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Pyar Mohabbat Shayari

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pyar mohabbat shayari


I don’t need anyone else’s love anymore
Your memories haunt me so much..!!


telegram join us

Hide your beautiful lips in a veil,
We are arrogant people, we kiss with our eyes..!!


I am tired of trying love, O God,
Someone should write in the fate that he will be loyal till death…!!


Don’t know what innocence is on your face
more than you
It’s nice to see you hide…!!


Heart’s desire started coming on the tongue
you looked and life started smiling
Was it love or my passion?
Your face is visible in every aspect..!!


When we asked him what is a dream,
So he said that what is yours in closed eyes,
That’s the dream in open eyes..!!


I decorate you on my lips,
I want to sing your song
It is right in our fate to be extinguished by burning,
I just want to shine once..!!


Don’t teach me so much love
that you may be more concerned with him,
break my heart
And you will be my sinner..!!


Be close to me even when you are far away,
Ask my heart how dear you are,
Look closely at your palm
You yourself will know that you are my destiny.


Did you know that love would happen,
We just liked your smile..!!


I don’t know how much love you have
Even today people convince me by swearing by you..!!

first love poetry


You will be such a support that
You can never break
and would like you
You will never get upset..!!


Secrets are often revealed with delicate gestures,
How silent is the tongue of love..!!


Andaz-e-love is your style..
You are away from us..
There is a lovely picture in your heart..
Under which ‘I miss you’ is written..!!


I will blow this heart’s world someday
It’s not your letter that I can’t even burn it..!!


There were many of my own in this world too
Then love happened and we were abandoned..!!


Sometimes pray that he should meet where there is happiness,
Ever fear that he is not happy without me..!!


Now stay with him or should I stay away from him,
Just wait, O heart, let me make this decision again..!!


Let’s start love again, you go away,
Little we change, little you change..!!


We still remember them as before,
Who says distance erases the memory of love…..!!


Increase the round of meeting and in love…
Now the memories can’t pass..!!


What will I do who has failed in love?
I don’t even have any other work..!!


It is wonderful that you laugh like this and bow your eyes,
When you ask, you say nothing, just like this…!!


Why is this light all around me?
Are you thinking or is the day about to end?


the one who says be happy
Tell him to stay with me..!!


He is “walking” by mind. But the “clean” of the heart
“You” speak with love. And “You” in anger..!!


If you want to be happy then be unnecessary.
Reasons have become expensive nowadays..!!


We had a strange relationship at that age, she kept reading to me,
I keep writing it..!!

Beintha Mohabbat Shayari


settle some unfulfilled dreams
Just like this I do it from night to morning..!!


If you love don’t complain
And there are lessons..So don’t love..!!


Now you don’t ask about our condition.. so what happened?
Don’t ask this to anyone yesterday
How did the one who used to die on us die..!!


love story writing
So it came to me to convince Mehboob
I am still unsuccessful..!!


Getting someone’s love is not love
It is also love to remember someone moment by moment when they are away..!!


Only the relationship is broken
We are still in love with him..!!


no matter what the love is
Teach you to prost..!!


With these eyes without a sound
you fall in the heart
wow sanam what a wonderful
I love you..!!

awesome love shayari

—#37—Pyar Mohabbat Shayari

Ada hai dream hai taskin hai tamasha hai.
There is a person wild in my eyes..!!


love sour like tamarind
And sweet like jaggery..!!


I don’t know if my love is one sided or she also does it from the heart
Seeing a little steals the eyes or is afraid of the world…!!


Some say love becomes intoxication
Some say love becomes punishment..
But if you love with true heart
So love becomes the reason for living..!!


you take me somewhere without telling
Where you are happy, that is my destination..!!


Stealing the heart is the habit of your eyes
We also have a small story of love..!!


your moto loves you very much
You don’t go away, you are afraid of this thing..!!


Have to be your heartbeat, have to be your breath
I am standing with you, becoming the way to your destination..!!


If you die you will have millions
But we want to live with you..!!


As many stars in the sky, as many fish in the sea,
I love you more than that..!!


You are the sun of my day, the wind of my sky,
May the waves of my sea be, and my heart beating..!!


I want to be in your arms
Where you hold me tight and never let me go..!!


i love you a lot
Dil Teri Mohabbat deserves a lot..
one thing to think about before leaving
This heart loves you very much…!!


I don’t know if my love is one sided or she also does it from the heart
Seeing a little steals the eyes or is afraid of the world…!!


looking at my picture alone
Where would his heart fill?
When I don’t feel like myself
So where would he feel..!!

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