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Waqt Shayari Hindi

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Motivational Shayari on Time


just a moment’s silence,
Then the noise will come,
Your only time has come,
Our time will come!!


There is no simplicity in me now,
That you pass the time and I understand love !!


telegram join us

Look at the time
He himself passed away leaving us !!


Too much time and respect,
Giving changes people!!


I am lost in time
stood with his head bowed,
the people standing in front of themselves,
The king began to understand !!


It’s a matter of time,
The color that was yesterday, today it is a stain.


Time went on, life kept on decreasing…
Friends kept on increasing, friendship kept on decreasing !!


Time is yours
If you want, make gold
If you want, spend it in sleep !!


Whenever time hunts,
Hits from every direction!!


True love never ends,
Silence with time!!


to pass the time,
don’t keep friends
to be with friends,
Have time!!

Tough time will be cut shayari


Today is bad, tomorrow will be good,
Time is there, it will change!!


How many more exams will you take,
Life is mine, then why will yours!!


Everyone gets time
to change life,
But life doesn’t come again,
Time to change!!


If you get the time, sometimes take steps,
In the courtyard of my heart..
You will be surprised in my heart,
Looking at your place!!


Be polite in bad times,
Because it doesn’t take time to change the time !!


Sweat on time or else,
Will read to shed tears later!!


Why are you afraid of what will happen in life?
Why always think that it will be bad !!


Just keep moving towards the floors,
If we don’t get anything, then the experience will be new.


Have picked up the pen, do not get the words,
I can’t find the person I’m looking for!!


You wander in search of the times,
You just don’t get time for us…!!


By putting us in the habit of this love now,
You say stay away from us, I don’t have time now!!


The moisture in the eyes increased,
Things have become less
Well this time is not bad
We are bad!!


Everyone remembers that beautiful childhood,
Which passes with time!!


Of course, come with some more time,
But definitely bring some time!!


That time is also very special,
When the hand of the parents is on the head !!


This time goes on
Human beings also keep on changing.
Take care of yourself, you sir
Time itself screams!


Listen, you ever gave a watch as a gift,
Now whenever I look, this is what comes to mind.
I wish you give some time too!!

it’s time today


It was time that passed,
And I was like a memory that stopped!!


There is a difference of skill between me and you, sir.
Because time has taught us,
And the book has taught you !!


Time strikes,
shoot yourself too
But then the pain is more
When both strike together!!


Listen, this time passes without you, isn’t it?
I just hate this part of my life so much!!


I have heard that the time of some people is going bad.
And they are the ones that we are hating!!


Borrow a few moments for us,
If you get time, bring some time for us too!!


Take a moment to be careful, some bad things,
People say you are the worst!!


time of every human,
Takes the test on the step,
Time only shows a person the right path.

it’s time today


What is time is just a distance
There is a mutual between the two,
Life is beyond comprehension!!


me modest,
Leaving the stone understanding,
Times will change
And we will be marble too!!


Thousands try to stop it but,
Time has not stopped even in the stopped clock !!


The moment of love is just one,
Time is a matter of time and time,
That’s the nature to change!!


Make relationships with those who,
Have the courage to do it!!


It was time that passed,
And I was like a memory that stayed!!


Time strikes itself too
strikes but the pain would have been more then,
It’s when both strike together!!


Time everyone gets life,
To change but life again,
Don’t get time to change !!


Today’s man does not speak true words on the heart,
Takes and takes false things in mind !!


Waqt Shayari in Hindi

Life also has a strange story,
With someone we forget time,
So with some time we forget !!


Changing times doesn’t hurt that much.
As much as someone changes himself !!


he was compelled to leave me
whoever got better than me
That’s why this excuse was also necessary!!


How much pain is there in the heart is not shown,
Now the memories of that unfaithful
This heart is not forgotten!!


Life also seems rude to you now
my luck in your hands
Looks broken!!


Every crying moment will smile,
Keep your patience, your time will also come!!

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