Instagram Post Shayari ! स्टेटस इंस्टाग्राम शायरी हिंदी ! Hindipro •

Instagram Post Shayari ! स्टेटस इंस्टाग्राम शायरी हिंदी ! Hindipro •

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Don’t talk about status, oh friend,
People are more afraid of my mustache than your gun..!!


We don’t end the conversation
Let the story end..!!


If a bite is pricked in the leg of a lion,
This does not mean that dogs will rule..!!


We are already spoiled
What harm will someone do to us..!!


We are not on the trigger of the gun,
Rather live on his own life..!!


All my intentions are clear,
That’s why people are often against me..!!


Got a lesson from life,
If you stay in the air, people stay in the right place..!!


Leaves but victory is my insistence,
And I am the king of stubbornness..!!


The smoke of our rumor rises from there,
Where our name catches fire..!!


The status is of dogs,
We have our position..!!


Our habit is not bad,
Just live life a little royal..!!

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Donkeys wait for orders,
Lion works according to the situation..!!


Every time there are discussions everywhere about my name,
What should I say to those who do not understand any work..!!


we have to compete
So update your thinking,
And upgrade the status..!!


Whenever he would have touched a flower,
The senses must have been blown away by the fragrance too..!!


Look is of Attitude,
There is no pride in our heart..!!


which cannot be
That’s what I have to do..!!


Even if his form is one in a million,
But my bastardism is one in crores..!!


How much brain is there in girls,
That’s bad for me..!!


Those with liver have nothing to do with fear,
We walk even where there is no way..!!


Our way of life is a little different,
We live on our insistence not on hopes..!!


the breath of a wounded lion,
It is more dangerous than his roar..!!


You asked how am I
I will never be able to forget..!!


Matches are infamous like this, Huzoor,
Our attitude still sets fire..!!


Click once and see
Without Laoding I will go straight to Dil..!!


No longer AVAILABLE,
I want to be VALUABLE..!!


What will the world think
I never think of this..!!


The lion himself is called a king by his own strength,
There are no elections in the jungle..!!

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It’s about them,
In which there is something..!!


The things people fear
We are fond of those things..!!


No matter the name and identity,
But it should be on its own..!!


Don’t talk about status
My heart is bigger than your wealth..!!


Somebody’s mind goes
So someone’s coin goes,
Our Attitude runs..!!


If you can’t be sympathizers,
Salo don’t even be a headache!!


Your Attitude is Chillar in front of me,
Because my style is that much Kιller..!!


Money speaks that language
What the whole world understands..!!

Instagram shayari hindi


Where the world bows,
We love standing there!!


Mine and that moon’s fate is like K !!
He is lonely in the stars and I am in friends !!


Who says only heart burns,
Just sit on the bike standing in the sun and see..!!


What to hate about them
Those who have the worth of two pennies.. !!


You have said that now you have nothing to do with me,
Still if you want to come then the way is the same..!!


win or lose,
The competition should be of competition..!!


In friendship a friend is a friend of a friend,
It is felt when a friend is separated from a friend..!!


Love letters are written in the names of other boys,
Fir is written in our name..!!


Our time will come like this,
The one who hates also wants us..!!


What if there is no queen?
This king still rules over millions of hearts..!!


If the world becomes an enemy, remember so much my friend,
If your friend is alive then your weapon is alive..!!


What will scare me the scene of death,
We have taken birth in the slayer’s colony..!!


I have only one dream,
Sir Pe Taz Ek Mumtaz,
And the secret of this world..!!


Don’t talk behind my back and go to the corner,
Otherwise life will be spent just in crying..!!


I don’t have such a habit
Who becomes my weakness..!!


Yes I am the one whose world,
Nothing can be uprooted!!


No sword to win the war
Must have breath..!!


What happened that you are your mother’s darling,
We are also the innocence of our father..!!


Money speaks only one language if you saved me today
So tomorrow I will save you..!!


Sikandar, we are of our own free will, but we are not the world, we have come to the heart..!!


We are the heartbeat, live in everyone’s heart, if it increases, it gives pain, and if it decreases, we take life..!!


There will never be a shortage in the pride of others, the day you will look in your heart..!!


Hi Teri Adah but alas we are like you 36 Fida..!!


It is neither late nor dark, it is all your father’s game..!!


The son who has no goal in life has no value in the world..!!


Our introduction starts from there, from where your identity ends..!!


small! To call on one phone, one has to go on one phone too..!!


What is the need of matches darling will burn the years with progress..!!


There is a slow voice in the silence,
There is a deep secret even in ‘solitude’,
Don’t meet everyone good friends here,
We are proud of what you have met..!!


If I get angry with you, I will get angry so much,
Your eyes will crave a glimpse of me..!!


If I had talked, it would have been “good” to get answers to some questions in my mind..!!


If you have done love then you will not cheat!
Will not give you the gift of tears!
You cried from your heart remembering us,
We will never give you such a chance..! ,


I am not able to learn, the skill of telling sweet lies
This bitter truth has taken away so many people from me…!!


Unfaithful people are growing slowly
This city should now be theirs too.


Sharif we were from “childhood” but,
What to do? Heart breaking girls,
Taught to break the bone ‘Friends’ taught me..!!


Those who could not understand us have the right to understand us bad..!!


I only have the right to speak brother,
given to friends
Otherwise the enemy is still us,
They are ‘recognized’ by the name of the Father..!!


The world will appreciate us one day too,
Just let this habit of loyalty go away..!!

Instagram Post Shayari


Many people are surprised to see me at the heights,
But no one saw the blisters on my feet…!!


Come let me show you your status
Whomever you call us, you call us the father..!!


The decency of the Sharifs and ours,
No one likes bastardism..!!


Of course” the game will be yours
But now the trick will be ours….


Sorry, you are late
Your friend has been set in your chakkar…!!


I am nothing now I believe,
be famous tomorrow
So don’t take out any relationship..!!


Nowadays, looking at my eyes, people call me a drunkard,
Those who are cheaters themselves, they call me a cheater..!

Instagram Post Shayari


Make noise until you are quiet,
because when it’s my turn
Can’t even make out the sound..!!


Those floors have to be broken,
Those who are proud of their height..!!


Wake up the lion and put us to sleep,
no one cares,
We stand there
Where maters grow up..!!


There is no place to make eye contact with the eyes of the enemy,
And let’s talk about raising brother-in-law from home..!!


I am a tiger, not a king.
That’s why people don’t respect
See you with my permission..!!

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