[100+] Nature Quotes in Hindi (2022)

[100+] Nature Quotes in Hindi (2022)

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Nature Quotes in Hindi

Only after getting acquainted with nature,
I came to know myself..!!

The laws of nature are very strange,
Who opens every essence of life..!!

The world is not what it seems
The world blooms only with the seven colors of nature..!!

Nature has carved
And humans have taken over..!!

Reminds me of the rainy season,
Hot tea, sweater and Arunachal..!!

What’s sunshine here, what’s a savannah,
It rains here too..!!

There is something in these winds,
Otherwise, they would not have got the support of birds..!!

Here is the fragrance in the plains,
Here there is fragrance in the characters of people..!!

These laughing valleys, this happy ending,
This cold wind, this bowing sky..!!

As snow covers the mountains,
So her beauty increases..!!

Nature Quotes Hindi

When I met the nature here,
Then there is no desire to meet anyone else..!!

Here in all things of nature,
Something amazing..!!

There is so much simplicity in these winds,
Look it’s raining..!!

We got lost somewhere in the fizz,
Ever since we got used to the flavors of Mizoram..!!
Beautiful Nature Quotes In Hindi

Arunachal valleys, paddy fields,
Flowing Fizz, Smiling Buds..!!

Nature always wears the colors of the soul..!!

The more you go towards nature,
She will come towards you the same way..!!

Learn to be free like the gusts of wind,
You are a river, learn to flow like a wave..!!

You will not forget this evening here,
This is Mizoram This is Mizoram..!!

Nature is the ocean of knowledge..!!

Beautiful Nature Quotes In Hindi

change yourself,
Not nature..!!

respect nature,
This is the life of all of us..!!

Nature doesn’t say anything
But gives a different feeling..!!

How beautiful is this form of nature,
Due to its existence, the color of this world shines..!!

These winds are very beautiful,
Every time I am lost in them..!!
Nature Quotes in Hindi

Everywhere is guarded by nature,
Just keep an eye on it..!!

Never be away from nature or else,
It will not take time for darkness to come in life..!!

love nature as much
As much as you do to yourself..!!

what we see and feel around us,
That is nature and nature..!!

go where you find yourself,
Feel more alive..!!

nature quotes in hindi

Nature given to us by God,
One of the most precious gifts..!!

That’s how I happened to be from Mizoram,
Every single moment there touched my soul..!!

You meet yourself when you,
Take a closer look at nature..!!

For peace of soul,
Nature is the only quantity..!!
Nature Quotes Hindi

The melody that nature listens to,
She is the sweetest..!!

Jungle is heaven on earth for humans..!!

Nature has the answer to all your questions..!!

Only nature has the power to give happiness to all kinds of people..!!

Nature also teaches the art of living life,
Even after being strong, trees give shelter to the vines..!!

Better than book and nature,
Friend no one else in the world..!!

Nature Thoughts in Hindi

Nature Thoughts in Hindi

This world is so beautiful
Just change the way you look at it..!!

If you destroy trees and plants,
Soon the whole cycle of human life will end..!!

The smell of this waterfall, these chirping birds,
The world is beautiful and the nature is beautiful..!!

Nature is the only place for peace of soul..!!

Change yourself not nature..!!

If you walk with nature, you will get so much,
I never wanted to..!!

Time spent with nature is never wasted..!!

Nature never read the Proclamation of Independence,
This continues to make us unequal..!!

Nature provides exceptions to every rule..!!

Nature is a song of praise,
Who never stops singing..!!

Nature Thoughts in Hindi

Learn how to live from nature
The way to stay blooming in the sunshine rain..!!

There is something wonderful in every form of nature..!!

He doesn’t feel sad when leaves fall from the tree.
He knows it will rise again..!!

The real fun of living life is with nature..!!

Colorful nature is pleasing to the mind every moment,
Sometimes the morning is pleasant and sometimes the evening becomes mastani..!!

Nature is a beautiful creation,
There is no pull towards happiness in it,
And neither aversion to sorrow..!!

Nature is true then why its destruction?
You cut all the forests then why do you want from him..!!
Nature Thoughts in Hindi

If life is to be lived well,
So learn to live with nature..!!

Water, forest, land keep the creatures alive in the world,
And all these arise from the lap of nature..!!

who does not love nature,
That person is rude..!!

Prakriti Quotes Hindi

Nature is the most beautiful gift of God,
We should not waste her beauty like this..!!

The sight in the sights is like this today,
It is raining with its wind..!!

Nature’s painting of the world,
Best of all paintings..!!

Often we hum the song of your love,
Heart speaks and lips smile..!!

This is the chirping of birds, the smell of flowers,
There is no coincidence but the beauty of nature..!!

This cool cold winds, greenery all around,
It is raining water that is the beautiful story of nature..!!

Heaven is also under your feet,
And on top of the head too..!!

Nature is never in a hurry,
Still everything is done..!!

If you have true love for nature then,
You will look beautiful everywhere..!!

There is a huge treasure in the lap of nature,
Unless you want to search..!!

Nature Status in Hindi

Nature Status in Hindi

Nature is our second god,
We need to keep it clean all the time..!!

Always keep your nature healthy and peaceful..!!

The beauty of nature is enough
To keep us fresh..!!

Know the importance of all those things,
What nature gives us..!!

If we are polluting the environment,
So we are destroying our own life..!!

whatever nature commands,
Always follow it..!!

We have to give healthy and pollution free nature to our coming generation..!!

If we care about nature today,
It will give us a healthy life in the coming time..!!

I trust in God,
And I call it nature..!!

The whole world is outside your window,
If you don’t see this then it is your foolishness..!!

nature status in hindi

Come let’s plant trees together
Make earth heaven again.

New leaves do not grow on trees without falling,
Good days don’t come without suffering and struggle..!!

Tree is the basis of human life
Protect it my friend..!!

When you truly love nature,
You will find beautiful everywhere in the world..!!

whose soul is beautiful,
They can see the beauty of nature..!!
Nature Status in Hindi

nature like man,
Sometimes she cries with happiness..!!

Nature is a wonderful specimen,
God’s charisma..!!

Deepen your perspective of looking at nature,
Then this world will start looking very beautiful to you..!!

There is no better friend in this world than book and nature..!!

Nature is the most beautiful gift on this earth,
Which we have got as a blessing..!!

Thoughts on Nature in Hindi

These rivers, these springs are very beautiful,
Nature thank you very much..!!

Is the sun what is the price of its light,
Everything is meaningless life without nature..!!

We should always keep nature clean,
And should be saved from destruction..!!

tree to speak on the earth and,
There are endless attempts to listen to heaven..!!

Some people walk in the rain,
And the rest just get wet..!!

The best thing you can do when it’s raining,
It is that you let it rain..!!

What would look ugly in the garden,
Increases beauty on the mountains..!!

Nature pleases with simplicity,
And nature is not artificial..!!

Light has no value without the sun,
Similarly, without nature we have no existence..!!

This cold wind and this nature’s courtyard,
How beautiful is the zenith of this earth..!!

This cold weather and the chirping bird,
This happy ending, this bowing sky..!!

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