[100+] Smile Quotes in Hindi (MAY 2022)

[100+] Smile Quotes in Hindi (MAY 2022)

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Smile Quotes in Hindi

Smile Quotes in Hindi

Keep smiling, keep smiling, because your smile,
Can be the reason for someone’s happiness..!!

Smile is such a thing,
Which you can give to others even if you don’t have it..!!

Smile is the most precious gift given by God..!!

Let’s find a reason to smile
You find us, we find you..!!

Nothing happens by having Attitude,
May the smile win the hearts of the people of such two..!!

Look at me with a smile
The world will be seen laughing..!!

You smile always, your smile
Makes your life more beautiful..!!

Smile and see where all this looks beautiful,
Otherwise, even with wet eyes, even your face looks blurred from the mirror..!!

How much would that person know about me,
Whoever asked me why are you sad even when I smiled..!!

The clouds have kidnapped the sun,
Asking your smile in ransom..!!

Beautiful Smile Quotes in Hindi
Beautiful Smile Quotes in Hindi

Every merge is not treated in the dispensary,
Some pain goes away just by smiling..!!

Things also have to be hidden, the heart also has to be explained,
He doesn’t know about my pain, that’s why he has to show it even with a swan..!!

It’s not just that fun comes in the heart, sir,
If you want to be cool then stay with your heart..!!

Your smile has an effect on health,
People ask what is the name of the medicine..!!

Only one medicine for all diseases,
Learn to laugh my brother..!!

Everyone smiles in the same language..!!

Never live life like this,
that you forget to smile..!!

but only for a moment,
Never see the smile on someone else’s face..!!

Smile is very important for inner peace..!!

smile comes from the heart,
The whole world is troubled by the same mind..!!

Always Smile Quotes in Hindi
Always Smile Quotes in Hindi

Smiling is not for everyone
Smiling can be done by those who are rich in heart..!!

If you want to be friends with life, then sometimes look at yourself with a smile,
The scars on the heart will fade by itself..!!

Smile is an important part of our life,
without which the whole world is incomplete,
Smiling removes all the troubles of life,
So smile for yourself and for your loved ones..!!

A little laugh, a little smile,
That is the real identity of happiness..!!

life blossoms,
When a sweet smile comes on your face..!!

flowers bloom in the garden,
And smiles bloom on the face..!!

Keep smiling in life
Do you know if the problem forgets to come after seeing your smile..!!

Live for the one who taught you to smile
You meet a lot in life, but support the one who can’t live without you..!!

Smile is the priceless treasure of life
Whether you meet someone or not, just smile in yourself..!!

Smile is priceless,
It doesn’t cost anything..!!

Best Smile Quotes in Hindi
Best Smile Quotes in Hindi

Look at me with a smile like a child
The picture of the world changes, just smile a little and see..!!

Live neither by angering anyone, nor live by being angry with anyone,
Life is only for a few moments, keep everyone happy and live happily with everyone..!!

Smile indicates sweetness of heart,
And peace points to the maturity of wisdom,
And the existence of both indicates the perfection of a human being..!!

If you smile when you are alone,
Then you are really smiling..!!

If you want to win someone’s heart,
Start with a smile..!!

The real fun of life is in smiling..!!

Let’s find a reason to smile
You find us, we find you..!!

Let’s walk with heart, life is a little,
Come on with a little smile..!!

Put your smile on yourself first and see,
Life will start looking perfect on its own..!!

Smile that life is too short to cry..!!

Muskurahat Quotes in Hindi
Quotes On Smile In Hindi

Life is like a mirror,
If you smile then life will smile too..!!

Love starts with a smile..!!

smile for some people,
Works like a language..!!

If you look at me with a smile,
The whole world will be seen smiling..!

Smile is such a gift, which is priceless even without a price,
There is nothing less for the giver and the recipient becomes happy..!!

Happiness is found in changing oneself,
Not in revenge..!!

If the morning starts with your smile,
Then what’s the matter..!!

