[100+] Kisi Ke Liye Kitna Bhi Karo Quotes (2022)

[100+] Kisi Ke Liye Kitna Bhi Karo Quotes (2022)

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Kisi Ke Liye Kitna Bhi Karo Quotes

I just feel sad about this in my life,
That no matter how much you do for someone, it is less..!!

Those people are very lucky,
Whose love appreciates and respects them too..!!

The honor was disgraced in love by deceit,
In love with prayer..!!

Mistake he remembers what I did right,
He doesn’t remember anything special..!!

do anything for someone
But will love someone else..!!

Say anything but there is some merit in this.
That no matter how much you do for someone is less..!!

I am like a bird that is flying in the middle of the ocean,
But there is no edge nor any support..!!

Everyone remembers what was wrong with you,
But what did you do for them, everyone forgets..!!

We have given our heart, life, soul all in his name,
But the sadness happened when he said what work he has done..!!

He was more than life for us in this love game.
But we were just a pawn for them..!!

Kisi Ke Liye Kitna Bhi Karo Quotes in Hindi
Kisi Ke Liye Kitna Bhi Karo Quotes

need not say anything,
I know you must have come for some work..!!

After you, I will no longer have your noise,
No one else will..!!

I laugh at those false promises of yours,
And I cry over this broken heart..!!

Cases have come, many heart-wrenching,
In the guise of many strangers, those who call themselves their own..!!

People here don’t stop to talk,
Everyone stops so that they can know your status..!!

Here everyone is a stranger, no one is his own,
This is true this is not a dream..!!

Those who appreciate love know how to live,
Everyone else knows you all too..!!

Today’s person is such a sahib for whom pray,
In his prayers only abuse is found for himself..!!

Hugging is just an art
The rest behind the back, everyone is jealous of you..!!

You also left us in shock,
Did not break the relationship of years in a jiffy..!!

Kisi Ke Liye Kitna Bhi Karo Quotes in Hindi

I wanted as many opportunities as I could at every opportunity,
But at every turn I was deceived at every turn..!!

Broken heart so much that the pieces fell in all the times,
Now I am not afraid of death as much as I am afraid of setting my heart..!!

Like I got fed up, you will also be fed up,
What happened with me today will happen with you tomorrow..!!

My heart got burnt, neither did you,
My benefit has gone away by taking it, neither are you..!!

You left and forgot in a moment,
I wish we too were like you Sanam..!!

What did he love with great affection,
But they did not respect our love at all..!!

no matter how much you love someone,
But without hurting the heart, it will not be overcome..!!

I am not getting any Vaid, I am getting medicine.
You are just getting punished for wanting it endlessly..!!

I have done enough for you,
Now doing anything, I don’t forget this thing..!!

After you neither I will have your noise nor will anyone else..!!

Kisi Ke Liye Kitna Bhi Karo
Kisi Ke Liye Kitna Bhi Karo Quotes

Don’t bow down so much before anyone,
That people think you have fallen..!!

We do not understand what is the demand of your eyes,
Sometimes the curtain is lit sometimes what is this spectacle..!!

Just walk carefully on the crooked paths of this world, sir.
If you fall then people will not take advantage of you but you..!!

The anonymous face that hides behind a big name,
The pain that is hidden behind a blooming smile, isn’t it?
Only the truth of life is there till there..!!

Faces on everyone’s different,
Character everyone has a mean character..!!

He who does not believe in me,
Why would you listen to my words..!!

When you start behaving like your own people,
Then even their hidden wounds start hurting the heart..!!

When people don’t like being with you,
So they start living separately..!!

Infidelity has nothing to do with
There is no other pain in front of this pain..!!

This is my instruction to the aspirants,
That is the poison that you understand that you want..!!

Kisi Ke Liye Kitna Bhi Karlo

The world does not appreciate true love,
The world only knows your use..!!

Who is better to sit and cry,
It makes fun of crying in front of everyone..!!

The times have passed,
When we also had someone to tell our things..!!

Whether you want to lay down your life for someone,
But he will think of his meaning even in that lying corpse..!!

Correct a thousand things, if you make a mistake in one thing,
People forget all those right things..!!

Don’t want anyone so much
It becomes difficult for you to live..!!

It is useless that I have loved you,
You only knew how to hate..!!

I wanted to break you so much,
Now we have broken wishing you..!!

