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Shayari about Heart

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shayari about heart


Will go away from your world quietly one day,
Who is called to appreciate love, it will teach you time..!!


There was neither sound nor spectacle,
The one trust that was broken in silence was on you..!!


Looking at my eyes, a man said,
Your silence tells that you were once fond of laughing..!!


Believe me, this love is not so easy,
Thousands of hearts are broken in the protection of one heart..!!


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Just thinking that I love you
That nobody is mine but someone is yours..!!


Do not ask for the account, a life,
When you didn’t count your sorrows, we didn’t count your wounds..!!


If someone is angry, then immediately convince him,
Because in the battle of stubbornness, separation often wins..!!


This is the mathematics of love, Sahib,
Even if it goes to one of the two, nothing is left..!!


There is no hope, all the hopes are happening,
Had the heart someday to cry wholeheartedly by hugging your chest..!!


It is our hobby to do poetry like this,
If I touch someone’s aching veins then forgive my friends..!!


The journey was very short with you but
You have become memorable now for a lifetime..!!

Heart Broken Shayari


Strange case of my poetry,
The one for whom I write is not even news..!!


If someone asks a question, then did I tell him,
Somebody who gets separated tells a lesson..!!


Love has brought it to this juncture that,
If you go ahead, everyone is angry and if you go back, then you are unfaithful..!!


Don’t know when our freedom ended
Following the restrictions of relations..!!


How innocent was his face?
Slowly kissing my lips and driving me crazy..!!


If you find peace by separating from us,
So pray to God that we will never meet you..!!


The heart has taken everything to his chest,
But they dropped me out of sight at the slightest thing..!!


Your golden memories have blossomed like sunshine,
The shadow in the city of my heart is only yours..!!


Scattered desires wet eyelids and this loneliness,
How can I say that I got nothing in love..!!


Oh God what thing love you have made,
Some get it and some suffer the loneliness of a lifetime…!!


We kept on suffering here,
All night you will sleep soundly..!!


Let’s go slowly, life is left to pay some debts,
The pain of some is yet to be erased, some duty is yet to be fulfilled..!!


I know I have a habit of hurting you,
But I also have the stubbornness to make you my own..!!


The age of loneliness passes,
People give consolation not together..!!


Look how strange it is, then we could not meet,
But your memories and my tears always meet..!!


love does it all,
Some do it with the heart and some with the mind..!!


It is difficult to die without the person without whom,
That person stopped coming even in dreams..!!

shayari on cute smile


I want only one person in thousands,
Who could not hear my evil in my absence..!!


Tested a lot,
But I don’t understand..!!


Do not understand the laughter of the lips,
Seeing how broken we are by going down in the heart !!


My existence feels like a loser,
Everyone has robbed by giving care of heart..!!

—#33—Shayari about Heart

Eye strained the injured liver, there are a hundred locks on the tongue.
The affairs of those who love are also unique..!!


Erase your name till my Kitab-e-Zindagi,
But I will cry moment to moment… my lack will haunt me..!!


My heart is broken like this, do not let it remain deserted,
God himself has become, don’t let me remain a human..!!


Gives peace to the soul even the prick of thorns,
Sometimes there is a burning sensation in the chest due to fragrance..!!

Shayari Dil Se


The meeting of no one was seen with you after separation,
We have blown away birds also sitting on the shajar..!!


Learn how to talk a little, you too
There you talk, here the heart breaks..!!


Those who have their own, they quarrel with their loved ones,


Life is yours too, amazing definition,
If you are groomed then heaven, otherwise it is just a spectacle..!!


The house of hope is made of raw clay,
It often collapses in the rain of reality..!!


Life doesn’t stop without anyone
Just that person’s place always remains empty..!!


Who can get it easily, who wants it,
The stubbornness is his, which is not even written in the case..!!


There was no sympathy, there was no pain,
Then got a sympathizer, got all the pain from him..!!


If you have been given wounds, do not bother about the ointment,
Let it be something, do your favor on me..!!


The sky that floats so high,
Forgets it is visible from the ground..!!


Do not understand that we are the only seekers of happiness,
Even if you sell tears, we are also buyers of it..!!


I wish this love was like a dream,
Just open your eyes and the story ends..!!


If possible, do not make any deals now,
I have lost my life in the last love..!!


We were all alone in the rain of pain,
When it rained happiness, don’t know where the crowd came from..!!


You were a dream, if the reality ever happened or not,
I just lost my dream, I don’t have the courage to get you..!!

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