बेहतरीन इमोशनल शायरी ! Emotional Shayari • Hindipro

बेहतरीन इमोशनल शायरी ! Emotional Shayari • Hindipro

Looking for the Best Emotional Shayari in Hindi, If yes then you are in the right place because here we have collected best emotional poetry , Read these Emotional Shayari in hindi and share them with friends, relatives, and on social media also. Thanks!

Emotional Shayari on Life


Love is the story of two lives,
Love has its own style,
Know that everyone will get only tears,
But don’t know why everyone in the world is crazy about love !!


The river never stops for the faithful,
A man never bows in love,
We are silent for their happiness,
They understand that our heart does not hurt at all !!


O heart, don’t do so much love to someone,
You will not be able to bear the pain found in love,
One day it will be broken and scattered by the hands of loved ones,
Who broke it, even this will not be able to tell anyone !!


my god keep them safe
because what you have now
The person is very special to us..!

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Somebody got burnt in Sholo,
Somebody got down on the ground,
Strange is the custom of this love,
Somebody has been killed by love,
Somebody died in love!!


One day we too will be shrouded
Every relationship will be broken from this ground,
As much as you want, friend
Will leave everyone crying one day!!


They don’t believe in promises, we mention love, all markets
The heart is not afraid of their anger and
They think we don’t love them!!


Appreciate your feelings
Have heard people here,
Let’s play with alphajo..!


when luck plays a game
So a new story is made
those dreams of dreams
There is a whirlwind in the world..!


never fall in love
don’t bother
we are so tired
You don’t suffer..!


my love for you
Your desire is not in the matter
Maybe not in my luck!

Emotional Shayari in Hindi


you changed like the weather
and I harvest
Kind of ruined!


It has been requested-
love has no limits
love is so great
There is very little in this
Loss is too much!


of this love book
only two lessons learned
some like you
Some like we were ruined!


robbed that kite fiercely
the time that was flying before
And then it got cut!


The wind stole my poetry book
Look, the sky is crying immensely after reading it!


Let the moon of love be in your shelter
Don’t open your lips, let your eyes say something!


I keep the trap of your love in my heart
Read with your eyes, what is important to tell!


No words, still picked up the pen
You just had to show that your memory has come!


Neither played with sorrow nor denied pain
Wounded my own liver again and again with your memories!


Miss you
The evening of sorrow has just passed..!


You make my palace out of sand,
And give the address to the rain!!


In happiness man seeks others
And finds himself in loneliness..!


You did not have the time to read any of my stories, O Sanam!
We kept on selling like books in your city !!


I don’t know when to fall in love
Friends, this is the house which has no door!


Finds the trap even in my silence,
It is very clever, the world finds an excuse to have fun..!!


It doesn’t take time to get used to someone
But it takes a lifetime to forget him


You pray a million to go away from me..
My prayer is also to the same God to bring you closer to me…!!

best emotional poetry


Sometimes things get pricked, sometimes accents kill,
This is life sir, here we lose more than others, by our loved ones…!!


Every moment in love becomes a feeling of happiness,
Deedar-e-yaar also becomes a sawar of God,
When there is intoxication of love, often even the mirror becomes a dream!


One of my wishes was bought by my friend,
Then with his laughter I bought some more of my happiness..!


It is not so easy to play the role of life,
To reconcile a relationship, a person has to be scattered!


Don’t think of crossing the paper kayak,
Don’t think of bringing storms in your hand while walking,
The world is very cruel, don’t mess with it
As far as is appropriate, the idea of ​​saving hearts!


Shamma teaches Parwane to burn,
Evening teaches the sun to set,
Why are you cursing stones when…
Stumbles teach a man to walk!


The voice of the heart is called expression,
A bowed eye is called Ikrar,
The name of getting only love is not love,
Losing something is also called love..!!


She was my kite and I was her string.
When the kite fell on someone else’s roof,
So the thread will get tangled in itself now!

Emotional Shayari in hindi


After a long time I have seen him,
Same look, seen with the same attitude,
Thought I’d go closer and put it on my chest,
But I have seen the dream incomplete even today!


Melting the heart, warming the eyes,
Then came Khayaal-e-man, raining fire!


To get angry like this is a blessing of beauty,
Heart is a mirror, it has a habit of breaking,
Let me remind them of my memory every morning and evening,
They have a habit of forgetting what to do.


This is the end of the paths of love,
Take the sorrow, this is the only message,
Finding love in this city will not be found,
Yes, this is the declaration of unfaithfulness.


I have learned one thing in your love
This world is pale without you.


false confession in love again
don’t go we love you now
do do not.


This love is very strange
If you are unfaithful, you cry and be faithful
If you do, you cry.


It doesn’t matter who gets you
yearns for it means that
Who is afraid of losing you?


Who has seen the pain of my heart,
Only God has seen me in agony,
We cry in loneliness
People have seen us smiling in the gathering.

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