Whatsapp Status in Hindi

romantic status

Silently I am looking at you, I have heard that I do not make a sound in prayer.

romantic status for lovers

short romantic status in hindi

Did not know that love will happen, we loved your smile.

Gf.  romantic status in hindi for

In a restless life, you are my comfort.

romantic status for boyfriend

Give way to the beats, you have captured the whole heart.

Walking with you may not get the destination, but the journey will be memorable.

The passion to see you grows deeper when your face is guarded by swirls.

By the way, I am not interested in anything, it is just a habit of yours.

dil churan wale status

Just stay so close to me, even if there is no talk, then there is no distance.

Dabang Romantic Love Status In Hindi

I should love you more than love, I should prostrate you a million times, if you call the day as night, then I should consider it as night.

I say “I love you” everyday to remind you that you are my life.

If I know anything about love, it’s only because of you.

God bless my age is one day younger than you, so that I don’t have to live without you.

sweet romantic status

You will always be mine, always.

romantic status for girlfriend

Wherever I look, I miss you, you are my world.

You are that part of my life, without which I cannot live.

Before you came into my life, I never knew what true love was like.

I love every little thing related to you.

short romantic status in hindi

Thank you for the happiness that you brought to my life.

romantic status for husband

Because of you I felt that I am the luckiest in the world.

The day you are with me is a wonderful day.

I love the one who brings a smile to your face because of me.

I am very lucky to have you in my life.

heart touching romantic status

romantic status for wife

Your presence makes me a better person.

Today is a beautiful day, it would have been even better if you were with me.

I can talk to you all night.

I wish you were with me now.

romantic status for boyfriend

There is only one reason for those who take my breath away, only you.

Cute Romantic Whatsapp Status in Hindi

I am recognized by your sweet nature, on your laughter my life is sacrificed.

Feeling love is also worship, no one has seen God by touching it.

Romance Status

Have done love to you, have not committed any sin, God has done it, we have not done it ourselves.

romantic status for girlfriend

Meetings will continue to happen with you, you are away from the eyes, not from the heart.

Gf. romantic status in hindi for

You learn to laugh, we will become the reason.

You are special, your words are also special, the meetings you have met are also special.

The search was comforting to me and I found you.

Even without meeting, there is a meeting, even thoughts have been created by thinking something.

romantic status in hindi

Your thoughts are like a newspaper, do not leave even a single day.

Loving Romantic Hindi Status

Whenever you meet, raise your eyes and meet, it is good to see yourself in your eyes.

You live in the beats, it is not necessary to bring your name on your tongue.

Take care of yourself, you are very special in life than our common.

It is comforting to talk to you, like this we do not lose our sleep.

Each other is mentioned in our talks, she takes care of me and I care about her.

romantic status for wife

I write these words for people, you read me through my eyes.

Heart Touching Romantic Shayari

I am in love with you like a fragrance, and there is no scale to measure the fragrance.

If we die, there will be millions on you, but we want to live for you.

I still remember the journey of your paths, I was not a scientist but the discovery was wonderful.

Do not put an end to your desire, we will definitely meet one day.

Some eyes touch more than eight.

The hope of getting you may be over but never the desire.

Loving Romantic Hindi Status

You stole my heart, now take care of it.

true love status in hindi

You have filled my life with beautiful colors of love and have given meaning to my life.

You have brightened my days and ignited the soul.

You are my love who made my life better. I love you.

You are the dream of my eyes, the desire of my heart, the support of my life and the beating of my heart.

I can bear your tantrums for the rest of my life.

Your voice is the sweetest music for me.

Every day spent with you is a wonderful memory of the journey of my life.

In the sea of ​​people my eyes always look for you.

Your smile is truly the cutest I have ever seen in my life.

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