बजरंग दल : Bajrang Dal status

बजरंग दल : Bajrang Dal status

Bajrang Dal was established on 8 October 1984 in Ayodhya. “Shri Ram Janki Rath Yatra” at the time of departure from Ayodhya, the then government refused to give security, at that time on the call of saints. Vishwa Hindu Parishad The youth present there were given the responsibility of security of the journey. Hanuman has always been present for the work of Shri Ram. Similarly, in today’s era, this group of Bajrangis for the work of Shri Ram.Bajrang Dalwill act as The organization of Bajrang Dal was not against anyone but to protect Hindus from anti-social elements. At that time only the local youth were given the responsibility who could remain active in the work of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi movement. The youth across the country were eager for the work of the nation and religion and this is the time when a large number of youth Bajrang Dal Join And today Bajrang Dal has spread all over India.

That’s why today in this post we have collected the best Bajrang Dal Status that too in our mother tongue Hindi. Friends, you must be thinking that after all, what do we need to upload on our social media profiles in these states? So friends, let me tell you that if you upload Bajrang Dal Status on your profile, then all your friends and followers will see the status, then their mind will also be positive towards Bajrang Dal and they will join Bajrang Dal with you. Would like

Bajrang Dal status

nation’s force
Bajrang Dal

The ones above make pairings,
And the ones who break Bajrang Dal are.

Bajrang Dal status

Will break every corner of the body,
where you will see babu-sona
Jai Bajrang Dal.

Bajrang Dal status photo

Bajrang Dal Quotes

who owns Sanatan Culture will leave
Bajrang Dal will not leave him

Who does not love #saffron
That #bhadwa is not my friend…

Bajrang Dal Shayari

my devotee Sriram Of,
Whose emphasis on me?
I will cut every head,
Who rose towards my religion…

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