[70+] Best Suvichar in Hindi (JAN 2022) | हिंदी सुविचार

[70+] Best Suvichar in Hindi (JAN 2022) | हिंदी सुविचार

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Best Suvichar Status Quotes in Hindi

Roads are never closed
Often people lose their courage..!!

Life’s earnings are not measured by wealth.
The crowd of the last journey tells, how was the earnings..!! Suvichar

Always try to understand others in your life,
Not to test..!!

When it ends, everything happens slowly.
Just know suddenly..!!

Never go back half way to the goal
Because even after going back one has to cross half way..!!

Suvichar in Hindi

This life always gives a chance,
In simple words, what is called tomorrow..!!

one whose nature is always to change
He can never belong to anyone,
Be it time or man..!!

Do the work very carefully
Because no one’s prayer goes empty,
And neither does anyone’s baddua..!!

Never misuse relationships
Good people don’t come again and again in life..!!

When a small mobile does not open due to wrong password,
So how will the doors of heaven be opened by wrong deeds..!!

Hindi Suvichar

Suvichar in Hindi

No human being in the world is full of all virtues,
So ignore some shortcomings and maintain the relationship..!!

If you don’t enjoy doing something,
It means that work is not worth doing for you..!!

If you want to get success in life then believe in hard work.
Luck is tried in gambling..!! Aj Ka Suvichar

Success is not in the lines of hands,
Found in the sweat of the forehead..!!

who is afraid of falling,
He can never fly..!!

New Suvichar 2022

Success comes only when
When your dreams become bigger than your fear..!!

If you want to make your life better,
So listen to your mind not to people’s mind..!!

Successful people change the world with their decisions
And unsuccessful people change their decisions out of fear of the world..!!

By stopping for a while in anger,
And by bowing down a bit at the time of mistake,
Life gets easier..!!

If you believe in yourself,
So no power in the world can stop you from being successful..!!

motivational thoughts in hindi

Hindi thoughts

It’s not bad to make a mistake,
It is bad not to learn from mistake..!!

Relationships should be valued like money.
Because it is difficult to earn both but easy to lose..!!

Man should not always look for opportunity,
Because what is today is the best chance..!!

For man to be successful in his goal,
It is very important to believe in yourself..!! Suvichar in Hindi

Disturbed by people’s condemnation, don’t change your path,
Because success is not achieved by shame, but by courage..!!

life quotes

Don’t break the relationship after seeing someone’s poverty.
Because the amount of respect that is received at the house of the poor,
Not so much at the house of the rich..!!

Never be proud of time and luck,
Because both of these are variable..!!

There is no harm in flying, you can fly too.
But only from where the land is clearly visible..!!

If you really want to achieve something in your life,
Change your ways never your intentions..!!

Hard work is such a golden key,
The one who opens the doors of closed fate..!!

Thought Status

Thought Status

trust me,
Whenever we are doing good to someone,
Then something good is happening for us too..!!

Man’s humanity ends at the same time,
When he laughs at the sorrow of others..!!

Successful people don’t do any different work,
They just work in a different way..!! Suvichar Hindi

It is not necessary to walk with time
Come with the truth one day time will walk with you..!!

Dream one look, difficult thousand will come,
But that scene will be very beautiful, when success will make noise..!!

suvichar quotes in hindi

Birds never give nests for the future of their children,
They just teach them the art of ‘flying’..!!

Those who know how to wait patiently,
Everything reaches them in some way or the other..!!

Serve everyone, but don’t keep hope from anyone,
Because only God can give the true value of service, not man..!!

One should never wait for an opportunity,
Because what is today is the biggest opportunity..!!

If a person has the desire to do something,
So nothing is impossible in the world..!!

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suvichar quotes in hindi

never be disappointed friends
Life can suddenly take a good turn from anywhere..!!

If the intention is clear and the purpose is right,
Surely God helps you in some way or the other..!!

Your life is very precious and beautiful,
Don’t waste it in useless and useless talk..!! Today Suvichar

You can never change people’s thinking towards you,
So live your life with pleasure..!!

To understand life, look back
If you want to live life then look ahead..!!

Aj Ka Suvichar

Almost everything in the world breaks just by stumbling,
There is only one success, which comes only after stumbling..!!

If you want to be, then be like the water that makes its own way,
The rest of the stones always stop people’s path..!!

A great man is known only by his words and deeds.
Otherwise good things are written on the walls too..!!

Theft, slander and lies,
These three things destroy character..!!

In fact, he understands the trick of life,
One who considers dust as gulal in the journey..!!

whatsapp suvichar hindi

good thought

for the best days,
Have to fight through bad days..!!

To win in life one must have the will,
One fear is enough to lose..!!

That’s better than succeeding by adopting the wrong way,
Failure by working with the right way..!! Suvichar in Hindi

If you are alone, control your thoughts.
And if you are with everyone then keep your tongue under control..!!

Never speak wrong in anger,
The mood just gets better
But the spoken words do not come back..!!

best quotes in hindi for life

Make the present the best moment,
Because he doesn’t come back..!!

If you have never stopped while walking slowly in the race of life,
So believe me you are the fastest..!!

Friends to live like a king,
First you have to work like a slave..!!

What will people say, if you are not doing anything thinking this,
So you lost in the first test of life..!!

inspirational quotes in hindi

thoughts in hindi

There is no advice in someone’s sorrow,
Support me..!!

Patience is the first step to become great..!!

Nothing happens with just dreams,
Success comes from efforts..!!

learn from the mistakes made by others,
Your life will be reduced in learning by experimenting on yourself..!!

Every problem can be solved,
Just if you find the solution in peace..!! Anmol Suvichar in Hindi

Be it the ray of the sun or of hope,
Removes all the darkness of life..!!

Suvichar in Hindi

whatever situation you are in,
You try to achieve the goal from there,
Instead of spreading hands in front of anyone..!!

You will also get respect, you will also get wealth,
Do service, you will also get the heaven of parents..!!

want to achieve success,
So learn to insist too..!!

Pray as if everything depends on God,
And try as if everything depends on you..!!

Time is yours, if you want, make gold
And if you want, spend it in sleep..!!

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