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Matlabi duniya status

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Matlab log status


The strings of faith are broken by a deception
It is the nature of mean people that…..
They leave their loved ones in the middle of the road.


In a mean world, belonging is just a sham
I challenge everyone will be cheated, this is my claim


If you have to find, then find those who care, sir…
The users themselves will find you.

Matlabi duniya status

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Everything changes with the times, it is only the parents who teach to walk with the times.


Some people say that the world is run by ‘love’
Some say that the world is run by ‘friendship’
But when I saw it, I found out
The world just runs on ‘means’…!!


There is no one in this mean world, we should live our life by ourselves.


Some have instincts but some have compulsions
Cheat addiction is so important in life
Pretend you only know your meaning
But why do you consider us yours for that purpose?


what we give to others
He will come back…
Be it honor and fame,
Or is it cheating…!!


You read in my eyes,
Words are mean often…


sweet talk of mean people oh
This is just a sham.
even if you try them
You too will get cheated, that’s my claim.

-#1 1-

Some mean people don’t come
So life was not so bad either!!

Matlabi duniya fb status


No relationship matters to the mean world.


Threat of faith today…….
I am also living being mean
for this frivolous selfishness
I am calling mean people my own.


The world’s first principle is – as long as there is work, Ram is Ram, after that there is neither Dua nor Salaam.


The one whom we considered as our God turned out to be very mean and selfish.


It is bitter but it is true – in today’s world people love for need, not out of desire, when need ends, love ends.


Under the guise of trust they have tormented me a lot
like mean people
That is why they have made me their own.


Mean are the false traps of the world
People are also crazy and mean times
pain only comes step by step here
Where there is a crowd, but everyone is busy


True love has become the identity of some corner,
And became the master of mean hearts,


The people of the mean world are standing with stones in their hands,
How far should I run with a case of glass?


When mean friends go down in the heart,
So many dreams are shattered and shattered.


It’s all mean: In today’s mean world, who gives place in the heart, even the tree sheds its dry leaves.


This world running after money supports us as long as you have money

Matlab log status

Matlab log status


Want to end life in that style too
The way people want to live life.


How to trust the love of others,
Here we enjoy ourselves on the loss of loved ones..


Whom we kept in this heart
His name was kept in mean people.


This is not the Kali Yuga, but the mean age is going on.


we used to celebrate faith as humanity
but those mean people
So only he knew his meaning.

Global FB / WhatsApp Status


I have not forgotten even by being with the sun…
People became proud after getting the support of firefly.


True love has become the identity of some corner,
And became the master of mean hearts,


Earlier people used to talk from the heart, now people talk from the heart.


Meaning that after completion, people stop looking, far from speaking.


so magic done
mean friend on the world
hello so too
people understand that
surely something will work
matlabi log status


Age passes at a faster rate
mean people identified
from the point of view of a moneylender
who considered everyone as his own for selfishness
But they were mean they only knew how to cheat.


My wishes are increasing like this, this is a world of stones, there is no one to melt here.


when the person
needs change
so its from you
talking attitude
also changes


Meaning that why would anyone in this world accompany you,
You don’t even get a shroud here for free, who will give you love without any meaning?


All are silent on the goodness of man
If the discussion is on his evil, then even the goose can speak.


She came back to make sense in my life
And we kept thinking that prayers had power
Mean Girl Status Shayari


Today if you tell your problem to someone then people will not help but will go away.

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