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Like Shayari

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Like Shayari


Loves you so much Kambakkht Dil E Sanam,
That my first and last wish is only you.


Hide your beautiful lips in the veil,
We are very arrogant, we kiss with our eyes !!


There is a strange desperation without you,
He lives and does not stay.


My God is angry at my choice,
Says you don’t ask for anything now.


Always talk to your friends about us,
Why don’t you simply say that you love us.


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Doom breaks down with the slightest movement of lips,
Don’t know what will happen if he smiles openly..!!


How beautiful this world becomes,
When someone says we love you.


I will take your name and bow my head in front of you with my tongue,
My love is saying, let me make you God.


Keeping you in my heart closed the door,
My dear, I have liked you so much.


Even beautiful faces do not understand,
The one who falls in love is the one who loves the heart.


Nothing comes from choice in this world,
When you get it, your choice changes.

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The market is scattered for my desire,
Did not get the point of relief to the heart.


You like someone else, someone else wants you.
You are the love of someone else, someone else believes in you.


Keeping you in my heart closed the door,
My dear, I have liked you so much.


An age has passed by wanting you,
I should not lose you, I am afraid to tell.


Nothing comes from choice in this world,
When you get it, your choice changes.


What you don’t like isn’t bad
Someone will make a dream by loving him too.


You like someone else’s, someone else wants you.
You are the love of someone else, someone else believes in you.


I don’t like anyone other than you
If you don’t get then life is nothing.


Take a look at our heart once,
You will like it so much that you will not believe it.


We don’t know how to change like the weather
I wait for you in every form
Can’t you understand till doom,
I swear love you so much


My every thing is magic,
I miss you day and night ||
Yesterday when I saw the dream in the night,
Even then his hand was my hand.


Your luck will never let you fail,
Will never let your friendship be infamous
In my life, whether the sun came out or not,
I will never let your life be an evening


afraid of punishment by committing a sin,
Afraid of drinking poison
We are not afraid of the enemies of the enemy,
We are afraid of getting angry with friends.


who begins the journey,
He only crosses the destination.
Have the courage to walk once,
Even the way of the traveler,
waiting ||


The destination of dreams does not pass,
Life is not always sad
Have faith in God my friend,
Sometimes he also gets
Who never expected


What should I ask from God for your sake,
There is always happiness in your way.
Laughter is on your face like this,
fragrance with flowers,
The way it plays


I was also in Arzio with the world
He himself was in the spectacle after burning his house.
what did you get by scraping my heart
The wound that was there was in the depths of the soul.

Likes and Love Shayari


He went on saying that there is so much meeting
I said stop, it’s too much night now..
If my tears stop, then go through mourning
In such a situation, you will be told that there is a lot of rain..


I am so angry that I did not come back
It’s been a year, I haven’t seen that person.
Do you ask about that fet-e-magroor?
He says that he does not listen to anyone.


What has happened to me in the hobby of God Bekhudi?
I found him separated from myself..


those who used to see you started looking at me
It’s just that I am yours..


Parsa is the one who drinks the blood of Insa
When we drank fire, everyone called us maikhar..


Keeping you in my heart closed the door
My dear, I have liked you so much.


It was a game of time that passed,
Now we will play and time will see.


Seeing me, he turned his face,
Satisfied let’s recognize it.

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He had seen my tears too,
Still he said I have to go.


You are so helpless in your love
Longing to go for fun.


I will go as before.
Remember how I was before.


It is good if you keep silent and bear it.
If you speak, then no one is worse than you.


We’ll love you everything
I’ll take care of everything about you,
Just say once that you are mine only,
We will wait for you for the rest of our life.


Whose meeting is not written in the fate,
Love with them is amazing.


Every lonely night remembers a name,
Sometimes in the morning sometimes in the evening,
When you think make love again,
Then the result of the first love is remembered.


Do not ignore us like a poet,
If we turn our eyes, then the beauty market will fall.


How much more can I bring you closer than this,
That even keeping you in my heart does not fill my heart.


Reality is not right, you meet as a dream,
Meet the wandering traveler as a moonlit night.


I have often come empty handed from the full market,
Sometimes there is no desire, sometimes there is no money.


Don’t be so desperate to leave me,
You have to be separated from my heart, not from your eyes.



My choice has become you, when will I be your choice
God swear this promise
no one else will like you when i will be your choice


Will you ever celebrate me like I am angry?
I have made your choice my choice
You will also make my choice your choice, won’t you?

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