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Good Morning Shayari Hindi

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beautiful good morning shayari


There is no morning without the sun,
There is no night without the moon,
Without clouds there is no rain,
And friend without your memory,
The day doesn’t start!


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Success is like the morning
When you wake up, you get it when you ask!


May your new morning be so pleasant,
May all the things of sorrow become old for you,
May this new day give so much happiness,
That happiness also becomes your addict!!


Wake up every morning and take the name of the one above.
Take a drink of fresh air every morning,
Pick up your mobile every morning
Take a cute message from us on mobile every morning!!


The morning light reminds me of something,
Every smelling fragrance awakens a magic,
No matter how busy this life is,
In the morning, the memory of loved ones always comes!!


May the fresh air of morning and the smell of flowers in life,
First ray of sun and chirping of birds,
Every morning when you open your eyes,
So only the glimpse of happiness in those eyes !!


A blooming morning, a morning full of freshness,
The morning springs have spilled colors for you!
Morning is saying wake up now from sleep,
Everything is incomplete without your smile!!


Let your sorrows make you happy,
May every morning fill your world with light,
Whenever your breath starts breaking,
May God include you in my life!!


In the morning you have to give a message,
To give you the first salute of the morning!
All day passed in your happiness,
Have a beautiful name for your morning!!


Let there be the smell of flowers in the fresh air,
The chirping of birds in the first ray!
Whenever you open your eyelids,
There is only a glimpse of happiness in those eyelids!!


put our faith in prayer,
Keep any question in your heart!
If you want to give us happiness,
So just be happy and take care of yourself!!

good morning shayari


Speak sweetly because there is life in alphabets,
Aarti, Ardas and Ajan take place from these!
This is the pearl of the ocean of the heart,
What defines a person?


This life is beautiful, love it
It’s night now, wait for the morning
That moment will come which you wish for,
Have faith in the Lord, trust in time!!


No one can steal your laughter,
May no one ever make you cry
Such lamps of happiness lit in life,
That no storm can extinguish it!!


As the night comes with stars,
And sleep comes with dreams!
We pray that you come every morning,
With lots of happiness!!


Forget yesterday
Keep tomorrow in your heart!
Laugh and laugh no matter what the moment,
This coming tomorrow will bring happiness!!


Flowers bloom, like laughter on lips,
No sorrow, no helplessness!
Stay safe this journey of life,
Wherever you are, just be happy!!


There are many reasons for sadness in life,
But the fun of being unnecessarily happy is something else,
So be happy always!!


Good Morning Shayari Hindi

People who look for opportunities are ordinary!
Whereas extraordinary people are the creators of opportunities!!


Fragrance smelled in the morning breeze,
A lovely morning is waiting for you,
Now wake up and open your eyes,
Our sms has brought a lot of love!


Keep moving steps… you will definitely get the edge,
Keep fighting the darkness, the morning will surely bloom!
When you have decided to go to the destination, you will definitely find the way,
Aa rahi na thak, let’s go… One day time will surely turn!!


In the morning when the world is populated,
I miss you as soon as you open your eyes!
May there be flowers of happiness in your lap,
This is a plea on my lips!!


If the relationship is tied by the cord of the heart
So do not get away from any compulsion…


words are such a thing
because of which man
either goes to the heart
Or gets down from the heart!!


The most sacred plant in the world is of faith.
That which does not grow on the earth, but grows in the hearts.


where the sun shines
there is light,
And where is the language of love
That’s where the family is!!


So many questions are solved by listening,
By listening, we get confused there again!!


The world is the book
can never be read
But the age is that teacher,
The one who teaches everything!!

Khubsurat shayari in hindi


Always keep the mind and arm clean..
Because the heart will get respect, and
Daman will get respect…


Have faith in Karma and have faith in God,
No matter how difficult the time is, there will definitely be a way out!!


Flowers kept laying in the path of life,
Let the laughter shine on your face,
You get thousand of happiness at every step,
Heart gives you this prayer again and again!!


There is darkness under every burning lamp,
Behind every night there is a dawn!
People go by seeing the trouble,
But behind every trouble lies the dawn of truth.


The fragrance of flowers spreads only in the direction of the wind,
But a person’s goodness spreads in every direction!!


A relationship in the garden of relationships,
Keep it like a neem tree!
The lesson that may give bitter but,
Ointment is also made in pain !!


In the early morning there is a fair of happiness,
Neither the care of the people nor the troubles of the world,
There is the noise of birds and the weather is fine,
Happy morning to you today.


May God protect you from evil eyes,
Let the moon adorn you with stars!
You forget what the sorrow is!
May God make you laugh so much in life!!

Good morning love shayari in hindi


Life is better when we are happy
But believe that life gets better then,
When everyone is happy because of us!!


The morning has come with that light,
As a new ray of new enthusiasm shone,
Keep the flame of faith burning forever,
Will give you the way in the dark by becoming a lamp!!



May every moment of the morning give you life
May every moment of the day give you happiness
Where the wind of sorrow does not pass even after touching it
May God give you that land from heaven!!


no matter what the relationship,
Password is the same trust!!


like the scent of flowers
May your life keep on smelling!!


Success is like the morning
Not on asking, but on waking up from sleep!


There is only one complaint on my tongue,
Whether it is night or morning, only you miss me !!


Know what name people give to love,
We only call your name love.


The first person I remember in the morning
He is the most valuable person in life….


May the morning light always be with you
May every moment of every day be special for you
Prayer comes out from the heart for you
May you have all the happiness!!


What is the color shade in Fijao today?
The sun has come out again in the blue sky today
you smile again today
A new morning has come to meet you today!!


be like this one morning
where eyes are not for living
But open to life!!


when the night misses you
Your picture is visible in the stars
Looking for that face
In whose memory it is morning !!


If you have promised, I will definitely keep it
Will come on the roof as a ray of sun
If we are then how is the sorrow of separation
Will decorate your every morning with flowers!!

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