Lata Mangeshkar Quotes on music

Lata Mangeshkar Quotes on music

In today’s post, we have collected the quotes of India’s famous singer Lata Mangeshkar, the fame and respect that she got in her life, hardly anyone gets it in her life, that’s why today we have collected some quotes in her memory. Is.

Lata Mangeshkar Quotes

Music can change both temperament and emotion.

photography is my hobby
But singing songs is my penance.

feelings inside a person
deeply influenced his music.

What you can’t tell by words,
You can tell that by singing.

Defining music is not in the hands of human beings,
Maybe it is some divine element.

Quotes on Lata Mangeshkar

As a fish suffers without water,
Similarly, without music I suffer.

without the grace of God,
Guru’s blessings and parental upbringing
Not getting fame.

Along with my voice being a gift of God
I also have the blessings of my parents and guru.

lata mangeshkar quotes in hindi

music is such a language
Known by the entire human race.

Music doesn’t break you, it connects you.
Winning music is meaningless, just as meaningful.

as a singer,
You have to bring your conscience to the music.

Lata Mangeshkar Quotes on Music

There can be no better friend than books and music.

Where words fail, music can survive.

Music acts like fuel in our life.

All these quotes are written by Lata Mangeshkar in her interview or in her diary. We have written this post very carefully, if still we have made a mistake, then you can tell us by writing it in the comment, we will rectify it immediately. If you are a music lover and a fan of Lata Mangeshkar then you must share this post with your friends.
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