Best Facebook Status in Hindi, FB status, Love, Cute

Best Facebook Status in Hindi, FB status, Love, Cute

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Read Best Facebook Status in Hindi which you can copy and use on your FB profile. These status are cute, best and helpful in some attitude showcase. Facebook is the most used social networking website these days, so everyone has a profile. Sometimes, we want to post a picture with a caption or quote, and one is not available in Hindi. Although we can type our own Facebook status or picture captions, they may contain spelling errors, or we may be missing the Hindi font. In such a situation the below list will help you. we are categorizing list of hindi status Facebook,
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attitude facebook status

  • I am afraid to tell you how much I love you, my whole life will be changed by your refusal and also by your acceptance
  • Only phones look good on silent mode, not friends.
  • Whose words of selfishness, such people are rarely found in life.
  • Those papers still smell in which we once jokingly wrote we love you
  • It is not even that difficult to know the truth of life, sit on the scales on which you weigh people and see yourself.
  • People always show their status, no matter how much they want to pursue relationships with enthusiasm.
  • Let’s smile again and light people again without match.
  • Nowadays people spend most of their time in impressing unknown people and ignoring their loved ones.
  • You also understand that after explaining to me.. the person becomes compelled after the heart comes
  • We do not join hands in front of the world, otherwise, after the work is done, the hands of the world break.
  • Those who swim in the sea do not dip in wells and ponds.
  • Scared people often hide behind alphabets.
  • Attitude is from childhood, when I was born, I did not talk to anyone for one and a half years.
  • Standing in the crowd is not my purpose, but I have to become what I stand for.
  • Dekh Babe, Salt according to taste and Stud according to taste
  • If you give it to us, your hatred is also accepted, we should not even take your love in charity!!!
  • To understand my mood, that’s enough, I can’t be the one who belongs to everyone.
  • Stairs congratulations to those who want to go to the roof… my destination is the sky.. I have to make my own way.
  • Our behavior towards others determines how they will behave towards us.
  • “Thing” belongs to those in whom there is some “thing”..!
  • We are also rivers, we know our skills. Wherever you go, there will be a way.
  • If I have improved then just my habits… otherwise my hobbies.. They are still higher than your status…!!!
  • The nerves of the neck are getting stiff every day, till today the skill of bowing the head has not come..
  • The goal is to be achieved, the destination is yet to come, the ground has come, the flight of uneven is left!

fb. best position for

List fb status in hindi language and font.

  • Will buy everyone’s sadness, friends! Coins will run according to our mood, every day !!
  • Greatness is not in never falling, but in getting up every time you fall.
  • Losers also have their own status…
  • Those who fly in the sky, keep this news too….!! The way to reach heaven passes through the soil.
  • Don’t ask about my personality..we write as we look…!
  • I am a slave to the rituals of my house.. Otherwise I also have the skill to show people their status.
  • If you want to win, then increase your ability. Even dogs get the bread of luck
  • Often only those people point fingers at us, who do not have the right to touch us.
  • Tell the people to stop burning with our fate. We leave home with ‘mother’s blessings’, not medicine.
  • Drink Sir Utha Ke, Jio Ladkhda Ke
  • He only rules the one whose hearts are ruled by him!!!! Otherwise you would have a crown on the head of the street’s chickens too……!!!
  • Habit is new to strike us behind the back !! Two words speak work but speak in front !!

cute facebook status in hindi

  • That lakh must have worshiped you but you are not happy, O God.. Even if she goes to the temple, to pass through my street..!!
  • Princely states keep coming and going, but to rule the kingdom.. Even today people learn from us!
  • “Sala, when I am restless to go to #Yamnagari…But #Yamraj says…you are not born to come….to send..
  • Love is so let it go…. Had he insisted, he would have taken him in his arms.
  • Your attitude towards things in the world is more important than your art.
  • Whatever I am good or bad for myself, I do not see myself through the eyes of others..!!
  • Only madmen like us create history.
  • We are what we represent to others. That’s why we should be careful in this.
  • There is only one identity in the whole city ‘Ours’….Furry eyes, angry face and “Nawabi paydays”!
  • Life doesn’t change by changing status everyday, one status is enough to change life..!!
  • My intentions are all clear…….that is why people are often against me…!!!
  • Our time will also come
  • Our way of living is a little different, we live on our insistence, not on expectation.
  • If you want to achieve something in life, change your ways, not your intentions.

FB. list of sad status for


  • Let him taste the pleasure of Gero’s love too, after so much desire, what will not happen to me, what will happen to Oro.
  • Why should I reduce my heart by thinking of something… she could do only as much as she was capable…
  • Last year was the fear that I should not lose you
  • Names are never written on sand, names never last on sand, people say that we are stone hearts, but the names written on stones never fade away.
  • There are good bad people… who don’t pretend to be good.
  • I have started falling in love with my enemies… Ever since I went on trying my loved ones.
  • His power was not on one or two, but on hundreds… and he was also counted among the elders of the city… Buried him in a pit of only six feet… while the land was in his name in many acres.
  • Sweet things happen only on dry lips, when thirst is quenched, the tone changes..!!
  • Somebody broke the trust, some heart.. and people think that.. we have changed.
  • Kya okat hai teri e zindagi… Four days of love ruins you..
  • Why should I reduce my heart by thinking of something… she could do only as much as she was capable…
  • I don’t know how to make everyone happy.. I don’t know how to look who I am not.

love status for facebook

love status

  • To get it easily, who wants it? The stubbornness is his… which is not even written in the case…
  • She smiled looking at the mirror and said… Will die on me forever..
  • The mind says it will be killed but the heart says it will be seen
  • We are loyal even to lifeless things, yet in you my life is settled.
  • I love that’s why I care, if I hate, I won’t even mention it
  • Why shouldn’t I be proud of myself…
  • Where are you now aware of the magic of my eyes, we teach to live even those who are fond of dying.
  • There is denial of those who see my time from me today, I will make myself so capable, they will meet me by taking time!

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