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Death Quotes In Hindi

Death Quotes in Hindi

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There is a solution to everything in the world,
But till now there is no solution for death..!!

Remove the fear of death from the mind,
It is true that one day we will definitely get it..!!

What man is living is life,
But in reality it is not life but death..!!

There is a solution to every issue,
Except death..!!

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Dil Hai Barren Suni Basti Who will come here now,
Who will call the rain from the house from which even the clouds..!!

To perform the rituals of friendship calling me a friend,
It is not right for me to live but pray for my death..!!

Whenever I die I want me
Those who know me well say about me,
That where I always uprooted the thorn,
Flowers can grow, flowers have been planted there..!!

Man’s birth is the journey of wisdom between life and death..!!

life is meant to be lived,
But its destination is death..!!

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Death is that golden key,
Who opens the door of immortality for us..!!

Death Thoughts in Hindi

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The words are bitter but true,
Death is the truth of life..!!

It was difficult to get that sheet which could cover this whole body,
So we slept in the soil by putting it on ourselves..!!

more people than they think,
die before that, in fact it is like this..!!

The moment a person takes birth on earth,
From that moment the danger of death starts looming on that person’s head..!!

The world is afraid of dying, the joy of my heart,
Kab mariho kab paihon puran ecstasy..!!
Death Quotes in Hindi

The easiest way is that
Do nothing against your conscience,
With this secret we can enjoy life,
And there will be no fear of death..!!

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Death and time do not stop for anyone,
And don’t bow down before anyone..!!

There is no intermediate state between ice and water,
But between life and death is job..!!

The biggest truth of human life is death..!!

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no one hugs
But death embraces every person one day..!!

Sad Death Quotes in Hindi

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Who will be a bigger personality than death?
Well the biggest man starts getting scared by its name..!!

The method of giving birth is the same,
But there are a hundred ways to get to death..!!

Money can certainly save a person from a deadly disease,
But even money cannot save you from death..!!

There is no one in this world greater than death..!!

Cowardly person dies many times before his death,
And warriors taste death only once..!!

He who is afraid of death,
They die while they live..!!
Death Quotes Hindi

Don’t get into the trouble of killing yourself.
For as long as a man kills himself,
By then it is too late..!!

Live as if you have to die tomorrow
Learn to live like always..!!

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Death is never an end or a hindrance,
Rather it is the beginning of more and more new steps..!!

Wise men never die and those who are ignorant,
They are already dead..!!

Quotes on Death in Hindi

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Life comes once, this thing is absolutely wrong.
Death comes once, life comes every day..!!

Money can buy everything,
But not the life of a dead person..!!

Good people go down in hearts like this,
that even after death they become immortal..!!

The truth and end of every story is death..!!

Life is lived on its own
Only funerals are raised on the shoulders of others..!!
Sad Death Quotes in Hindi

It is better to die than to be humiliated.
Death only hurts for a moment,
But every day insult brings sorrow in life..!!

Do not put so much on your existence, life
It is death that is giving you time..!!

Death ends life
Not relationships..!!

Seeing the ashes of the crematorium, a thought came in my mind,
How much does a person burn for the rest of his life just to be ashes..!!

Life is a dream
Its real reality is death..!!

Death Quotes Hindi

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Death is the only thing in this world which has no fixed time,
She can come anytime and anyone..!!

I remember my childhood days,
Grandpa’s making me laugh while weeping,
You know you have gone far but Grandpa,
In reality, not in the right dreams, then come..!!

Death is not your own
Gives pain to loved ones..!!

What sigh he must have sighed,
He must have given voice while leaving..!!

The real form of life is death..!!
Death Hindi Quotes

Who is born in this world,
He will definitely leave this world one day or the other..!!

As the sun sets every day,
Similarly, one day a person also drowns..!!

Together they leave everything in this world,
Why do we talk only about human beings throughout life..!!

If you are born, you are sure to die..!!

When it is not decided how to die,
So we will decide how to live..!!

