Birthday wishes for love in hindi • Hindipro

Birthday wishes for love in hindi • Hindipro

Looking for the Best Birthday wishes for love in hindi , If yes then you are in the right place because here we have collected happy birthday my love wishes. Read these birthday wishes for my love in hindi and share with friends, relative and social media also. thanks

happy birthday wishes for love in hindi


#Keep decorating the gathering of love ;

May every moment be #sweet;

You are so #happy in life that;

May every happiness be your #love.

Happy Birthday Dear


What answer should I give to this act of yours?

What gift should I give to my love,

Somebody would get a nice rose from the gardener,

but thought,

What rose should I give to the one who is a rose himself?

happy birthday jaan


be with you all the time
May I have a thousand births with you,
always happy couple
Celebrate every birthday with you.
Happy Birthday Jaan

Birthday wishes for love in hindi

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If there was no light in the lamp,
The lonely heart would not have been so compelled,
We come to wish you a happy birthday
If your home was not that far away.
Happy Birthday Meri Jaan


Come and write in your age from the moon and stars,
Celebrate your birthday with flowers…
Every single beauty I bring from the world,
This festival in Sajau is from every beautiful sight…
many happy birthday


May God fulfill all the desires of your heart,
And keep his blessings on you.
Happy birthday darling


Happy birthday these special moments,
Happy new dreams settled in the eyes,
What life has brought for you today…
Happy laughter of all the happiness….!!!.


Ever since you came into my life,
My dark life has become colorful.
happy birthday my love

Happy Birthday Meri Jaan

Happy Birthday Meri Jaan


A beautiful angel was born on this day,
And luckily he fell in love with me.
Happy birthday my angel.


Let your choice be our wish,
May your smile be a relief to the heart,
May God make you so happy with happiness,
Let it become our habit to see you happy.


This day, this month, when this date came,
We decorated the birthday party with love,
The name of friendship was written on every shamma,
In its light, your face was like the moon.

birthday wishes in hindi for love


You are the cutest and most romantic husband in this world.
To this beautiful person i.e. my dear husband
Happy Birthday Wishes.


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Every way be easy,
May there be happiness in every way,
be beautiful every day,
Such is the whole life
This is my prayer every day,
May it be like this every birthday of yours….!!


time will pass
Your #birthday will come in a while,
just say happy birthday to you
Otherwise someone else will beat the bet later!
#Happy Birthday my #Love


This is what we pray to God

never be sad in your life

thousands of blessings on birthday

Even if we are not among them!

Happy Birthday Meri Jaan


Flowers have sent a jam of nectar,
The sun has sent a salute to the sky,
happy new birthday to you,
We have sent this message wholeheartedly…
Wishing you a very happy birthday and best wishes.


On this birthday you have so much love, respect,
May your life be filled with happiness and you may keep smiling always…
Best of Luck Dear


May your every dream become a reality.
May you get your every wish.
Just I also pray to that God that
May you get a paradise of happiness on this birthday.


darling on your birthday
May our luck shine like this.
that don’t have to stay later
Let your laughter be a joke.


We live in your heart
That’s why we bear every pain.
Let no one else wish you before us,
That’s why in advance we say Happy Birthday to you.


Whatever you say, your every wish is fulfilled,
This is our only prayer to God,


This is what I pray to God,
May there be no sorrow in your life,
Thousands of happiness met on the birthday,
Even if we are not included in them!!


We ask a prayer from our God,
I want your happiness sincerely,
May all your wishes come true
And you smile with your heart…
*Happy Birthday*


What a beautiful face you have
This heart is just crazy about you,
People call you a piece of the moon,
But I say the moon is also a piece of yours….


I will make a lot of noise and fun on your birthday!!
I will bring all the happiness for you!!
No matter what the day is, I want you every moment!!
In this way I will accompany you.


the day you were born,
There is no more important day for me than that.
Happy Birthday My Darling.

Birthday Wishes In Hindi For Love

Birthday Wishes In Hindi For Love


Be happy and don’t be sad!!
No one has happened to you except me!!
I pray for your wishes today
yes complete,
Which no one has found till date!!
Happy birthday my darling.


God must have had a thought in his spare time,
When he would have made a lovely person like you,
Don’t know which deeds we would have done so well,
Which he would have introduced me to you….

happy birthday wishes for love in hindi


For which we have a lot of love in our hearts!!
Who cares for us more than himself!!
His birthday is a festival for me!!

Happy Birthday Wishes For Love In Hindi

Happy Birthday Wishes For Love In Hindi


You can get everything easily in life
Let me ask for only happiness from the Lord for you.


Every year you make your birthday,
May my happiness also come in your share,
I just want your smile
Jan I wish you a very happy birthday.


God save you from every difficult moment

moon decorate you with stars

never care about your sorrow

Life makes you laugh so much…


whenever you stumble

May the hands that support you be mine,

head on shoulder

May you be comforted, it is mine,

when you talk you

May the ears that hear be mine too,

I will always be with you every moment.

Happy Birthday My Love

Happy Birthday My Love


May your stars always be high,
keep turning away all your forces
This is our prayer.
Wishing you a very happy birthday”


Your blooming smile,
Makes my heart beat faster.
We give you a full look,
When the happy hour of your birthday comes.


We wait for your birthday everyday,
We secretly drink the jam of your love every day,
Your mere jodi feeds the flowers of love like this,
That seeing you in dreams, we used to get intoxicated.

birthday wishes for gf bf


Happy Birthday to the one who made my life colorful….
Happy Birthday My Love


May you get all the happiness in the world,
May you get mercy and love from God…
Always keep a smile on your lips,
I pray,
Your honor and respect keep increasing with age.
“Happy Birthday”


I am away from you but today I remember the day.
You are not right but your memories are with me.
you think we all forget
But see, we remember your birthday.


You are the most #beautiful girl in my life.

More than that you are a wonderful person.

I am proud that you are my #girlfriend.

May these days come again and again in your life and

Bring lots of #happiness.

A very happy birthday!

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