Best 40+ Judai Status – जुदाई स्टेटस शायरी हिंदी में 2021

long separation position

The pain of separation from loved ones, especially those you love dearly, is very painful. To live one moment in separation, one has to die a hundred times. In front of a long separation, even death seems easy. If that separation is found in love, then man lives neither in those who live nor in those who die. Below we have brought some such Judai Status for you with which you can share your sorrows and they will also give you the strength to recover from the hurt.

separation status

God forbid someone’s friend is separated, the pain of separation is worse than death.

You are everywhere, just not here..

If there was no fear of Judai, we might not even have loved.

There are some people who are in our heart but not in our life.

Even though we parted ways and parted ways, our memories remain with us.

separation status

When we are together, there is love and when there is Judai, the love becomes even deeper.

Sometimes God takes someone out of your life for your good. Don’t run after them.

Sometimes some relationships break, some break for better relationships.

separation status in hindi

Unless there is separation, love does not know its depth.

Fear of Judai helps you to make your relationship better.

God only knows how I will die, all I know is that it would be better than your separation

Judai in love is like wind to fire.

The pain of separation is the pain of which one has to die a thousand times to live a moment.

Judai Shayari Status

There is no idea of ​​love until you suffer separation.

There is love in adoption and also in Judai.

poetry on separation

You will cry sitting alone, like the helpless

When one day they will break like stars..

I got Judai so what should I do

If I do not like love then what should I do..

no i hope to live now

If I don’t die, what should I do?

separation status

Like this, I have drank the sea of ​​salt water

Do you know how many days I have lived for separation..

Judai Shayari Status

There was no intention of separation,

What do you do even when you are together?

When you were not ours

Judai has happened, yet we call it our letter..

She is settled in my Rome Rome, people don’t know why they call her apart from me..

separation status for husband

who says separation is the end of love

This brings love and prosperity.

Let’s assume we are nothing for you

If you want to know my value, then ask those whom I have not looked back..

sad separation status

Even if there was separation, at that point,

Where we started improving after years..

I don’t know how long my picture is hidden in my chest

Just like this, pain and separation is kept hidden from the world..

separation status

We are separated from you even though you are

And tell me what is the example of Wafa..

We love you even in your Judai

Still waiting to meet you..

the moments spent with you

Makes his wish again and again..

separation status in hindi

Was it just God or digging?

There was no separation in anyone’s life.

There would have been neither love nor love

And the life that was meant to be would not have been a stranger.

Love Judai Status

Living in Judai is living for a long time

Sometimes people used to say that separation will kill..

separation status in hindi

never be jealous of someone

Even if you are happy, do not part..

Believe that no one dies in separation

But even living does not go in loneliness..

long separation position

People used to say that time flies fast

The night of separation from our heart never came out.

tell me the reason why you parted

If you start telling then life will pass..

separation status in hindi

Even if I share the pain of your Judai with whom

My own people still consider me yours..

Love Judai Status

They have got wounds in their separation

Neither alive nor in the dead.

We used to dream to spend our ages together

Who knew pain and separation is written in destiny..

I will give my life to fulfill your every wish

There is only this fear, lest you ask for the wish of separation..

sad status in hindi

Try a million, even after being separated in love, there is no Judai

This is life imprisonment, it is never released.

Even smiling cost us so much

We are happy that we parted in separation thinking that..

sad separation status

If the heart was a bird, it would fly away to you

And stay with you till the light of day.

Like a fish cannot survive without water,

Similarly, I cannot live without you. I miss you..

We hope that you have liked the above given Judai Status and Shayari and by sharing them your mind will be lightened. If you have any suggestion for us then don’t forget to tell in the comment section below. Thank you for spending so much time on this post of ours.

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