100+ Dhokebaz shayari in Hindi

100+ Dhokebaz shayari in Hindi

Looking for the Best Dhokebaz shayari in Hindi , If yes then you are in the right place because here we have collected deceitful shayari , Read these dhokebaz dost shayri and share with friends, relative and social media also. thanks

Dhokebaz shayari in Hindi


There was so much pain in life that
scared to support the beat


Don’t know in which conspiracy the day has passed,
I escaped from enemies, but was killed among friends.


Those who learn to cheat, sir
Everyone seems to be a cheater.


He stitched my love well,
In trouble, he forgot me only.

Dhokebaz shayari in Hindi

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Cheaters are found at every turn of life,
Find less in them, meet more of yourself.


The world is so selfish,
Why would anyone give
There is no shroud of focus here,
So who will give love without sorrow?


We understand what is in his heart,
He cheats us every time,
But we are also compelled by heart,
Those who give them a chance again and again…!


I lost my trust in friendship from the day my friends stopped sitting together unnecessarily.


Ever since love has been deceived,
Everyone is afraid of beauty…
I was not used to darkness before,
Right now I am scared of the light…..


Some people’s love passes by
not weakening and getting deeper


Your friendship has given so much comfort,
that no one looks good after you,
You have to do infidelity, you do it with this attitude,
That no one should be unfaithful after you…!!!

deceitful shayari


I have seen luck changing,
I have seen the changing weather,
Have seen enemies playing friendship,
I have also seen friends cheating.


will find someone who dies on me,
God give someone such strength who is afraid of losing me.


In every game we win,
But we lose the game to the deceiver.


As soon as the work was done, the friends showed their color,
Everyone cheated on me when trouble came.


Inadvertently lost his heart, how could he be deceived in this love?
The mistake was ours, who sat with the heartless


He gave good results for my love,
In my trouble, he forgot me only.


Somebody said that God is found in love,
Where do you get pain in love?
I believe that love is in life for a lifetime,
You get sensual after death!


Time is good
But he turned out to be a trickster,
consider yourself to be yours,
But he turned out to be a cheater.


Trouble tells who is a traitor
Because in happiness everyone is faithful.


every facial expression
I have no loyalty!


I was in prison with you,
If not you, now I want release.


burn of deceit,
Now I will drink love with a lot of love.


Now this trend seems to be
Now there is jealousy even in the congratulations of friends.


Seeing his form I got stained,
Every friend became with my enemies.


Have seen hugs when needed,
Have seen friendship try,
The opportunity came when it was time to make friends,
Have seen friends playing enmity.


The destination was also his, the path was also his.

I was the only one, the rest of the convoy was also his.

He also had the thought of moving in together.

And later the decision to change the path was also his.


Lively snatched my life
She now faces death
On the pretext of a garland on my grave
Comes to meet a lover !!

dhokebaz shayri hindi


It is good that this game of love did not last for a few more days,
Had it been, we might not have survived.


Don’t expect from anyone except God.
Never trust loyalty and friendship.


I have often seen this stitch even in the one who loves
Those who were proud of their loyalty have also seen them unfaithful!


When he fills the wounds of the heart
Heart got hurt, didn’t even know!


He broke the connection that was with us everything
He didn’t know what was wrong with me
Just related, like people he too
Who was well versed in everything I said!


Whenever I felt the need of friends,
Then he disappointed me by cheating.


Don’t expect a heart breaker to connect your heart, a friend
Don’t expect any favors from the people.


Now there is no love in this era,

Because people don’t love and joke anymore, in this era.

Hindi Shayari


Friends also show their colors when there is a chance,
Whether you will support or cheat, they also show the way for this.


you didn’t love right but your deception
Gave me a lot of courage!


It must have always been no one so strong a heart,
Surely someone must have played with your innocence.


We play with him moment by moment
We would have left the world at one gesture

He cheated by reaching the middle of the ocean
If he had said then we would have drowned on the shore!

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