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Precious words

Precious words

Life was given to help someone, but
Time is passing to earn pieces of paper..!!

People who walk alone are not arrogant,
He alone is enough in every work..!!

The experience and learning that comes from trouble,
No school in the world can give that lesson..!!

Just as new leaves do not grow on a tree without autumn,
In the same way good days don’t come without hardship and struggle..!!

Always like such people in life,
Whose heart is more beautiful than face..!!

One’s simple nature is not his weakness,
Rather, it is the rites given by his parents..!!

who is lost in the goal,
Guess he has succeeded..!!

don’t give up,
Remember those people who said you will not happen..!!

Where it becomes difficult for others to understand,
It is better to understand yourself there..!!

No gains without pains
Friends, nature definitely gives food to the bird,
But not in the nest..!!

priceless words in hindi

priceless words in hindi

who believe in hard work
They never talk about luck..!!

time is not visible,
But it shows a lot..!!

There is only one condition to maintain the relationship,
No one’s shortcomings, see the good..!!

It is very difficult to defeat that person.
Who never gives up hope..!!

The bigger the dream,
The pain will be equally great..!!

There is a difference between ego and culture,
The first is happy to bow down to the other,
The other is happy by bowing himself..!!

The person who accepts victory before winning and defeat before losing,
He always gets hurt..!!

Even if you forget the one who hurt,
Never forget the one who helped you in trouble..!!

If you want to move forward then become deaf.
By grazing some people, everyone else is going to demoralize..!!

Anger is such a weapon,
Whoever belongs to you still attacks you..!!

status precious words

Best Anmol Vachan Hindi

Sometimes looking at your shortcomings in leisure,
The desire to be the mirror of others will vanish..!!

no matter how bad the situation,
The desire for victory should be in the mind..!!

Decisions taken in anger
Always been proved wrong..!!

God pleases with intention,
And man by appearance..!!

Better than the praise of fools,
The scolding of the wise..!!
beautiful precious words

Good people are like good books
One has to read to understand..!!

Boat of endurance, to the sea of ​​sorrows,
There is only one way to pass..!!

You must get two fruits from the tree of life,
One sweet voice, the other the company of religion..!!

It’s as simple as speaking sweet words,
Its result is even simpler than that..!!

difference between impossible and possible
lies in the will power of the person..!!

beautiful priceless quotes

beautiful precious words

There is no better answer than keeping quiet.
And there is no bigger punishment than forgiving..!!

Experience saves a person from wrong decisions,
But experience comes only from wrong decisions..!!

the problem that occurs,
The solution is also with him..!!

Don’t talk, make things big,
Because people hear less and see more..!!

Don’t be upset if someone digs a pit in your path.
These are the same people who will teach you how to jump..!!

If you want peace in life,
Focus on your work, not on people’s words..!!

time awaits them,
Who knows how to use it..!!

Not reaching the goal in life is not very sad,
Rather the sad thing is when there is no goal..!!

lack of proper information,
Doubt your success..!!

Failure means something lacking in our efforts,
Our failure is the result of our incomplete efforts..!!

life precious words

true precious words

Ravana lost without brother, Ram won with brother,
No matter what the time, don’t leave your brother’s side..!!

The raw and suspicious people of the ear,
Even in true happiness, there is suffering..!!

If you want success, be stubborn
Because only a stubborn man creates history..!!
Your persistence will make you successful..!!

Anger, like a storm, destroys everything,
Only after it calms down, the loss is felt..!!

Only then luck favors,
When hard work and dedication support..!!

If someone is older,
It doesn’t mean that you are small..!!

Only those who reach the path of success,
Those who pass through the path of danger..!!

lazy person,
can never be successful..!!

Just as a calf in thousands finds its mother,
Similarly the karma done by you will find you..!!

keep up the good deeds
Afraid of Karma, not of God..!!

Best Anmol Vachan 2022

priceless word status

leg sprains and minor,
Thinking does not let us move forward..!!

Don’t compare your life with anyone’s
There is no comparison between the Sun and the Moon,
Whose time comes, it shines..!!

Happiness can only be felt by that person,
Who has seen the sorrow closely..!!

