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Life Shayari Hindi

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life shayari hindi


Everything is sold here friends,
Just take care
Sellers also sell air,
Put it in the balloons..!!


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Don’t make so many mistakes in the book of life,
Before the pencil runs out of eraser,
And life should end before you repent..!!


Don’t make so many mistakes in the book of life,
Before the pencil runs out of eraser,
And life should end before you repent..!!


Don’t ask this
When does this life give happiness?
Because he also has this complaint,
To whom this life gives everything..!!


It seemed that it would take time to change life.
But did you know that the changing times,
Life will change..!!


I don’t know what phase of life it is
man is silent
And how noisy is online..!!


By selling what we buy leisure a life,
Everything is mortgaged
In the market of responsibility..!!


courageously look at life,
Let’s see for a few days
Sleep is the wound of the last century,
Let’s see the dream of the next century..!!


Thousands of happiness are short,
To forget a sorrow,
One sigh is enough
To cry for life..!!


Don’t make fun of anyone’s helplessness guys,
Life sometimes gives a chance,
Sometimes it cheats too..!!


What should I write about my life?
Those people got lost
What used to be life..!!

Shayari on Life in Hindi


Someone has said well,
Only an ignorant person enjoys life,
The smarter one is always confused..!!


Time is weird
If you go with it, then luck changes,
And if you don’t go, it only changes the luck..!!


One thing is certain in life,
That’s not fixed..!!


Don’t ask when life gives happiness,
Because complaints are also those to whom life gives everything..!!


touch phone in hand,
Good for bus status
Stay in touch with everyone
Better for life..!!


Struggling, falling apart, falling apart,
Life continued to flourish like this..!!


Standing perfect even after falling everyday
Oh look at life
My lips are bigger than you..!!


This life is full of sadness,
There is a strange movement in the heart,
this is my fault
Or is life taking the test..!!


Understand the needs of life
Time is short, requests are long,
Leave the talk of lies-truth, victory and defeat,
The story is very long..!!


Somewhere, Some Untold
some wishes of mine
life was incomplete


Who has understood the philosophy of life?
Jiya is the one who has collided with death..!!


Keep your desires under control guys
Life goes by only fulfilling the wish
But wishes never end..!!


anyone’s fault
punishment for being with him
Life will definitely give you..!!


just remember in the struggle
Either there will be victory or the way to victory..!!


Do not misunderstand the anger of elders as their hatred,
Because your worries are hidden in their anger..!!


there’s nothing like ending in life
Always a new beginning awaits you..!!


Anger grows if desires are not fulfilled
When desires are fulfilled, greed increases..!!

Shayari Life Love


There are many reasons for sadness in life
But the fun of being unnecessarily happy is something else..!!


If you can’t touch the sky then it doesn’t matter
The feeling of touching someone’s heart is also wonderful..!!


Very strange is the light of Saharo,
Despite the light, it is difficult to recognize the face..!!


We are done with alcohol
someone likes a lot,
Somebody hates my name..!!


If you get progress, you will also meet those who fall…
Always be ready, you will also meet those who try..!!


If you are young, then what?
I have seen every aspect of life,
I’ve seen fake smiles,
Have also seen a dagger beside..!!


don’t ask that life is happy
When does she give this complaint
It is also the one to whom life gives everything..!!


Life is short, live with laughter.
Forget all the sorrows, live from the heart.
Not right for yourself, live for your loved ones..!!

happy life shayari in hindi


Oh good times, just walk slowly,
we have had a lot of bad times
Saw it passing slowly..!!


life is unfaithful one day
Will reject, death is a true lover
Which will surely come one day..!!


I have paid a lot of attention to you in life,
You are nothing but colorful thoughts..!!


Whenever life felt that you have read,
You have opened one more page of yours..!!


all are well,
but the identity of the people
Happens only in bad times..!!


Two things are special in life
time and love because
no one has time and
Love doesn’t happen to everyone..!!


Come on life is new
let’s start
what others expected
Now do it yourself..!!


not necessarily all the time
But the name of God came,
Even that moment is not less than devotion when
Humans come for human beings..!!


Who’s here to be famous
Sir.. I am fine on my own
Even if you recognize it, it is enough..!!


Experience saves a person from wrong decisions,
But experience also comes from wrong decisions..!!


As far as I understand people,
Feeling lonely even better..!!


life is a beautiful feeling
life is an open book
just live life properly
Life is an unheard reality..!!


no emphasis on life
Heart has given everything away..!!


The reality of life changes at that time,
When no one is yours in front of you..!!


I think how many colors are there in my character,
Sometimes I am like myself and sometimes completely different..!!

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