BJP Quotes in Hindi : बीजेपी स्टेटस इन हिंदी

BJP Quotes in Hindi : बीजेपी स्टेटस इन हिंदी

Many many congratulations to you Hindu brothers, that you have BJP quotes have chosen our website for this, and by coming to the post you have proved that a Hardcore Hindu And a true patriot.
In today’s post, we have collected BJP quotes in Hindi that too in our mother tongue Hindi. Friends, in this status you will get to see the feeling of patriotism and Hindutva.
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Friends BJP It is the only party that fulfills the promises made in its manifesto. Such as Ram Mandir, Article 370, Triple Talaq, CAA, taking out black money through demonetisation etc. That is why it is our duty to do something for such a party.
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BJP Quotes

you spread mud
we Lotus Will grow…

Heart listen to and
Only Lotus choose to

BJP Quotes in Hindi

Modi ji will do something
Whoever looted the country till now will bring them on their knees

Modi ji will show something that has looted the country till now and will bring them to their knees.

Vote for BJP Quotes in hindi

the money that is gathering dust
in the vaults of the rich
that Funds to that
will reach the right

Will show the cells of the rich turned into clumps
By becoming sweat and blood, now they will get their rights.

Quotes on BJP in Hindi

they are robbing dreams
how can i sleep peacefully
They are selling to India
how can i be silent

I love this soil
I won’t let the country die
I will not let the country bow down

bjp status in hindi

Yes, Mr. Modi Even more dangerous than Hitler.
Not for the country, but for the traitors.

Truthful Patriot is the same
Who stands with Modi today.

Foreign leaders are mad after Modi,
And the leaders of India are mad because of Modi!!

Vote for BJP status in Hindi

It was not sure to vote for the watchman.
But the way I saw thieves gathering
So he took a vow that it is necessary to have a watchman.

Evolution can be crazy,
But the mad can never grow up!
Namo can be voted,
but not the sample,

make a mark in the world
Lost reputation is water again,
Don’t get caught in false promises
Once again the government has to be brought by Modi.

Ginnie slaves and spoons Those who did not see the scams of Congress for 70 years, they will see the development of Modi.

BJP Status

Leave that BJP’s side
who reminded the rest of the parties
Hindus also live here.

today i feel
Lotus no button
amazing button was pressed.

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