Classic Romantic Shayari ! क्लासिक रोमांटिक शायरी • Hindipro

Classic Romantic Shayari ! क्लासिक रोमांटिक शायरी • Hindipro

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Classic Romantic Shayari


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Bulbul Nisar is on Gul Hi Bagh.
The license gives life by burning on the lamp.


Redeem a million even if you don’t, it will be missed
Just look crazy who will loot your love.


Hi Jani hit the arrow and hit the heart.
You went to your house and made me crazy.


The flower is the fragrance of the rose, so take it.
The letter is the answer of the poor.


Truth cannot be hidden from the principles of fabrication,
Fragrance can never come from paper flowers.


Neither the moon nor the face is needed
I just want your sweet smile


There is a very sweet intoxication in everything about them.
I just want to listen to them all the time


you will find many like me,
But remember I’ll never meet them all


First love is very special
But very few people have


When you are near,
likes to handcuff


for a few days too
we are used to
maybe prank them
fell in love too

shero shayari in hindi


how strange isn’t it
Some people break hearts
also, live in the heart


Heart aches for a glimpse of him
The heart longs for them
What to say…… to this heart too
Being himself beats for some side


Somebody asked us…….. what is the sign of true love
I said…. no love after that


of course fill your heart with joy
Freeing every sorrow and sorrow from your heart
We have only one request from you
To love us forever like this


I can’t even know my first love
What is love, we can not even recognize
We have settled them in our hearts so much that
Can’t take them out of heart whenever they want


Wanted to die a hundred times by drowning in his eyes
He bows his eyes every time, does not even let him die


Life you become mine, what more can I ask from the Lord,
Be the reason to live, just ask for this prayer.


Your face is like a beautiful Gulabo
Seeing you climbs more than drinking


You are the dreams of my eyes, the desires of my heart,
I am from you, you are my identity,
If I am the land, then you are my sky,
Believe me, where are you all for me?


Let me touch you so that I can be sure,
People say that I am in love with the shadow.


I wish that by forgetting every single concern of the world,
Let me tell you the words of my heart by sitting near you.


Ask me why do you write poetry?
Looks like I’ve never seen a mirror.


You are neither aware nor I am aware,
If you want to break like this, drive me crazy.


Don’t shine like a firefly at night,
I will take it by hiding it in my fist someday.


Heart beats and you are always mine,
You are my first and last blessing,
Wanted you more than I wanted,
You are the limit of my desire and desire.


Whether there is a desire or annoyance or simply the mind is deceived,
You will remember to whom you have ever set your heart.


Whether there is a desire or annoyance or simply the mind is deceived,
You will remember to whom you have ever set your heart.

shayari on cute smile


God is angry with me if you have met,
He says you don’t ask for anything now.


Some fall in love with the moon and some with the sun.
We do it to those who love me.


As much as I see you, I feel like living.
You are with me every moment, that’s what my mind says.

—#32—Classic Romantic Shayari

You come every day in dreams,
And you say that we never go anywhere.


Where should I write a new poetry everyday for you?
Talking to you everyday is enough there.


There should not be an ocean nor a river on the right.
Live with you, my life should be like this every moment.


These poems are nothing but love,
Sanam’s yearning arises and the pain subsides in words.


It is not easy to become the admin of Shayari’s page,
Time has to be taken to share the pain of strangers.

silent alfaaz shayari


Who says mother’s heart is the softest in the world,
I have often seen fathers break in the farewell of daughters.


Somebody asked me why do you stay so sad,
I said I am paying the debt of smiling with someone.


I live that life in dreams everyday,
What I really thought with you.


Love is hidden in the heart like black money,
I do not disclose that there should be no ruckus.


Had to see with cool eyes,
If you wanted to try,
We would have been just like this,
What was the need to smile?


It was never difficult for me to talk,
Your gathering was never like this as it is now,
Who took away your patience today,
You have never had such a heart.


Look where I found it, Alam of hijab,
We have given the name to the lattice, we have given the name of the mask,
There is a storm of sorrow, there are also throbbing solitude,
This is life as it is day to day.


Saw that Husn yaar’s health deteriorated.
It was the fault of the eyes, the knife went on the heart.


Had friendship, it would have played for at least two days.
My grave would have been built in your street.


Made a gun of beauty filled with pellets of love
If the horse of the eye is pressed, the injured should do millions.


Praying for good, those who do it in the morning and evening.
They are greeted by angels on their eyelids.


The destination is not attained by those who are on the basis of luck.
What is the life of those who are killed by luck?


Hold the horse on the frame tightly.
Bow down and salute the sweetheart who is in front.


Come to your friend’s house and do something for the sake of it.
If you get a lab from a lab, then give it a chance to count.


Amir’ now the hiccups have started coming,
Somewhere I have been remembered!!

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