[100+] Self Love Quotes in Hindi (2022)

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Self Love Quotes in Hindi

Self Love Quotes in Hindi

It was good for you to go away,
More than with you, I am happy with myself..!!

I am present in the crowd of this world,
Now I am searching for my existence..!!

How the stumbling blocks of life made you wiser,
That the hatred of the times taught me to love myself..!!

No one can maintain friendship like you,
By becoming your own friend, you give such an example in the era..!!

It is an easy matter, even in this stone heart world,
Carry a wax heart..!!

Why ask for someone’s support in this world,
When you came alone and you have to go alone..!!

We started loving ourselves so much that now,
It doesn’t matter in whose eyes we started knocking..!!

When you do not love yourself, with what right will you fight,
When someone will insult you..!!

The fun that is in finding someone by losing yourself,
We don’t want that fun..!!

Everyone is broken, so someone hides it,
And someone smiles..!!

Quotes on Self Love in Hindi
Self Love Quotes in Hindi

We don’t hate anyone because
Where is the fun in forgiving and forgetting the hate..!!

I was tired of making people happy,
So now I have learned to keep myself happy..!!

He considered himself to be God, himself prostrated himself,
There is no question of heart break, sir, we fell in love with ourselves..!!

what to love with someone else
These days I am trying to connect with myself again..!!

Tell me how much you love yourself
Just understand that you are more happy in loneliness..!!

If you want to make a better world for yourself,
So first of all you have to believe in yourself and love yourself..!!

When you know I’m right,
So there is no need to explain to others..!!

Don’t say emotion, sometimes the heart gets stuck in confusion,
Whom to tell, I see my mask here for everyone..!!

There is peace in the morning of winter,
When you hold my hand and say, today it is a bit cold, isn’t it..!!

With great difficulty has forgotten his memories,
I only know how I have taught myself to live..!!

Love Yourself Quotes in Hindi

Love Yourself Quotes in Hindi

It is very important to love yourself sir.
Otherwise this world will not leave even worthy of hatred..!!

I fight every trouble
That’s why I move ahead in life..!!

You oops, I walk around with ointment,
Hey, express your love, I walk with a heartbeat in my heart..!!

How long can I keep deceiving myself like this,
Keep looking in the mirror what I am not..!!

how easy it is to love others,
Why is it so difficult to love yourself..!!

My search doesn’t end
I find myself in myself everyday..!!

I am in love with myself,
It will never be incomplete..!!

those who love themselves,
Do not attack the heart of others..!!

Of course we look alone but,
A caravan in itself goes along with it..!!

love yourself but,
Don’t praise yourself..!!

Hindi Quotes on Self Love
Quotes on Self Love in Hindi

Know yourself first
The world will know itself and itself..!!

If you want to bring refinement in life, then love yourself,
Selfish is not to be made but Self love is necessary..!!

Try to see yourself with your own eyes
No one is perfect in this world..!!

There are big tantrums in the love of others,
That’s why I’m in love with myself..!!

If you are looking for someone like this,
who will change your life,
You should look in the mirror first..!!

Life gets everyone the same,
Just the way of living it is different..!!

Learn to love then why not be yourself
Everybody hates nowadays..!!

with no hope,
Often the same people do wonders..!!

What if living like a flower withers away?
You will be crushed, live like a stone,
If you are ever carved, then God will tell you..!!

If you ask from the heart, even today you are mine,
It is another matter that luck has cheated..!!

Self Love Quotes in Hindi for Girl

Self Love Quotes in Hindi for Girl

You will not come after us,
You would say to people that you want me like that..!!

Desire is not what kills,
Desire is not what gives smile,
O friend, he is the one who wants,
Recognize the tears dropped in the water..!!

Some dreams will surely break
But I will not get angry with myself..!!

who doesn’t love himself,
His life is useless..!!

Self-respect is such a road that sooner or later,
But it definitely takes you to your destination..!!

Those who live life on their own terms also have great pride.
In this crowd of traders keep their own identity..!!

Roads are made even in the dark of the dark night,
We just have to believe in ourselves..!!

Learn to be happy right in pictures
Do you know by looking at your picture?
Put a smile on someone else’s face too..!!

To insult someone means to lose your self respect,
So keep your self respect..!!

If the relationship is played from both the sides, then life becomes heaven.
It is rightly said that a bicycle never runs on one wheel..!!

