[70+] Bad Boy Status in Hindi (2022)

[70+] Bad Boy Status in Hindi (2022)

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Bad Boy Status

Status Bad Boy

If I dare to endure,
So I also have the courage to destroy..!!

If you want to achieve the goal, then increase your ability,
By luck, even a dog gets bread..!!

Sikandar, we are of our own free will,
But we have come to win hearts not the world..!!

What’s the fun in living like this,
Until there is fire in the enemy’s chest..!!

Let’s be simple, now we will change the role,
Don’t be shocked, you will change your atmosphere..!!

I am not arrogant but your behavior will tell,
How much do I have to talk to you..!!

Tell your father to visit our locality and see,
Only the name is enough for his Jamai..!!

If we talk about beauty,
I am the moon of my mother and hero number one of my sister..!!

Yours is such a friend,
Gun in hand and ride of bullet..!!

ignore my mistakes
You can’t do anything by uprooting it..!!

Bad Boy Status in Hindi

Bad Boy Status in Hindi
Bad Boy Status Hindi

Fear of the liver has nothing to do with,
We step even where there is no way..!!

I am calm, don’t make the mistake of thinking weak..!!

If you mess with us, then he has no apology,
And we will not answer you because,
The 2-3 sons who live with me are enough..!!

Some call me good and some call me bad
People call us the Nawab of spoiled bad boys..!!

If you like it in my heart,
Otherwise not even in my mind..!!

Donkeys wait for orders,
Lion works according to SITUATION..!!

Said that even if the entry would be late,
But the greatest will be, we live life with pride,
That’s why enemies burn in our name..!!

Who will scare us from the scene of death,
Saala we even scratch the backyard with a dagger..!!

Listen, we write status with passion,
But people feel really sad..!!

Lions do not die because of the large number of dogs,
And the crazy people of Mahakal do not fear anyone’s father..!!

New Bad Boy Status 2022

New Bad Boy Status
New Bad Boy Status

Whatever be the decision, it should be accepted.
Whether it is war or love should be full..!!

Bullets scare him who has never seen a gun,
Brother-in-law, you are the king, you become gunpowder on your way..!!

I am not arrogant but your behavior will tell,
How much do I have to talk to you..!!

If you are full, tell me
We like refusal, can’t wait..!!

Don’t dream of imprisoning us in chains,
Because we are the man-eating lion, whomever we hunt,
If his body then his soul also dies..!!

Will not torment, nor will your heart beat,
If it is about to come, then the roof will come tearing..!!

Learn to talk with your eyes down and stay in position,
Otherwise we will go in the car number 100.
But you will lie down in 108..!!

Where are you now aware of the magic of my eyes,
We teach to live even those who have the chance to die..!!

If you give respect, you will get respect,
If I show arrogance, I will not be able to uproot anything..!!

Pagli Tu Kya Teri Saheli also gets confused after seeing our photo.
Whether to like or save first..!!

Bad Boy Attitude Status

Bad Boy Attitude Status
Attitude Bad Boy Status

Some people are burning with us,
Because these days we are walking,

Believe you are no less than a queen,
But what is that queen whose king we are not..!!

Those who consider themselves to be kings,
Will definitely make them dance in your court..!!

We are not bad
Just live life a little royal..!!

I love only two people
First those who gave birth to me,
And the other one who has taken birth for me..!!

I am very bad for those who consider me bad,
And I am very good for those who hug from the heart..!!

Keep some kind of style in your life,
Ignore anyone who doesn’t understand you..!!

You had to go too
Otherwise I don’t even know
That there is more cool stuff in the world..!!

I think as you think,
The only difference is that I always think and you sometimes..!!

Jackals do the job of licking other’s prey,
I am the lion who even stepped into the forest,
So no one dares to kill Parinda..!!

Bad Boy Status for Whatsapp

Bad Boy Status for Whatsapp
Bad Boy Status for Whatsapp

It is the job of children to show attitude.
We show people their status directly..!!

Girls who consider me a bad boy,
Let me tell her, she understands perfectly.
And understands only as much as they understand..!!

We have no interest in marriage, by oath,
It is the insistence of the children to come that they want a mother..!!

I wish someone would tell him that there is a heart behind this funny FACE too.
Those who are crazy for him..!!

He too will believe in our love one day.
He used to say that you look amazing..!!

I have a tendency to touch the sky by staying on the ground,
But I do not like to rise up by falling..!!

The girls who call me BAD BOY,
Tell them that the princes are never improved..!!

We are no less than amulets,
As soon as you hug, you pull all the gum..!!

How strong are you,
No one’s father has enough power to kill us..!!

What will you know about our destiny, Ghalib,
Even when we were in nursery, madam used to keep her pallu right..!!

Bad Boy Shayari

Bad Boy Shayari
Shayari Bad Boy

Lions get their personality,
Where once you put your feet, someone should show the fun by removing it from there..!!

I am not of notes in life,
I keep track of faces..!!

Money can change status, not status..!!

We just don’t change
Know the world..!!

Lies are sold because
Not everyone has the right to buy the truth..!!

My intentions are always clear,
That’s why many people are against me..!!

I stay away from the love of show,
That’s why I stay intoxicated by Mahakal..!!

Only your pride will defeat you, what am I?
Time will tell you..!!

I have seen those people raising their fingers on me,
Who do not have the right to reach me..!!

The story of the meaningless world ends,
Now the world as we are..!!

If you are worried, you will burn yourself.
If you remain careless then the world will burn..!!

We don’t end the conversation
Let the story end..!!

Bad Boy Shayari in Hindi

Bad Boy Shayari in Hindi
Bad Boy Shayari in Hindi

Get an idea of ​​our status by knowing this,
We are never those who belong to everyone..!!

It’s not easy for me to understand
I belong to Sanskrit, not the formula of mathematics..!!

If you want to be with me, then I must learn to tolerate,
Otherwise learn to live in your position..!!

The smoke of our rumor rises from there,
Where fire starts in our name..!!

If life is a battle,
So your Attitude is also domineering..!!

If you give respect, you will get respect,
Be it your own or foreign..!!

I’m a little worried, don’t cry in this era,
Our position is also you don’t show yourself..!!

The world is obviously my bullies,
But my unseen qualities..!!

Yes the mood is bad, I am not poisonous alcohol,
I am not as bad as you tell..!!

I agree that I should be called bad all my life,
The condition is that whatever is said should be said from the heart..!!

Well that’s a lot sir,
Sometimes I just become a thorn..!!

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