You are the smile of my face, you are the happiness of my heart,
You are the smile of my lips, this heart of mine beats for which you are my life..!!

The dawn of my life begins with your smile..!!

Your smile is your logo
And your personality is your business card..!!

Quotes On Smile In Hindi
Muskurahat Quotes in Hindi

Who always has a smile on their face,
He can win the world..!!

Somehow, I broke my connection with pain,
And added a smile..!!

Who smiles even in pain,
He finds his destination..!!

whenever i think of you,
I smile to myself..!!

Our story started with your smile,
Keep smiling this is our last wish..!!

Smiling is not for everyone
Smiling can be done by those who are rich in heart..!!

If you don’t smile,
My smile will be considered bad..!!

There may be less but there should never be sorrow in your life..!!

the beginning of peace,
It’s with a smile..!!

By crying, even the tears in the eyes become alien,
But by smiling, even strangers become your own..!!

Muskan Quotes in Hindi
Muskan Quotes in Hindi

Learn to be the reason for someone’s smile
Everyone becomes the cause of pain..!!

What do you say how nice it is
Your smile on my condition..!!

like the sound of a butterfly,
Just like your smile..!!

Countless stories are hidden in the hands of words,
No one could read the story hidden in a smile..!!

every pain turns away
When my friend smiles fearlessly..!!

Tell these sadness to find some other place,
I just love the smile on my face..!!

If you laugh then life also smiles openly,
May your heart be touched by your innocence..!!

If you find yourself in a crowd, then you will not turn your eyes like this,
Guttgu nahi right, will give the smile of your lips only..!!

You have been living for a long time at the house of this heart,
Won’t you even give a smile as rent..!!

It is true that there is no match for tea.
But your smile is enough for my peace..!!

Smile Thoughts in Hindi
Smile Thoughts in Hindi

Life is like this, we pay your every debt,
What is it less that we smile in pictures..!!

My life still resides in your smile,
So what happened that today you laugh in someone else’s arms..!!

Your smile is killer
Beyond this the intoxication of beer is nothing..!!

you always smile,
Your smile is my life support..!!

There is only so much story in this life,
Life without smile is tea less water..!!

His happiness made me smile..!!

Somehow he is so shy of me,
When I smile, he steals his eyes..!!

Smiling is like this in our habit,
That era cannot see us smiling..!!

Like a flower in autumn is a home,
Similarly, his smile is also very killer..!!

You smile and your eyes too
I just keep watching..!!

Hindi Smile Quotes
Hindi Smile Quotes

Do me a favor, O Almighty,
Always keep smile on the face of my loved ones..!!

One of his smiles blew our senses,
We were coming to our senses that he smiled again..!!

Smile is the distance between happiness and sorrow..!!

Hey laugh sometimes, still you could not laugh,
So watch The Kapil Sharma Show..!!

Your smile has spread like this,
Looks like a shadow of a dream..!!

Always smile your smile
Motivates us to stay alive..!!

Neither a bungalow nor a car is needed, we ask for only one thing every day from God,
Every moment a lovely smile is needed on the face of loved ones..!!

Just smile, you are in the world of smile..!!

Smile in such a way that the girl too
Come and say, there is no one like Jag Ghumia Thare..!!

Laughter on face, love in heart
This is why everyone’s life is happy..!!

Quotes for Smile in Hindi
Quotes for Smile in Hindi

Some people always laugh because they know,
It is better to laugh than to be sad..!!

what to tell about his smile
Shines like the moon in millions of stars..!!

His smile is also so intoxicating,
That hurts without drinking..!!

There is something in your smile or else,
Like this, the lovers are not buried behind this..!!

Smile increases the value of your face..!!

Everything has to be hidden from this time, the heart burns,
Hurts and still have to smile..!!

Your smile is the cheapest way to change your look..!!

If you only have one smile left,
You give it to the people whom you love the most..!!

Smile is the beginning of love
Then why don’t we always meet with a sweet smile..!!

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