Nothing is easy to achieve in life without sacrifice..!!

One who has overcome his desires,
That man overcame the sorrows of life..!!

Only that person is not at fault,
who never does anything..!!
Hindi priceless words

There is only one way to know the limits of the possible,
Going beyond the impossible..!!

What do you gain by remembering things when you grow up?
Learn to forget things by becoming small sometimes..!!

The person who is ready to eat a thousand stumbling blocks,
He is also ready to become a great person..!!

Always remember one thing in life that mistakes are made by those who try,
Those who sit and make things happen only those people do not fail..!!

True Anmol Vachan Images

priceless words quotes

learn to walk alone
One day even the shadow will leave you..!!

But I am small so do I want to touch the sky,
My heart is clean that’s why I reside in every heart..!!

A sensible person before doing any work,
Thinks after fooling..!!

Those who are mad, write history,
Wise people only read about them..!!

priceless word status

The man who has great thoughts,
There can be no better person than him..!!

to be successful,
Have faith in yourself..!!

Only then can all the meaningful powers of the universe be with you,
When you are clean of mind, heart and words..!!

Don’t fall so much for anyone,
That the other one gets crushed and gone..!!

If you want to peek, then look in your back,
What will be gained by looking into the lives of others..!!

The purpose of the leader should be to show the way,
Not to rule..!!

Motivational Anmol Vachan in Hindi

Precious words

Free things should be respected,
Otherwise the cost of oxygen has to be paid in the hospital..!!

Achievement and criticism complement each other,
Achievement comes only when there is criticism..!!

Seeing the high soaring of others, people who are jealous forget their own flight,
The destination is met when people walk together..!!

The success of the work depends on your happiness,
Working with happiness definitely brings success..!!

What is the use of being close like eyes,
Who can’t even see each other..!!

Anmol Vachan in Hindi for students

Time is more valuable than wealth,
Wealth can be recovered again,
But can’t get the time again..!!

Any problem can be made big by thinking,
And shorten it by your hard work and works..!!

Success is destined for them,
Those who have a sense of dedication towards the work..!!

Your words are useless
Who can not touch anyone’s heart..!!

those who waste time,
He destroys himself..!!

truth words in hindi

priceless words in hindi

As age passes, you start to realize,
Parents used to say right about everything..!!

One who gets frightened by a small failure,
He remains a silent spectator throughout his life..!!
priceless words in hindi

In today’s world it is believed that saving money will come in handy in bad times.
But old people used to believe that if you have faith in God then bad times will not come..!!

The conscience should always smell of truth,
Because butterflies don’t sit on paper flowers..!!

Never share your secrets with others,
It will ruin you..!!

The principle of the world is as long as there is work,
Till then your name is there or else there is a salute from afar..!!

priceless words for life in hindi

Speak as much about others
Hear about yourself as much as you can..!!

Man creates destiny by his actions..!!

One of the characteristics of bad times is that
Those people also start giving you advice,
Who are not even capable themselves..!!

Take care of one thing in life,
Of course breaking someone’s heart by telling the truth,
But never break anyone’s trust by lying..!!

Success introduces us to the world,
And failure introduces the world to us..!!

Anmol Vachan Shayari

Hindi priceless words

life is so beautiful,
Don’t waste it in useless talk and quarrels..!!

It is very difficult to understand that person,
One who knows everything but says nothing..!!

If hard work becomes a habit,
So success becomes ‘Muqaddar’..!!

If you really want to achieve something in your life,
Change your ways never your intentions..!!

Have got everything yet there is no patience,
Years think that tomorrow’s news is not..!!

Anmol Vachan Quotes in Hindi

If we think about happiness, we will be happy,
If we think about sorrow then we will be sad..!!

This is better than succeeding by adopting the wrong methods.
Failure by working with the right way..!!

the harder the struggle,
The victory will be as great..!!

It’s better to waste your energy on worrying,
Use it to find a solution..!!

Circumstances teach you to listen and endure, otherwise,
Every person is a king in himself..!!

Suffering and suffering is the laboratory created by God,
Where your ability and confidence are tested..!!

last word

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