Death Thoughts in Hindi

Death Hindi Quotes

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Death is bitter but it’s true
This is the only truth of life..!!

Is it here that life passes in a moment,
So stop crying and move on..!!

There is no other true person in this world except death..!!

No one else has a better way than death,
She can come from anywhere..!!

Death’s work
To fade the color of life..!!

The whole world is busy preparing for death..!!

Death just doesn’t get them,
Those who die in the name of the country..!!
Death Quotes Hindi

Death leaves you
But no relation..!!

Grandfather used to get down on grandpa for me,
Used to come down on my side even on mistake,
I remember the time spent with my grandfather.
They used to go shopping for my insistence..!!

Everything that exists on this earth,
His end is decided even before his birth..!!

Hindi Death Quotes

Life may be postponed due to troubles,
Death doesn’t stop for any reason..!!

The human body is mortal,
But the soul is immortal..!!

Every single day takes you closer to your death..!!

This is a true story of life,
Death has to come to everyone one day..!!

For many years, Nargis cries over her innocence.
It is with great difficulty that the bride and groom are born in Chaman..!!

no matter how great the sorrow,
Have patience and balance, time will not let you lose..!!

A worm and a king have the same will to live,
And both have the same fear of death..!!

Whatever is created in the world ends,
Don’t feel sorry for him..!!

Death moves and rises together and,
They come back after walking together even on long distances..!!

Death is terrible because we have
Didn’t even try to make a close introduction..!!

death quotes in hindi

There is a special thing about death that,
It never comes by telling me..!!

whom the gods love,
He dies soon..!!

Those who do not know the soul to be immortal,
They tremble with death..!!

Why fear death?
This is the highest adventure of life..!!

Only death is that thing,
Which we have not been able to make completely normal..!!
Death Hindi Quotes

We are not so concerned with death,
Because as long as we are alive there is no death,
And when death comes, we are not there..!!

There are many ways to death,
But there is only mother to be born..!!

As a well spent day brings a pleasant sleep,
In the same way a well spent life brings a happy death..!!

Death is not the worst thing,
What can happen to humans..!!

Nothing can exist forever..!!

death quotes in hindi

There is no fixed time of death, therefore,
Live your life to the fullest before it comes..!!

The way everyone wants to be rich,
But no one wants to take the risk
In the same way everyone wants to go to heaven,
But no one wants to die..!!

The extent is such that even death is far away,
He is also waiting for my suicide..!!

Remove the shroud from my face and show it
O Bewafa, those eyes you used to cry have closed..!!

crazy about death,
Fight with life for a lifetime..!!

You don’t know anything about death, so let’s talk.
What do you know then remember and we are no more..!!

Have you brought fire, do I have to burn it too?
Then I have to go home too..!!

death is honest
She comes equally in everyone’s luck..!!

Deeply saddened by his death,
This is an irreparable loss to all of us,
God rest the departed soul,
And give strength to the family..!!

Some die fighting
Some die in fear..!!

death thoughts in hindi

Who does not even allow anyone to stand in front of him,
Remember, if death comes, it will lie down..!!

Punishments like this, the prisoners get a lot but,
The existence ends of those who get punishment-e-death..!!

Whose heart remains heavy,
Live like a living corpse..!!

When someone special dies,
Our heart hurts the most..!!
Hindi Death Quotes

We were very happy when he was near.
Now after he’s gone,
Our life will become very difficult..!!

Death is bound to come one day or the other,
Avoiding death is not difficult but impossible..!!
Death Quotes In Hindi

who are the support of our life,
If he leaves the world,
So life becomes like dead..!!

They are so far away from us that now,
Even after giving lakhs of voices, they will not come back..!!

Let these tears flow
It works as a medicine in pain,
The embers which are smoldering in the chest,
It works to extinguish them..!!

Mother used to have tears earlier, then you used to remember,
Miss you today and tears come out..!!

The date of my death increases automatically,
Whenever someone brings news of your well being..!!

Life was sitting bloated on its beauty,
As soon as death came, the whole color faded..!!

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