Never give up quotes in Hindi

Never give up quotes in Hindi

Friends, there comes a time in everyone’s life when he loses his courage, that is, gets buried under the burden of success. And if he does not have the courage to stand up again and work hard, then it is our duty at that time to motivate that person, increase his fallen self-confidence and inspire him to do something new in life. So keeping this in mind, I have collected some never give up quotes to motivate the destitute.

Friends, if you are a student and even after preparing a lot, you do not get a good job, then you get disappointed.

Or you are a businessman and dedicate your whole life to that business, yet you do not get much benefit in it.

Or the reason for being disappointed can also be the weakening of relations with family members.

In such a situation, a person becomes very disappointed and sad, but at such a time we should motivate him and explain the true meaning of life.

That is why in today’s post, we have collected the never give up quotes from around the world so that at such times we can motivate that person and motivate him to try harder next time.

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Losers of the mind are defeats,
Mind wins.

Nothing beats crying…
Patience meets…!!

If you want to do something big,
So think like the big guys.

who have no hope,
He often does the same thing.

dare not tell,
is shown.

make myself so
That people do not search the block.

Greatness is not in never falling,
Rather, it is in getting up every time.

When luck is not supporting you
Understand that hard work will help!

those who have intentions,
They didn’t have excuses.

Before making dreams come true..
Dreams have to be watched carefully.

Those who are weak cry to luck.
The one who wants to grow grows even by tearing the chest of a stone.

Right now there are setbacks in life, success will definitely come, the intentions are firm.

always dream big guys,
Even if the moon is not found, will you reach the sky?

Don’t ever rely on God
Do you know that God is sitting on your trust?

make as many mistakes as possible
Keep in mind the same thing, don’t make the same mistake again.

Success The most important thing is that
She gets mad at those who work hard.

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