Rahat indori shayari : डॉ राहत इंदौरी साहब की बेहतरीन शायरियां

Rahat indori shayari : डॉ राहत इंदौरी साहब की बेहतरीन शायरियां

Hello friends, in this article we have collected the best poetry of Dr Rahat Indori Sahab during the battle of Corona in 2020. Rahat indori sahab had passed away but his poetry is still alive today famous Urdu poet Rahat Indori ji was born on January 1, 1950 In his life, he traveled many foreign countries and participated in poetry conferences around the world. Dr Rahat indori sahib was honored with dozens of awards from all over the country and abroad, he died in Indore on August 11, 2020, so in today’s post we have collected shayari of Rahat indori sahib and hope you will like it.

Rahat indori shayari

new characters are coming
But the drama is going on.

Now we are going to lock the house,
It is learned that guests are about to arrive.

I keep searching the world outside the house,
Inside the house, there is the world.

What season would I name you after all,
Here every season was in a hurry to pass

Sun, stars, moon be with me,
As long as your hands are in my hands.

Why do people stop and stop at every turn?
If you are so scared then why do you leave the house?

Rahat indori shayari in hindi

Someday I will burn the world of the heart,
It’s not your letter that I can’t even burn it.

If you open your tongue, you have got your eyes, then give the answer,
Give an account of how many times I have robbed.

Many travelers must have passed before us,
At least the stones in the path would have been removed.

Many colors come on my face,
People enjoy mentioning you.

That’s a question then he’ll have to face,
Pray that my tongue remains safe.

I have also believed in the world after having tasted the fun.
I thought I would leave her like that.

Rahat indori romantic shayari with image

Rahat indori best shayari

When friendship is made with someone,
Enemies should also be consulted.

I am not related to sleep for years,
Come dream, why are you walking on my terrace?

As a result, an accident will come in the market,
What will not happen will come in the newspaper.

Go and tell someone, with sparks from shoals,
Flowers have bloomed this time with great preparation.

To forget is also necessary to remember,
If you want to stay close, you have to be a little far.

rahat indori ki shayari

There was something missing in my incomplete lion, but
When you smiled, I got my compliments.

These scissors will stop us from flying,
That we fly not with wings but with our spirits.

Kissed the poison inside, the dust has come,
There were so many decent people, everyone came openly.

Important work but everyday I forget,
I forget to tell you that I love you.

Rahat indori love shayari

Make love to someone my son,
But the new way to cross the limit.

Calls but new to go,
This world is new to go here.

Poor flower is left alone on the branch
The hands of all the butterflies in the village turned yellow

Tell me whatever the secret is
When you shake hands, press it too.

new characters are coming
But the drama is going on.

Missed him, let’s take a breath
Worship also disturbs prayer.

Two yards right this is my property
O death, you have made me a landlord.

Rahat indori romantic shayari in Hindi

I write love
you write wafa,
I will convince you
You just write angry.

ever touched you
My heart kept beating for a long time.
Yesterday you were mentioned in the house
And the house smelled for a long time.

I offered it with my heart
He completed this story by cheating
There is talk in the city, who is such a girl after all?
Which drove a good poet mad.

I am enough for love to come victorious,
I am enough to remain unarmed,
Those who understand my every reality as mine..
I am enough to make you sleep.

Dr. Rahat indori shayari in hindi

I would say that
What is rose, dream, medicine, poison, jam
What is rose, dream, medicine, poison, jam
I have come, tell me what is the arrangement

whatever the secret
give a hint
when shaking hands
then press it

liars told liars
Tell the truth
official announcement has been made
Tell the truth
Inside the house there is a market of liars
Tell the truth written on the door

Shayari by Rahat indori

whatever the decision,
we must approve,
be it war or love,
Must be plentiful.

I am that river
Every drop is a whirlpool,
you did well
Away from me

I have left home thinking that I have to die,
Now some way show me where to go.
Don’t expect to be with the body,
This traveler has to stay on the way.

Shayari of Rahat indori

make eye contact with the storms,
hit the crowds
Leave the circle of sailors,
swim across the river

Now I am neither, nor are my times left,
Still, my traps are famous in cities,
If there is life then there will be new wounds too.
There are still many old friends left of me.

If it is against, let there be a little life,
It’s all smoke, some sky is little.
If there is a fire then the house will come in many JD,
Here we have only a small house.

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