Struggle motivational quotes in hindi • Hindipro

Struggle motivational quotes in hindi • Hindipro

Looking for the Best struggle motivational quotes in hindi , If yes then you are in the right place because here we have collected inspirational struggle motivational quotes in hindi, Read these success struggle motivational quotes in hindi and share with friends, relative and social media also. thanks

Struggle motivational quotes in hindi


it’s hard to fight for success
But struggling to live is even more difficult.


whatever you get in this life
only that is better for you,
you don’t know this
But the one above knows this very well!


Don’t even think for a moment that you are weak.
There is a storehouse of inner strength hidden inside all of us.


If you ever fall in the journey of your life, then lift yourself up because in this world people only pick up the money that has fallen, not any person!


Admit that it will be a bit heavy to carry the difficulties with you, but my journey will continue forever.


No one can defeat a person who fights with himself.


Success is blessed only by those who have ever touched the steps of struggle.


The bigger your struggle, the bigger your success.

success struggle motivational quotes in hindi

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The more heavy chains of trouble that are tied at your feet, the higher will be your flight when they land.


If there is no struggle there is no progress.


Life is not easy
You just have to make yourself strong
Right time never comes.

thoughts struggle motivational quotes in hindi


Do not take your authority over anything for which you have neither sweated nor struggled.


It is not right to consider yourself unlucky because you are not the only one who is struggling.


Sitting empty and dreaming with open eyes does not yield any results, oceans of troubles do not cross without hitting hands and feet.


No matter how high the floor,
His path always goes from under his feet.


Do not sit tired, O traveler of destination,
The destination will also be found and it will be fun to meet !!


whatever the world says
But one who believes in his ability
One day he reaches the destination.


A man is alone in struggle, the world is with him in success


Success is sweeter and even sweeter if too late,
Got it after many failures and after many struggles.


stumble and fall then take care of yourself
Then walking again, this is the struggle, this is the truth of life.


Whenever life makes me cry, my sins are forgiven…
Whenever life laughs, understanding prayer is accepted…


Tomorrow the war will begin again,

win or lose

Whatever it is, you will have it.


Gotta get something, gotta lose something

Whatever it is, it will be yours.


Never let yourself prove to be weak because,
Seeing the setting sun, people would close their doors.


Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not come yet.
We only have today. Let’s get started.


The race of life is very long, it doesn’t matter how fast you run? What matters is how long you can run.


Never in history has a man who lived a simple life left a name worth remembering!


It is not impossible to achieve anything in life for a person who has learned to sit quietly in one place.

hard work struggle motivational quotes in hindi


Don’t be bothered by people’s taunts, the day you become successful, their taunts will start turning into opinion.


If you are tired of running after the goal, then the truth is that your thinking is not you but you are tired.


Never be afraid of losing, because there is no such thing as defeat, either victory is learned.


It is very difficult to chase your dreams, but even more difficult to forget them.


The key of perseverance opens all the doors closed by resistance.


How you climb is more important than reaching the summit.


As long as you consider others to be the cause of your problems, difficulties.

Till then you cannot erase problems and difficulties.


Difficulties can be taught to a human being as much as even 10-gurus together cannot teach anyone.

inspirational struggle motivational quotes in hindi


Remember no one is perfect in the world, so don’t be perfect, be strong.


You can’t really understand the importance of the summit until you have fallen all the way down.


One has to struggle a lot for self-knowledge.


If you are able to get out of your past then you are able to get out of every problem of your life.


Keep your Struggle a Secret until you become successful.


It is more important for me to win because the whole world is waiting for me to lose!


Be so capable in your own life that you don’t have to rent someone else’s car if your wedding procession goes out!


To appreciate your successes,

You must first appreciate your struggles.


The meaning of life is only in the struggle, victory or defeat is in the hands of God, so let’s celebrate the struggle!!


If a task is intimidating to you, doing that task is a good option.


The coming of storm is also necessary in life because,
Only then does it come to know who holds the hand…
And who gives up?


who spoke yesterday in his life
Think his day is over,
The one who said the day after yesterday, his years have passed,
But whoever said today
He ruled in this world


This is what is learned from life, work hard, don’t stop,
No matter what the situation is, don’t bow down in front of anyone.

Struggle motivational quotes in hindi

Struggle motivational quotes in hindi


decide once in life
Then don’t look back
Because those who look back do not make history.

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