Top Attitude Status for WhatsApp and Facebook

Top Attitude Status for WhatsApp and Facebook

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Attitude status is defined as the quotes used by the users WhatsApp And Facebook to show your attitude and swag. WhatsApp users these days are worried about making their profile attractive as many friends check it. Our Attitude Status for WhatsApp is perfect for this job. Scroll through these hundreds of statuses for boys and girls and find the optimal one for you. We are sure that you will find more than one status that will satisfy your demand, and will come again to use more Top Attitude Status from this page on your WhatsApp and Facebook profiles. Instead of more conversation, we prefer more action, check out the collection below.

Best Attitude Status for WhatsApp

  • Prediction may be wrong but experience is not.
  • The most hated is done only by the one who tells the truth.
  • Those who make fun of my loneliness, tell me who is yours in the crowd in which you are standing?
  • If the trees did not obey the conditions, they were cut, if the pots set the limits, then they got support.
  • In real life people did not know when they became stone in real life while playing Statue Statue.
  • Childhood was lost in the greed of youth, now youth is being lost in the pursuit of wealth.
  • I am sorry for the mistakes in my life but not for the infidelity.
  • Don’t change yourself just because someone loves you.
  • When we play friendship, then words are written and when we do enmity, date is made.
  • Now we will play enmity but… with love.
  • The difference between honor and pride is like a thread.
  • We are not among those who change the way, we make the way.
  • block me or else you will fall in love
  • I want a girl like Kurkure who is crooked but is mine.
  • I do not know how to make a place for a stone idol, those people in the house whose house does not have a place for their parents.
  • It is only in bad times that everyone’s true colors are seen, in daylight even water looks silver.
  • Forgiveness is for mistakes..not for deception
  • I am a prisoner of desires, reality punishes me!

Fadu Shahi attitude status for facebook

Facebook users looking for the best eccentric attitude to show off their royal side can check out the list below. You can also check Sad Status here.

  • I do better than “someone”…what difference does it make..!
  • The one who changes his luck by fighting with the times.. The man wins the one who changes his destiny.. Never think what will happen tomorrow.. Do you know tomorrow only time can change your picture…
  • I am looking for someone who loves my soul .. or else human beings meet even with money…
  • Something like this will be the sight of the “kingdom” that the whole city will come to see our “eyes” closed.
  • You give a lot of advice to be happy…sometimes give a reason to be happy too…!!
  • Don’t judge my character by my words,… Your existence will be erased, while searching for my reality!
  • You will get what you give.. Whether it is respect or deceit..!!
  • If you remember me in the moments of leisure, then don’t do it now.. Because I am definitely lonely, but not in vain at all.
  • We are loyal to lifeless things, yet I have my life in you.
  • So many times even the doctor did mine [B.P]Wouldn’t have checked… as much as you check my DP
  • Tell the people to stop burning with our fate. We leave home with ‘mother’s blessings’, not medicine.
  • We are also rivers, we know our skills. Wherever you go, there will be a way.
  • I have that intoxication in my eyes..which confuses the person in front.
  • Are you in someone else’s Naseeb or will become my Naseeb, I only know sirf, I am your hero…

about me one line attitude status

The short one liner attitude status for whatsapp is defined below so that you can choose the one that suits your nature.

  • Man needs support in difficult situations….not advice.
  • If you could understand what I want…..then we are not from you…. you love us
  • Believe that you are like the moon.. people yearn to see you… but we are also like the sun… people bow their heads after seeing us Huh..
  • Poetry is not my hobby… it is some punishment of love
  • Why shouldn’t I be proud of myself…
  • Often only those people point fingers at us, who do not have the right to touch us.
  • Kya okat hai teri e zindagi… Four days of love ruins you..
  • Everyone likes the comfort of the waves, but the fun of taking a kayak in the storm is something else.
  • If you want to achieve something in life, change your ways, not your intentions.

attitude status for facebook profile

  • Only madmen like us create history! Only the wise read history!!
  • The name is high because our… because……we are thinking of bringing change, not of taking revenge..
  • Love is so let it go…. Had he insisted, he would have taken him in his arms.
  • His power was not on one or two, but on hundreds… and he was also counted among the elders of the city… Buried him in a pit of only six feet… while the land was in his name in many acres.
  • “Sala, I am restless to go to Yamnagari… But Yamraj says… you are not born to come… you are born to send..
  • Greatness is not in never falling, but in getting up every time you fall.
  • Your attitude towards things in the world is more important than your art.
  • We are all in the filth, but there are some who see only the stars.
  • Somebody broke the trust, some heart.. and people think that.. we have changed.
  • Our time will also come

bloody attitude status for boys

Attitude Status for Boys is written below for our users.

  • Habit is new to strike us behind the back !! Two words speak work but speak in front !!
  • Everyone likes the comfort of the waves, but the fun of taking a kayak in the storm is something else.
  • Our behavior towards others determines how they will behave towards us.
  • We are what we represent to others. That’s why we should be careful in this.
  • “Thing” belongs to those in whom there is some “thing”..!
  • Sweet things happen only on dry lips, when thirst is quenched, the tone changes..!!
  • I am a slave to the rituals of my house.. Otherwise I also have the skill to show people their status.
  • Life doesn’t change by changing status everyday, one status is enough to change life..!!
  • Princely states keep coming and going, but to rule the kingdom.. Even today people learn from us!
  • Let him taste the pleasure of Gero’s love too, after so much desire, what will not happen to me, what will happen to Oro.
  • Whatever I am good or bad for myself, I do not see myself through the eyes of others..!!

love attitude status for facebook

  • There is only one identity in the whole city ‘Ours’….Furry eyes, angry face and “Nawabi paydays”!
  • My intentions are all clear…….that is why people are often against me…!!!
  • Drink Sir Utha Ke, Jio Ladkhda Ke
  • I don’t know how to make everyone happy.. I don’t know how to look who I am not.
  • Losers also have their own status…
  • Where are you now aware of the magic of my eyes, we teach to live even those who are fond of dying.
  • There is denial of those who see my time from me today, I will make myself so capable, they will meet me by taking time!
  • If I have improved then just my habits… otherwise my hobbies.. They are still higher than your status…!!!
  • He only rules the one whose hearts are ruled by him!!!! Otherwise you would have a crown on the head of the street’s chickens too……!!!
  • If you want to win, then increase your ability. Even dogs get the bread of luck
  • Our way of living is a little different, we live on our insistence, not on expectation.
  • The goal is to be achieved, the destination is yet to come, the ground has come, the flight of uneven is left!
  • The nerves of the neck are getting stiff every day, till today the skill of bowing the head has not come..
  • Dekh Babe, Salt according to taste and Stud according to taste
  • If you give it to us, your hatred is also accepted, we should not even take your love in charity!!!

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