Haryanvi Chutkule : हरियाणवी चुटकुले 2022

Haryanvi Chutkule : हरियाणवी चुटकुले 2022

Hello friends, my name is Kapil Tetarwal and in today’s post we have collected the most funny Haryanvi Jokes of 2022 that too in Haryanvi language. Friends, you can share these Haryanvi Jokes with your Friends, Girlfriend, or even family members, these Jokes are very funny. These Haryanvi jokes are very unique, you will not find this type of Jokes on any other website. So I hope you will definitely like these Haryanvi Joke’s, if you like this joke then definitely share with your friends.

Haryanvi Chutkule

Madam : Forgot Roll Number Son
boy : (silent)
Madam : forgot the pan
boy : Be quiet, bua your pan, the fire of roll number has started.
Yadai I copied the value of another subject.

behind a Jat car
Very beautiful line written…….
Look overtake
There are also sticks in the car

haryanvi jokes

If a girl fails in the exam
So mother says three words, ‘and handley bastard’
Girlfriend also says three words, ‘Shame ne aaye’
And friends also say only three words but win hearts
‘You too’.

One by one sat in the bus of the oldest Haryana Roadways.
A conductor came,
Ar Bolya – ‘Yes tau, ticket?’
The old man was in a rush of rescue,
Bolya – ‘Oh my dear conductor,
The girl of Ak Gam was sitting down thinking about it.
The conductor was also decent, poor man.
Then the conductor took another tau tok – ‘Tau, ticket’.
The second tau was also the master of the first one, Likda.
Bolya – ‘Oh my friend, conductor, don’t leave,’
New thought that Ak Chhori Gal Bateau was also there!

bapu ji kave – Did you get your ITI done?
You can’t even fix the wires of the house
Had to call a repairman.
speak in – Bapu ji ITI khan kam kar kar kar sam, don’t kill chip ki karte

ghane tame first one Haryanvi Tau Nai an Englishman fed millet bread and greens!
Beri Saag Khakai Nu Bolya Or how much gravity is the plate?

haryanvi jokes

A bully lilu ghani daru pee kai nai chhatt hai thai thai hai.
Tai ghane people are bitter
Ray Lilu, what hoya, what hoya?
Lilu Bolya- Bera na brother, I have come tay ibbai-e tai soon !!

Old man to his grandson Go inside and take my teeth.
Grandson – Dada Ibbe rotia ka tam nahi hoya sa!
old- Which rotia should I ask for?
Grandson – side will do?
Grandpa – If I want to give a Siamese old woman a smile…

If you come to Haryana, then it is the enemy…!!
Even by killing a laughing child…
And even standing near by saying new…
Another kill is my name’s brother-in-law….

The girl who looks like a bandari
My words said….
I am the girl of today’s era !!!!!
Its so.. ham to janu
There is a competition between the Indus Valley Civilization…

A Haryanvi was caught doing a red light cross….
Police Man: Why didn’t you see the red light??
Haryanvi : I saw the light but you did not show it.
how was you looking mama

Haryanvi Jokes 2022

Kimme ni awe tha in zandu nai paper
And the next boy got busy in writing.
Zandu Brother Manne also showed the Kimme.
boy – Manne too koni aaana.
Zandu – Then Isa Tawla has written the daughter of your aunt of Tawla.

A boy went to eat food in his girlfriend Gail Hotel.
boy – Mannai tere te ek baat kare sai.
girl – Say yes.
boy – Don’t feel bad.
girl Tell me about it, I believe it is bad.
boy – I have another girlfriend.
girl – Brother-in-law, I was scared.
Mannai thought that you don’t drink.

true friend is that
The paper in which the tableau is written
How much will you write?
Your aali to jaan lagri sai.

A parrot tells its owner to wake up in the morning,
wake up sir
You have to go to work.
The owner has been transferred to Haryana
then the parrot said
Hey O Khasam, get up and bring Ib’s Gitan Aali.

Lugai – You have become very fat.
Raldu- You too have become so fat.
Lugai – I have heard mother banan aali.
Raldu – I too have come to hear Babu Banan.

haryanvi jokes

the customer of the hotel Haryanvi Manager complained to
How dirty is the service?
I have been asking for water since an hour

Haryanvi Manager.
Called the waiter in front of the customer and said –
‘Saab for an hour, the dog’s shield is bawkan lagre paani kyunni denda?

Thara yo hi hal raya to again ke dung khan will come yo !!

Grandpa :- ‘Study some trick’
Grandson :- Dada wa tai chaldi chaldi mere
Tay Ghani went away

A Jat went for an interview
Boss – yes then answer one thing
Jat – ask
Boss – what do you have
Seeing whom we hire you
Jat – Katta is kept in the pocket
to show

Master :- Tell me what is such a thing?
Which is smaller than stretching?

Jat :- Yes Sir Bidi
Master :- Drug addict’s child…
You come out of my class…

Martin Luther said…

run if you can’t fly
If you can’t run then walk…
If you can’t walk then crawl…
But keep going…

Jat – Yes, it’s okay.
But warts new tai tell de jana kita sai…

Haryanvi jokes

Brother, once the Zandu household will be fed up
And said….. O Ram, take your mind
his family also spoke
Hey Ram, take your mind too
Zandu Bolya Hey Ram, my first listen to it

Once a Haryanvi Tau went to the bank to deposit
cashier Tau this note is fake
Uncle – Fer is your acne
If you go to my account.

People say that Haryanvi man is inverted
Gives the answer but it is not so, people reverse the question.
Like when a tau went to get a haircut, the barber did
Asked, ‘Tau wants to shorten the hair?’
Uncle: If you can make it big, then make it big.

Life is not easy for boys in Haryana
What do the boys dance a little loosely in marriage?
Lugai starts saying that..
‘Aai yo bhi peen lag ga ke’

boy : You should apply Kunsi cream
girl : none
boy : shuffle
‘Bhundi Sakal Ki’

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