Beauty Shayari Hindi ! खूबसूरती पर शायरी ! Praise Shayari in Hindi

Beauty Shayari Hindi ! खूबसूरती पर शायरी ! Praise Shayari in Hindi

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poetry on beauty

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The grated arrow will be of beauty, just be careful,
If the eye will kill the eye, then the murderer will not tell us..!!


This thing, this Tabassum, this pride, these eyes,
After all, tell me why don’t you want me..!!


These flying swirls and this scattered smile,
If I take care of one style, the other blows my senses..!!


What a beauty it was that I saw with my eyes a thousand times,
Still, the eyes remained haunted-e-deedar..!!


The call arises again and again for your sight,
Don’t know when you have become an addiction..!!


The trick is cool, the eye is cool, the fun in the pay,
When he comes to the looted makhana..!!


Saying this, Sitgar shocked the swirls,
The world is not troubled for a long time..!!


Look at their plot to kill us.
When it passed, the veil was removed from the face..!!


Look at their plot to kill us.
When it passed, the veil was removed from the face..!!


What to say in purdah-e-lutf, oppression-o-sitm
Hi Zalim, what can you say about your Andaz-e-Karam..!!


Do not keep the conspiracies of the waters in the hijab,
These are the lightning, they will not be able to stop in the mask..!!

tareef shayari for girl


It was a great desire to see love exposed,
The scarf that moved then the sliver became the wall..!!


When he said like the moon, he started insulting,
Said… don’t say moon, what is the moon like..!!


O Sanam, who has given you a moon-like appearance,
The same Allah has given me love too..!!


We don’t claim to be cool, but
Look with your eyes, which confuses you..!!


Some weather is colorful, some you are beautiful,
Should I praise or keep quiet, both the crimes are serious..!!


Ada came, Jaffa came, Gurur came, Itab came,
With thousands of calamities, the beauty of the beauties came..!!


Why do you bathe on the river in moonlit nights,
What to set on fire in sleeping water?


When the fire broke out, the city got lost.
When the swirls were scattered, it was a dark night..!!


He sees himself in the mirror,
Sometimes by spoiling the bridesmaids..!!


This fuzzy color, this openly gesoo,
Your morning is telling the story of your night..!!


Gham-e-Zamana, what were your wrongdoings?
Now that the shadows of these Gesuses have increased..!!


I don’t like the face of anyone other than you now.
It has become customary to see and keep seeing you..!!


I was blown away seeing a glimpse of him,
Don’t know what will happen in the mirror everyday..!!


Lips are like the tahrirs written in his books,
Keep a finger, then he lives to read further..!!


What is the need for grooming
They keep the glory of doom even in simplicity..!!


What to say about their words,
Alphas come out from the lips as flowers..!!


Hide your beautiful face in the curtain,
We are rude people, we kiss with our eyes..!!

Praise Shayari in Hindi


It’s not your eyes, it’s your two-edged sword.
Whoever stays on them comes out only after death..!!


You were a little less beautiful
It would have been so beautiful..!!


By making some part of the face Zahir-e-Naqq,
Let’s do adulteration in beauty looks..!!

Beauty Shayari Hindi


There is no bud in any flower, not in any chaman,
There is no color that is not in your body..!!


The question was, what is his beauty?
The answer was that the answer is no..!!


What should I give an example of your simplicity?
You are an example in all this place..!!


What is the need to groom the beauty?
They pay doom even in simplicity..!!


Lips are like the tahrirs written in his books,
Keep a finger, then he lives to read further..!!

Beauty Status in hindi


Don’t ask about their beauty.
It’s just a picture, seeing the picture..!!


never look never forget the mirror
The answer to your beauty will be born..!!


What do I care about the Eids of the world,
May our moon be seen, may we have Eid..!!


As a child, I used to think that I should touch the moon,
Seeing you, that wish kept going..!!


How to describe the simplicity of your lover,
The curtain was from us but the eyes were also on us..!!


What can be learned from sleep that does not come overnight,
It is the fault of the face that does not let you sleep..!!


I don’t like the face of anyone other than you now.
It has become customary to see and keep seeing you..!!


Never looked at you carefully because of this fear,
It is said that it takes the eyes of loved ones too..!!


That shy face, those low eyes,
He forgot to see them here..!!


Wherever simplicity, low eyes, softness in talk,
Who can make you face the killer with words..!!


Bala Hai Kahar Hai Aafat Hai Fitna Hai Qayamat Hai
Who calls the youth of beauties..!!

Beauty Shayari Hindi


Bijli’s learned the style of his Tabassum,
The rain stole the color of the swirls..!!


This heartfelt Tabassum, this cool look,
There is a spring in Chaman due to your own strength..!!


There is no need to decorate it,
Haya also adorns it like a jewel..!!


Had to see with cool eyes, if the desire was to try,
We used to faint like this, what was the need to smile?


Don’t tie the knots kissing the wind,
These mad winds are angry..!!


It’s a disaster, that pride is also a guess, but,
I die on whom that pay is something else..!!


If the moon stops, it is like the wind,
That person is like a shadow even in the sun..!!


Get your heart under control,
Now my eyelids are bowed,
It is yet to smile by pressing the lips under the teeth..!!


May every moment of my life be transformed into life,
If life passes with love with you..!!


Be a wish, you give me the fragrance of my soul,
I get lost in you, you take me..!!


What is the need of veil your beauty,
Who remains in the senses after seeing you..!!


Your eyes put four moons on your beauty,
Those who speak a lot even in silence..!!


The maskless one who roams in the streets,
So how can there be no murder among the people of the city..!!


You were the moon and I was the star?
Would we have a home in the sky?
People would have seen you from a distance, it would have been our right to see closely..!!

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