Self Love Quotes in Hindi for Boy

Self Love Quotes in Hindi for Boy
Quotes for Self Love in Hindi

It is inevitable for those people to knock in the eyes of the world,
Those who live life on their own terms, not at the behest of the world..!!

No matter how many graves are decorated, they cannot speak,
So learn to smile while alive..!!

I don’t care if people are against me,
People get jealous because my master does not let me bow down before anyone..!!

Keep the character in such a way that the world gives your example,
Otherwise lakhs are born here everyday..!!

If you wish for peace in life,
Stop taking people’s words and taunts from your heart..!!

I have taught myself to live on my own,
What can I say that how I have embraced the sorrows..!!

The person who fights with all difficulties,
Remember that one day he definitely finds his destination..!!

love yourself,
Everyone is busy here in spreading hatred..!!

self loving man,
An invincible is like a warrior..!!

Don’t care who thinks what
You have no control over people’s thinking..!!

Self Love is Important Quotes in Hindi

Self Love is Important Quotes in Hindi

Keep the remote control of your happiness in your hands,
You are the master of your life, no one else..!!

It is foolish to expect anything from anyone,
Hope gives you nothing but sorrow..!!

Learn to fly like a kite
The one who flies is free, but with the strings of sanskars..!!

love the most
But love yourself first..!!

Take care of yourself first
Then keep laughing unaccountably..!!

We should come to respect ourselves on small things,
The above might not have made us just like that..!!

who becomes his own friend,
He doesn’t need the friendship of friends..!!

I am neither a traveler of love, nor a companion of loneliness,
I am mad in my own love, I am a rebel of my life..!!

Even God can’t keep everyone happy
Then you are only a human..!!

Sometimes by guess and sometimes by ignorance,
Live life in your own way..!!

Self Love Status in Hindi

Self Love Status in Hindi
Hindi Quotes on Self Love

What do you know if you call me alone
I myself go for a caravan..!!

Make yourself like this with your own skill and hard work,
May the whole world appreciate you and your work..!!

The importance and respect he gives to himself,
One day the whole world respects him..!!

Youth is the most important part of our life,
Don’t spend it stopping and sleeping..!!

If you nurture hatred within yourself,
So you are keeping an enemy inside you..!!

People think that I am busy with work,
What do they know, I am happy to enjoy life..!!

Before anger hurts others,
He harms himself, avoid anger..!!

As much as you want to be happy in life,
You learn to work hard too..!!

I don’t want to be like someone else,
Because my Lord has not created anyone like me..!!

Life is always different from you,
I owe you to live..!!

Self Love Caption in Hindi

Self Love Caption in Hindi

For the victory of this Kali Yuga in the Mahabharata,
Will have to become Krishna himself and Arjuna himself..!!

Every morning that you look in the mirror,
Don’t let the smile on that face go down..!!

Work hard so that dreams come true
Do work in such a way that you fall in love with yourself..!!

The journey of life is not easy,
No one is bigger than himself..!!

Often the identity of the person,
It is formed after identifying yourself..!!

Where is it easier to find yourself in yourself,
Where is all troubled in the journey of life..!!

In every trouble there is a way out,
When man meets himself, himself..!!

Don’t love anyone so much
If he leaves then he can’t even love himself..!!

time is very valuable,
The one who understands is the richest..!!

I am walking in the crowd but I know myself,
I separate myself from this crowd..!!

self love quotes in hindi

self love quotes in hindi
Self Love Quotes Hindi

Don’t be disheartened if no one supports you in difficulties.
In this life there is no one greater than ourselves..!!

Sleeping crying at night and waking up in the morning don’t let anyone feel it,
Life also teaches this skill..!!

Life is beautiful, live it openly and see,
Remove this dust from years and see..!!

Where there is a lot of darkness, keep a burning lamp ready,
Guess you can’t stop the difficulties,
So keep the light of love and courage intact..!!

Mistakes happen only with humans, if you are a human,
Forget your mistakes, learn something from it and keep moving forward..!!

People even steal the bricks of fallen houses,
So never let your spirits fall..!!

We grow up by taking care of everyone’s happiness.
Then one day suddenly we find our happiness missing..!!

Don’t be afraid of challenges but learn to face them
Smooth and flat roads never make anyone a good driver..!!

I have some bad habits too,
But I am not a slave to those bad habits..!!

I have many good habits because of which,
I often get in trouble..!!

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