Funny Shayari Hindi ! फनी शायरी, Comedy Shayari in Hindi •

Funny Shayari Hindi ! फनी शायरी, Comedy Shayari in Hindi •

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Comedy Shayari in Hindi

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You are very beautiful like a flower,
Save yourself from the eyes of the world,
Mascara only in the eyes is not enough,
Hang lemon-chilli around your neck too!


Don’t love my friend Beauties,
She shoots with eyes
I have seen in the eyes of your wife,
She loves me too!


a gust of wind came,
brought your fragrance
I understand that you
Didn’t shower again today!


If you are beautiful then we are not bad either,
If you belong to the palaces, then we are not even on the streets,
With love you say that we are married,
So open your ears and listen well, not even us!


The days of youth became bright,
The attitude of beauty also became sharp,
We were left to express
There his hands turned yellow!


Our luck turned out to be like this, Ghalib,
If land is found then barren and admin is found then Kanjar!


When you put a red dot on a white sari,
Swear you see an ambulance,
She takes the injured
And you get injured!


There is a black cloud in the sky,
Today again you have killed your girlfriend,
But it’s not your fault, friend.
You seem like a Kalu confectioner!


When I went to open the door, I had a smile on my face.
When the door was opened, the tears in the eyes were helpless in the heart,
Don’t think too much, my finger was stuck in the door!


If I say something, then there is a lot to say,
Sweetheart, you smile a lot,
I want to invite you to the feast,
But sweetheart, you eat a lot!


Taj Mahal is a wonder for some
So there is a feeling of love for someone,
We’re bullshit for you
Because our mumtaz is changing everyday!

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I wish love could be insured,
The premium would have been paid before making love.
If you get loyalty in love, otherwise it is okay.
The cost of the unfaithful ones would have been claimed.


If you are beautiful then we are not bad either,
If you belong to the palaces, then we are not even on the streets,
With love you say that we are married,
So open your ears and listen well, not even us!


Of course be poor with money, but be rich by heart,
It is often written on the hut that welcome,
And the people of the palace write beware of the dog..!

Funny Shayari Hindi


You will die in agony in your sorrow,
If you die, I will take your name.
Will call you by giving a bribe,
If you come upstairs, you will sit together and eat crisps..!


In Laila’s marriage there was a quarrel,
Majnu danced so much that he became lame..!


Not every sorrow is licked,
Glass things are not tossed,
If you want to do something, work hard
Everything is not avoided by saying all is well..!


This is the hair of girls,
There are traps to trap boys,
sucks the blood of all the boys,
That’s why their lips are red..!


Emotions change with the passage of age,
Things change in the storm of time,
I think I should break records by doing work,
But when coming to the office, the thoughts change..!


There are some such accidents, friends in life
Those holding thousand notes ask for hundred rupees!


Fizz came before it came out,
And before the flowers bloomed, the goat ate it!


Found Dhoka when in Pyaar,
There was sadness in Zindagi,
Thought I would set this world on fire,
So the second came in Kambakht Colony!


The journey is long, keep making friends,
Don’t meet your heart, keep raising your hand,
Don’t build Taj Mahal, it will be expensive.
But keep making Mumtaz everywhere!


Don’t need stars
Don’t worry about useless friends
Just keep a friend like us,
Those who put thousands of watts!


Whose name to take, in your ruin,
Many people had come to the wedding to give their blessings!


My book kept watching me at night,
Sleep kept pulling me towards it,
The gust of sleep fascinated my mind,
And then a genius fell asleep without reading!


I wish we too had some kind of love,
We would also have fun making eye contact!


We have shed rivers by crying in your love,
You turned out to be so unfaithful that we took a bath in that river!

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There are many discussions of love, friends,
There are many prescriptions for beauty, friends,
Think before you fall in love
Because it costs a lot guys!


His smile is a grace,
Whoever thinks of him as love is the biggest donkey!


If a girl gives you grass,
Don’t be disappointed if you don’t
You are human, not an ass!


Who will account for my laughter?
Who will forgive my mistake,
O God keep safe my friends,
Otherwise who will do “Naagin Dance” at my wedding!


Often people say first love,
true but in reality,
First love is raw!


Smiling is the beauty of every girl,
Smiling is the beauty of every girl,
the one who loves her,
He’s the biggest ass!


Do it tomorrow, do it today
Do it today, so now everyone,
GF became my banegi kab!


Thoughts of love are many,
There are many discussions of love,
Think we do love too,
But I have heard that love has a lot of expenses!

Comedy Shayari in Hindi


Do not find me in the loneliness of this world,
It’s too cold, I’m here in my quilt!


What was the ending of my love story too?
What was the ending of my love story too?
The sim from which I proposed,


Whenever the clouds that surrounded you remembered you,
When Jhoom Ke Barsa Sawan remembered you,
Whenever I got wet I remembered you,
Because you haven’t returned my umbrella yet!


Whenever I got cheated in love,
There was sadness in life,
Thought I would leave this path,
fucking ya a new number
Got a missed call!


There is a shadow of education everywhere.
Who has found happiness in the book,
Boys go to Tuition
girls see, and sir says
look even in so much rain
The boy has come to study!


I am going to lose your contact number
Looks like you are going to be my Ex..!


For your love we have waited for years,
And don’t know how many loved ones in that waiting!


Don’t wait for the food to change
Don’t wait for the storm to stop
Catch someone else run away,
Don’t wait for Papa’s choice!


You are the smelling evening in Fiza,
You are the first drink of love,
What else to say about you Sanam,
You are another name for expenses!


I said Dilruba he said show the money,
I said there is no money, he said how is it not,
I said that the cost is too much, then he is my brother!


Rat got a cat, fair and blonde,
Both started meeting theft,
Called a rat, let’s play a blind eye,
The cat ate the mouse and said,
Jaanu Sorry I Hate Love Story..!

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