Dukhi shayari in Hindi – दुखी शायरी • Hindipro

Dukhi shayari in Hindi - दुखी शायरी • Hindipro

Looking for the Best Dukhi shayari , If yes then you are in the right place because here we have collected zindagi se dukhi shayari, Read these sad poetry and share with friends, relative and social media also. thanks

Dukhi shayari hindi


Didn’t even get a chance to ask the reason.
Just moments passed and we became strangers.

Hindi Shayari

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Don’t feel sorry for my loss
Don’t forget to take care of me,
We will shroud for your happiness
But you take my corpse, don’t ask any questions!


He removed us from his life,
like wet paper,
Left unworthy of writing or burning.


The pain is the same and the relief is also the same,
My troubles and bad habits are also the same
Forgetting her is my aim
Every morning again the same meaningless desire too!


One person did not understand me by staying close,
I’m sorry about this, don’t teach me,
how do i accuse him of infidelity
He didn’t like me from his heart!


We ended our love for only one person
Now we do not know who is called love!


Every page of life is not colored
Not every crying person is sad,
How long will someone keep breaking the same heart
Now even if someone connects, I cannot believe it.


O God, call me now with you,
Why are you taking more tests from me,
no one needs me now where i am
This man lives here meaningless!


excuse me
we are over now
telling you my own
We are sad now!


one blow was very necessary sir
We had gone beyond our limits,
Love is not a market for losses and profits
Prayer is not business
Knowing the value of someone by losing
If someone is near, where is it known?


the pain is starting to hurt now
The pain itself has started crying in its sorrow
Now we won’t be afraid of pain
because the pain touches us
He’s sleeping himself!

zindagi se dukhi shayari


you care good about me love
But this idea is only good!


I will even remember what if
that two moment love
Or that years of infidelity!


Bad times don’t come by telling

But a lot goes by teaching…!


Whom today I see thousands of mistakes
He had once said that you are mine as you are!


Just saw a broken star, just like me,
The moon didn’t care, it was just like you.


I feel sorry for my, innocent eyelashes,
When she gets wet and says that now, she does not cry.


neither healed wounds, nor did alcohol help,
Neither did she return, nor did love happen again..!


I have threaded love with pearls,
I just forgot so much I chose the raw thread.


He broke some relation with this style,
Whole life we ​​kept searching for our fault….!


If there was a world of careless people,

So my friend would have been the king there!


Life has to start again from that point
Where the whole city was yours and you strangers!


Half incomplete things are a burden on the mind,
Tell someone to listen to someone.


Even a broken heart beats for a lifetime,
Whether in someone’s memory or in a complaint!!


My only fault was that I
Consider someone more important than yourself!


Learned from people…
I have a sweeter person who is bitter from inside and
Those who speak bitter are sweet inside!


Often the things that made me cry the most
In response to the words, I said “No problem !!


I have heard that you remain silent,

Tell the truth, where are you missing?

dukhi shayari hindi


I am no longer in the habit of talking,

Otherwise I still have complaints with you!


The world is very mean with what anyone would give for free
If there is no shroud here, then who will give love without sorrow!


There is no longer love in this era,
Because people no longer love and joke.


When we came out in the crowd of the world, I came to know that…
Everyone is the only one who has fallen in love!


I will definitely sit in the gathering but will not drink
Because to erase my sorrow, so much alcohol is not worth it!


️🖤It was such a beautiful moment

But what to do, that was my yesterday


️If they were together, maybe they would have improved.

By leaving he made us vagabonds.


In love you have only become angry,

But we have become a spectacle!
#sad #life

Dukh bhari shayari


Seeing the falling star, some people ask for it,
If he could give, why would he break himself?


You start getting worried

When you don’t bother!


It is not necessary to tell everything,

Feel something for you too!


Found you not even once

And lost many times.

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