[70+] True Love Shayari in Hindi (2022)

[70+] True Love Shayari in Hindi (2022)

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are you with someone true love do? If yes then you are in the right place, read Best True Love Shayari in English and share your Feelings with your partner

True Love Shayari

True Love Shayari

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This is the only principle in my own desires,
When you are accepted then your everything is accepted..!!

If you love, then also learn adab-e-wafa,
This is not love for a few days..!!

We’ll love you everything
I’ll take care of everything about you
Just say once that you are only mine,
We will wait for you all my life..!!

If I ask your condition, but I am afraid of your voice,
Whenever I have heard that fucking love has happened..!!

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Can’t write anything, can’t hear anything,
Hal-e-dil cannot be brought to the tongue,
They have descended into the depths of the heart,
They don’t understand and we can’t understand..!!

What will we do with two words of love?
If you want to give, then give the complete book of Wafa..!!

Some must have thought that fate must have thought of you about me,
Otherwise, why would love be with you in such a big world..!!

It is my duty to take care of you.
Love is a relationship, I will fulfill it with my heart..!!

Giving a flower is not love but,
To keep like flowers for life is love..!!

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Today let’s try to complete my incomplete story,
Little you change, little we try to change..!!

True Love Shayari in Hindi
True Love Shayari Hindi

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I wish to be with you every moment of my heart,
As long as my breath lasts, your name is on every breath..!!

The love keeps on smelling, the heart keeps beating,
Your face keeps shining like the beauty of flowers..!!

Your love is such that even what should I praise,
What should I do even with the request of this pain-e-dil..!!

The passion of your love is a shadow on my heart,
Your soul has settled me in my heart..!!

I have seen myself hiding from your thoughts,
Have seen the heart-o-nazar weeping,
If you are not there then nothing is your oath,
I have seen you forgetting for a few moments..!!

Your heartbeat is the story of life,
Your love is part of my life..!!

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You are an idol in my eyes,
You are a beat in my heart..!!

Ishq-e-Jam is written in Gulshan’s Baharo,
I have written your name on this heart..!!

We get so lost in your love,
Like moon stars get lost in the night..!!

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Meeting you makes my heart feel at ease,
It is from you that I get the passion of desire..!!

True Love Shayari in Hindi

True Love Shayari for BF
True Love Shayari in Hindi

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Let the time see your merits,
I will love your flaws too..!!

The light of your love is visible in my eyes,
The pain of your pain is visible in my feelings..!!

The reason is searched for hatred,
Love happens without reason..!!

We have started getting lost so much in your love,
Your heartbeat has started happening to you..!!

May life pass by in my peace,
If you fall in my breath..!!

He also loves stone, he also loves cloud,
She is fickle like a flowing river, all the birds are her friends..!!

There is a time spent alone, Sanam,
Now is also our time,
You Daria and I become the shore,
The distance is no longer Gawara Sanam..!!

Asked for amalgam also asked for loyalty,
I also asked you from your raza,
If nothing could be done, then also asked for prayer,
I swear that God has asked God too..!!

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Intoxication in love is waiting for you,
The intoxication in this heart belongs to you,
Do not bring me to my senses, let me remain intoxicated,
The intoxication in my nano is of your love..!!

Let me hide you in my arms like this,
that the wind should also ask permission to pass,
Get drunk in your love like this,
That the senses should also ask permission to come..!!

True Love Shayari for Wife
Shayari on True Love in Hindi

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I have come to break relationships from time immemorial,
One to fulfill the relationship of love with you..!!

I touched a rose flower,
Your fragrance started coming from all over the body..!!

The wind touches you and starts smelling,
Birds do not breathe seeing you,
The moon keeps watching you all night long,
Firefly does not get tired of praising you..!!

I will come near you by walking slowly,
You hug me tightly..!!

I want to get wet in the rain of your love,
My heart is filled with this dry love..!!

Do some wrong on me,
I’ll be lost in you all the time,
What will I do after waking up in this world?
I should be sleeping in you somewhere..!!

I am now tempted to get wet,
Come let’s play rain rain..!!

No matter how much Mehboob hurts,
This heart will never go against him..!!

I wish that by forgetting every single concern of the world,
Let me tell you the words of my heart by sitting near you..!!

You drank a lot of jam with these eyes,
I am not an alcoholic but I am drunk..!!

True Love Shayari for BF/Husband

Shayari on True Love in Hindi
True Love Shayari for BF

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This heart is compelled to keep wanting you,
The issue is not only about love but also of concern..!!

Thought not to do any intoxication now,
One has to spend life in your surroor..!!

The wind of the mountains is felt when it comes near,
How to live without him, my breath comes from him..!!

The heart has stopped beating now it says,
I will not let anyone stay except him..!!

Sometimes you also ask my wellness,
I also want to tell you my condition..!!

To write it in my destiny,
Oh God, this is not a difficult thing for you..!!

There will be others who like your face,
We are in love with your voice too..!!

Today my heart is trying to meet you,
If you get time then come in dreams..!!

By making you a part of my heartbeat,
I gave life to my heart bigger..!!

When you will realize your mistakes,
You will hug me by breaking my promise..!!

True Love Shayari Hindi
True Love Shayari for Husband

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My last thought of every night,
And the first thought of every morning is only you..!!

My love may be incomplete but I have written poetry completely.
You talk about forgetting her,
I have written his name with me even today..!!

I love it when you are a celebrity
My love resides only on this smile of yours..!!

I love it even from a distance,
you are with me or not,
I love your feeling too..!!

Your hope waits for you, O Sanam,
We only love you..!!

had met by making a stranger,
But today I have started knowing you more than myself..!!

Can’t live without your presence,
Life seems incomplete without your love..!!

Relationships are the only laugh
In which we trust each other more than ourselves..!!

You can’t even touch
We have thought of you..!!

This is your love
Who gives my anger a cloud of love Pisces..!!

True Love Shayari for Wife/GF

Best True Love Shayari
True Love Shayari for Wife

Don’t know about love, but the feeling that comes with you,
She never comes with anyone else..!!

I have this question in my mind,
Why does he always care about him..!!

You are my one returning love,
You are the second name of peace..!!

Are you a reality or a deception of my eyes,
Neither do you come out of your heart nor do you come in life..!!

I do not like adulteration in love,
If it is mine, then even the dream is just me..!!

There is a very strange restriction in his love,
Neither he could imprison himself nor we could be free..!!

An age has passed by wanting you,
You are still oblivious like yesterday..!!

It is like Ishq ki Manzil mein,
Loot someone’s belongings somewhere in the way..!!

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