Birthday wishes in Hindi for everyone

Birthday wishes in Hindi for everyone

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Are you getting Happy Birthday Wishes in Hindi? Happy Birthday Wishes in Hindi Font and Language is the best way to send heartfelt greetings to friends and family through various mediums like Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. Birthdays are important because our age and adulthood are measured by the years we live, and we get certain rights at a certain age. So, never forget to send happy birthday wishes to your loved one. happy birthday in hindi are thought and typed after great efforts to give you the uniqueness in your Hindi birthday greetings.

top birthday wishes in hindi for friends

  • You are my dearest friend, happy birthday to you my friend,
    You should never look at anyone, never be sad, your beautiful face
  • May your every birthday and every night be happy with the past,
    Wherever you step, let it rain flower buds
  • You have a treasure trove of friends, but this friend is your old one,
    Never forget this friend, because this friend is crazy about your friendship. happy birthday..
  • This is our prayer on your birthday, May this life be yours always full of happiness

happy birthday to girlfriend / boyfriend

  • Should I give heart as a gift or give moon stars, ask me what to give you on your birthday,
    If I do life in your name, it is also less, I should fill you with happiness every moment.
  • May God protect you from the evil eye, may the moon adorn you with stars,
    You forget what is sorrow, God makes you laugh so much in life.
  • May your life be full of desires, Every moment full of wishes,
    The arm seems too small, May this new coming tomorrow give you so much happiness. Happy Birthday Dear..
  • Should I give you such a prayer, which brings a smile on your lips,
    This is my only prayer, may God make your fate bright like the stars

hindi birthday wishes for family

Check out the list to wish your sister, brother or parents

  • You always smile like flowers, always chirp like birds,
    Whatever you want in life, God bless you get it without asking, happy birthday sister.
  • This is our prayer on your birthday, May this friendship be ours always safe,
    May you always get happiness, Be the princess of all your hearts, Happy birthday sister / daughter

happy birthday wishes in hindi

  • May you have success at every step, May your name be on every success,
    Do not give up in any difficulty, our prayers are with you at all times
  • Believe that we are far away from you, but from my heart I am with you
    Don’t think that you are lonely on your birthday, close your eyes and see we are with you

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