If someone believes in God, then he,
treats worse than demons,
Pray for the well being
That’s where the brother-in-law strikes back..!!

no matter what you do for someone,
Everything has to be forgotten one day,
Take a look, sir
This kind of selfish era is like this..!!

no matter how much quotes for someone
Kisi Ke Liye Kitna Bhi Karo Quotes

Why is it so bad in love?
No matter how much you do for someone, everything is haram..!!

For them we are just a pawn
Even after knowing, we have good intentions in the game of love..!!

Now every game seems old,
Even a sad heart has to be hidden from others..!!

Who knows good in this age of evil,
Who often recognizes the works of a good man..!!

No matter how much you do to someone, everything seems less,
Only and only sorrow feels in the hands of the one who finds true love..!!

People know to burn hearts instead of love,
Instead of healing the wounds, they know to hurt them more..!!

In this life we ​​will do such a thing,
There is no value to them but as much as we have left,
Will do this life in his name too..!!

Somebody remembers you till then,
As long as he cares about you..!!

Now every relationship seems to be in public because they too are ours.
I miss you only at the time of getting your work done..!!

We can never forget them but they remember us only then,
When they have any work for us..!!

Do anything for anyone in Hindi Quotes

Say employment not relationships
Everyone keeps getting their work done..!!

no matter how much you do for someone
In the end he will leave saying that,
After all what have you done for me..!!

We have gone through some such paths where we have to say,
We have many but we have no one to call us ours..!!

One, this bad time is not passing,
This bad time is running from above to pass..!!

If we knew that one day they would alienate us like this,
So the truth is said, we do not even make them our own..!!

Whomever you put on his head, he goes by suffocating his nose,
No matter how much you do for someone, it falls short..!!

Don’t know why it happens that whomever we love,
They use us..!!

People will come to see you till that day,
As long as you are working for them..!!

we can never forget them,
But they remember us only then,
When they have any work for us..!!

Say employment not relationships
Everyone keeps getting their work done..!!

Do whatever for anyone Quotes Hindi
Kisi Ke Liye Kitna Bhi Karo Quotes

Today I remember the matter of mother,
Connecting with strangers is not good..!!

Not that we have given our all to them,
They have also given us this never ending pain..!!

It is clear that everything is forgiven in this dirty game..!!

You live or die, no matter how much you do for someone,
Nobody cares..!!

There is no such path of love,
Do anything here for someone but you don’t get any appreciation in return..!!

got everything got nothing,
He was everything for me I am nothing for him..!!

I wonder what you got by hitting everything on you,
After all, what did I get by giving you so much love..!!

No one ever told us
Here everything means man, no one is his own alien..!!

He must have loved me too, I used to feel like this,
I came to know today that he used to cheat on me..!!

We could not recognize you were in a mask,
We were only in the mood of love..!!

Hindi quotes for anyone

Now we will not even waste time,
When we get work, we will also remember people only..!!

I felt as if I am his, he will also be my own,
Didn’t think it would be just a false dream..!!

Have you gone by making me fall from my own eyes,
After all, you have gone away by taking advantage of me..!!

I often ask myself this question,
After all what was missing in my love..!!

I didn’t leave any stone unturned to love him,
He also left no stone unturned to leave..!!

Here you are just a pawn and this world is a feat,
Here the meaning is the friend and the meaning is the religion..!!

Millions of hearts are sitting in pain yet don’t know why
Still lakhs of people are standing to get this pain..!!

We have done so much for him,
Who did not understand us anything..!!

Happiness is less, sorrow is enough,
Still alive because the strength is enough..!!

The one on whom the heart was sacrificed, he showed this day,
We used to think that he is ours but he taught us a lesson by being someone else..!!

do anything for someone
Kisi Ke Liye Kitna Bhi Karo Quotes

In today’s era,
Don’t expect anything from anyone..!!

After you we will neither be able to be with anyone nor will we be able to laugh,
You will not be able to cry alone in front of anyone..!!

do something for someone
She will never understand you..!!

do anything in love for someone,
But she will love someone else..!!

Guess you don’t understand my love
But you also try to love me,
Don’t you feel sorry to see me..!!

After all, you also gave the gift of sorrow,
After all, you have not shown your position too..!!

God has a complaint with you and,
The complaint is not that why did you make people,
The complaint is that why make so much sense..!!

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