Beautiful Shayari Hindi | ब्यूटीफुल शायरी हिंदी • Hindipro Quotes

Beautiful Shayari Hindi | ब्यूटीफुल शायरी हिंदी • Hindipro Quotes

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beautiful shayari hindi


don’t look this way now
I will decorate the eyelashes of Ghazal,
My Lafz-Lafz Ho Aina
I’ll take you down in the mirror.


What is the need for grooming
Even in simplicity, he has the admiration of doom.


What to say about their words,
Alphas come out from the lips as flowers.


We looked into your eyes in search of peace
Who knew that the pain of the heart would increase further.


The grated arrow will be of beauty, just be careful,
If the eye kills the eye, then the murderer will tell us no.


Look at their plot to kill us.
When he passed, he removed the veil from his face.


Do not keep the conspiracies of the waters in the hijab,
These are the lightning; they will not be able to stop in the mask.


O Sanam, who has given you a moon-like appearance,
The same Allah has given me love too.


We don’t claim to be cool, but
Take a look at what makes you confused.


Ada came, Jaffa came, Gurur came, Itab came,
The beauty of the beauties came with thousands of calamities.


Many days have passed in Rafaqat-e-Shab,
It’s an age that the face looks like the moon,
Many colors were happy except you but,
What else can he who has seen you see?

Shayari on beautiful face in hindi


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Why do you bathe on the river in moonlit nights,
What to set on fire in sleeping water?


When the fire broke out, the city got lost.
When the swirls were scattered, it was dark night.


This fuzzy color, this openly gesoo,
Your morning is telling the story of your night.


They say we praise them falsely,
O God, one day give tongue to the mirror too.


Lips are like the tahrirs written in his books,
Keep a finger, then he lives to read further.


The joy that you put on me by taking a bang,
This act of kaafir just killed me.


There was such a thing in that person,
If we did not give our heart, we would have lost our lives.


Haven’t seen that Husn-e-Bemisaal till today,
Whose Tsuvvarat taught to live.


Why does your beauty need a screen?
Who remains in his senses after seeing you?


What I see by filling my eyes,
the whole world looks beautiful


By making some part of the face Zahir-e-Naqq,
They do adulteration in the beauty of beauty.


The question was, what is his beauty?
The answer was no.


What should I give an example of your simplicity?
You are an example in all this.


Lips are like the tahrirs written in his books,
Keep a finger, then he lives to read further.


never look never forget the mirror
The birth of your beauty will answer.


What do I care about the Eids of the world,
May our moon be seen, may we have Eid.


As a child, I used to think that I should touch the moon,
Seeing you, that desire kept on going.

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Kamsini’s beauty was that… the spring of youth,
Earlier also there was a mole but there was no murderer.


I don’t like the face of anyone other than you now.
It has become a custom to see you and keep seeing you.


Today, the eyes of the murderer do not stop with pride.
Look where this Bark-e-Bala falls today.


Bala Hai Kahar Hai Aafat Hai Fitna Hai Qayamat Hai
Who calls the youth of the beauties as youth?


The joy that you put on me by taking a bang,
This act of kaafir just killed me.


The ecstasy that you put on me by taking Angarai,
This act of kaafir just killed me.


The moon will sigh, the flowers will hold their hearts,
If we talk about beauty, everyone will take your name.


Ada came Jaffa came Garur came Itab came,
The beauty of the beauties came with thousands of calamities.

shayari love in hindi


If there is no bridle of the eyelids on the eye,
Let there be no name of life in the body.


What about the beauty that has blossomed in anger,
You remain angry with me for a while now.


Got convinced of her innocence today,
He was injured with just one look.


If the veil is removed from the stand, the beauty is exposed,
When I met him, my heart became desperate.


The heart must have been beating in his chest too.
The beauty will also change a hundred colors,
Whenever his eyes would rise,
God will also recover from a fall.


In this place where your beauty is my life,
Your doom will be on this land for centuries.


Beautiful Shayari in Hindi

Whose meeting is not written in the fate,
Love with them is amazing.


Don’t ignore us like a poet,
If we turn our eyes, then the beauty market will fall.


Get an idea of ​​our status by knowing this,
We are never the ones who became everyone else’s.


How much more can I bring you closer than this,
That even keeping you in my heart does not fill my heart.


I have often come empty handed from the full market,
Sometimes there is no desire, sometimes there is no money.


Don’t be so desperate to leave me,
You have to be separated from my heart, not from your eyes.


There is a lot of pain, O Jaan-e-Ada, in your love,
How can I say that you do not know how to perform loyalty?


Your thought has not been erased from my heart,
Bewafa I have not forgotten you now.


This longing look is complaining,
Seeing someone, the time has passed.

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