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Powerful Motivational Shayari in Hindi • Hindipro % %

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Motivational Shayari


We will win this promise,
always try more
Luck is also bitter but courage should not be broken
Have a strong intention..!!


Open my wings, says Parinda,
Still more flight left,
Land is not my destination,
The whole sky is still left..!!


who says success
fate decides,
if you have intentions
The floors also tilt..!!


easy to get
who wants her
stubbornness is his
It is not even written in Muqaddar..!!


success with every effort,
Can’t get it but
The reason for every success,
Must try..!!


Have some patience now the test is going on,
Time itself will say, now it is your turn..!!

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The luck that changes by fighting with time,
Man is the one who changes his destiny,
Never think what will happen tomorrow
Do you know tomorrow time can change your own picture..!!


The destination will be found wandering,
They are right, they are misguided.
Who did not leave the house..!!


Never be sad in life,
never be disappointed about anything,
This life is a struggle, will continue to go on,
Never lose your style of living..!!


When the smile of five seconds,
If the photo can come from
Always smiling life
Why can’t it be good?


Never be afraid of Struggle,
Because this too is a story,
which after being successful,
I have to tell everyone..!!


hear things against you,
Don’t give up,
Because no noise player,
Let’s have fun..!!


Even if there are thousands of shortcomings,
in you but on yourself,
believe that you are the most
You have the ability to do better..!!


Don’t be afraid of difficult roads
Difficult roads are often beautiful,
Takes you to the floor..!!


All the successful in the world,
People have happened, they talked about this,
Don’t care what people will say..!!


to change myself,
try, future yourself,
B will change itself..!!


The one who loses is the one who doesn’t do anything..!!


to make myself,
It is very important to bet yourself..!!


What are the floors, what is the path?
If you have courage then what is the difference..!!


Best not to succeed,
Rather it is very important to be true to yourself..!!


those who believe in themselves,
Their competition is only with themselves..!!


Do whatever your heart takes,
But do it with honesty..!!


Those who know that they are walking on the right path,
They don’t care about anyone..!!


If you’re ready to go,
The floor will be ready to bow before you..!!


They get the destination,
Whose dreams have life,
nothing happens with feathers,
Flying with courage..!!

Powerful Motivational Shayari in Hindi


Don’t fly by the wind
Rocks turn the tide of storms,
trust your wings
On the basis of the wind, kites fly..!!


Search for the best
If you find a river then search for the sea,
The glass is broken by the injury of the stone,
Find such a glass that breaks stone..!!


Don’t think about what happened
Don’t lose what you got
Only they achieve success..!

Motivational Shayari Hindi


Dreams are not what we see in sleep,
Dreams are those which make us sleep..!!


Never be angry with your life,
Do you know that a life like yours is a dream of someone else’s life..!!


It will take time but everything will be fine
We will have what we want,
Only the days are bad, not the whole life..!!


Why is there no pain in you?
Take out from the cage made by yourself and see you are also a Alexander..!!


If you want to test a diamond, then wait for the darkness.
Otherwise even pieces of glass shine in the sun..!!


Have the same faith in yourselves,
How much do you keep on medicines?
Of course it will be a little bitter but it will be for your benefit..!!


There is only one difference between a dream and a goal,
Dreams need sleep without effort,
And without sleep for the goal..!!


Work in such a way that it becomes an identity,
Walk every step in such a way that it becomes a mark,
Everyone takes life here,
Live life in such a way that it becomes an example..!!

Junoon Motivational Shayari


Don’t blame anyone in life, good people bring happiness, bad people experience..!!


There are difficulties but I can’t stop
Just tell me from the destination, I have not reached yet..!!


Open my wings, says Parinda.. there is still more flight left,
Land is not my destination, now the whole sky is left..!!


By removing the ego from inside you,
lighten yourself,
Because the high rises the one who is light..!!


Two days are life.. Two days are life..
Be it today or tomorrow…we have to take care of ourselves..!!


Be patient, the days of trouble will go away, even the faces of those who fly laughter will come off..!!


Why are you standing in front of accidents with your hands tied?
Even accidents are nothing in front of the spirits..!!


The world of those who think is different from the thinking of those who think..!!


The world knows us by being successful,
and failing,
We know the world..!!


No one here is worthy of respect,
Will you tell the secret to someone…you will be killed..!!


If you want to see your worth,
So stop using father’s money..!!


The person who has hope and confidence for success,
Only those people reach the highest peak..!!


Life is also a picture and there is also a destiny,
The difference is only in the colours.
If the picture is made of desired colors,
And if you are made of unknown colors then your luck..!!


An extinguished flame can also burn,
Kayak can also come out of the storm,
Be disappointed, don’t change your intentions like this,
Your luck can change anytime..!!


There is no power in this era to erase us,
We have our own time, we are not from the time..!!

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