[100+] Time Quotes in Hindi (2022) | समय पर कोट्स

[100+] Time Quotes in Hindi (2022) | समय पर कोट्स

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Time Quotes in Hindi

Best Time Quotes in Hindi

If you want to ask the value of time, then ask any newspaper,
Which is valuable in the morning but becomes worthless at night..!!

When the time comes,
Some fakir becomes some king..!!

One thing of time is good,
Whatever happens it passes..!!

If you’re having a bad time today, don’t worry.
Because after every dark night there is a morning..!!

Think twice before giving your time to someone
Because you have to give account of that..!!

I change step by step,
I am the time, it is my job to change..!!

In difficult times a wise man finds a solution,
And cowardly person makes excuse..!!

If you waste money,
You just won’t have money,
But if you waste time,
You will lose a part of your life..!!

There is also a special thing in bad times that when it comes,
All the useless and useless people are there, they all get separated..!!

If there was a best place to stay for time,
So she is just mother’s lap..!!

time quotes hindi
Time Quotes in Hindi

no one is more powerful than time,
It heals every deepest wound..!!

Take time to maintain relationships
If you don’t make time for relationships
So when you have time then maybe there will be no relationship..!!

A wise person learns everything in life himself,
And time teaches a foolish person..!!

Who always says I don’t have time,
Actually he is not busy but he is busy..!!

Whenever in doubt,
take more time..!!

You may be late
But no time..!!

Time and tide wait for no one..!!

Don’t let yourself get lost worrying about the future,
Live the moment that is yours well..!!

elapsed time,
never come back..!!

people talk about killing time,
While time silently kills them..!!

Time Thoughts in Hindi

Time Thoughts in Hindi
Time Thoughts in Hindi

Who wants to make his future happy,
He should not waste his present time..!!

Those who can’t find time for entertainment,
They take time out for illness sooner or later..!!

time is money..!!

that time is the school in which we learn,
Time is the fire in which we burn..!!

I feel in your life
Finding some quiet time is extremely important..!!

I have to control the time,
Don’t let me control the time..!!

It’s my thinking that time,
matures all things,
With time all things are revealed,
Time is the father of truth..!!

Know that the time you’ve got,
How to live it..!!

Time is the wisest counselor for all..!!

It is evening time and there is no alcohol,
Human’s time should not be so bad..!!

Time Thoughts Hindi
Time Quotes in Hindi

Appreciate love in time,
The world has seen the Taj Mahal, not Mumtaz..!!

Life is full of wounds
Learn to make time an ointment
To be defeated, one day by death,
Learn to live life now..!!

He took his whole life to test me,
I wish I had spent some time to understand..!!

Never be proud of time and luck,
Morning is also for those whom no one remembers..!!

Even the curtains of the eyes have become moist,
The connection of things has also reduced,
I don’t know whose fault it is
Time is bad or we have become bad..!!

Time is the coin of your life..!!

Live before every moment is over,
Memories come back, no time..!!

Parents’ love dies at that time,
When children say what have you done for us..!!

Today my heart is hurting like a child,
Then thought the need of the hour is who will celebrate..!!

believe in yourself,
Then see one day it will come,
That the clock will be of another and the time is yours..!!

Time Status in Hindi

Time Status in Hindi
Time Status in Hindi

Whenever time strikes,
He does not see the day, direction and direction..!!

Time is not bad
The situation of a person is bad..!!

that share over time,
He does not stop in the middle of the journey..!!

What is the time, it will pass,
But you will stop in the middle..!!

no one has time to help
But everyone has the time to disturb the work of others..!!

Time hurts too
Time heals wounds..!!

No one has been so rich yet,
to buy the past,
And no one is so poor,
That the coming time cannot change..!!

Don’t get angry if you get success late than others,
Because it takes more time to build a palace than to build a house..!!

Time is dumb, doesn’t speak,
Shows only by doing..!!

Time is what a person
Dhol dances without drums..!!

time status hindi
Time Quotes in Hindi

Change with time or learn to change time,
Don’t curse the compulsions, learn to walk in any situation..!!

Time is like sand
No matter how much you try to hold it in the fist, it slips..!!

Time does not come in time,
He always walks with you..!!

You waste your life
Wasting precious time..!!

When time punishes,
Neither a judge is needed nor a lawyer..!!

Time moves slowly but
Always ahead of you..!!

Your time keeps on decreasing every moment..!!

He waits
Those who do not appreciate time..!!

Clothes and faces often lie,
Time tells the reality of a human being..!!

The amount of time people spend explaining to others,
If you spend half of your time on yourself then you can get ahead in life..!!

Waqt Quotes in Hindi

Waqt Quotes in Hindi
Waqt Quotes in Hindi

time is not visible,
But it shows a lot..!!

No alarm to man
Responsibilities awaken..!!

When time decides,
Then there is no need of witnesses..!!

Time is yours my friend
If you want, make it gold or spend it in gold..!!

The night does not wait for the morning,
Fragrance doesn’t wait for the weather,
Enjoy whatever happiness you get,
Because life doesn’t wait for time..!!

True relationships ask for nothing,
Except time and respect..!!

Some people take the time to talk,
And some people talk to take out time..!!

Learn from yesterday and live in today
And look forward to tomorrow..!!

We should not wait for any particular time,
Rather, try your best to make your every time special..!!

As long as you keep remembering your past,
Will not be able to make future plans..!!

time quotes hindi
Time Quotes in Hindi

Best time to test your loved ones
You are having the worst time..!!

When you’re regretting your past,
So even at that time time is passing..!!

who want to make their future better,
He never wastes his second..!!

People talk about wasting time,
But time goes on silently destroying everyone..!!

Those who enjoy while wasting time,
Those people don’t waste time, they waste their life..!!

time is precious,
Take special care that,
Spend your time with nice people..!!

A right decision taken at the right time,
Saves you from big troubles in future..!!

time mirror,
never lies..!!

Time is right slowly
But it does change..!!

A wise man finds a way in difficult times,
And excuse the weak person.

Samay Quotes in Hindi

Samay Quotes in Hindi
Samay Quotes in Hindi

Never consider anyone useless in life because,
Even a bad clock tells the correct time twice a day..!!

to see the good times,
Have to fight through bad times..!!

the best time never comes,
Time has to be made the best..!!

Time is not dumb, it’s just silence,
Time tells who’s who..!!

Somebody is sitting in the shadow today because
Because someone planted a sapling a long time ago..!!

Forgiveness doesn’t change the past time,
But the future turns golden..!!

People by giving more time and respect than necessary,
You seem to have fallen.

When no one is working, look at the clock.
And don’t look at the clock when someone is working.

Do not have knowledge of right direction and right time,
So the rising sun also seems to be sinking..!!

A person comes to know his position at that time,
When he stumbles from where he has trusted the most..!!

takes time,
So does it..!!

time quotes hindi
Time Quotes in Hindi

Appreciate after the passage of time,
That is not appreciated, it is called regret..!!

Time and life are the best teachers in the world,
Life teaches us the use of time,
And time teaches us the value of life..!!

Time can make a king a king
And only time makes the rank the king..!!

Time is the greatest dealer,
Who plays with your life every moment..!!

When time passes,
never come back..!!

People who don’t take time out for fun,
Sooner or later they find time for illness..!!

When time wears off,
There is an eclipse on the sun too..!!

that doesn’t keep up with the times,
Then no one walks with him..!!

Time’s medicine
Sometimes it tastes sweet and bitter..!!

who wastes time,
Time wastes it..!!

Time comes for everyone
Some get shattered, some get sparkled..!!

You don’t have time to start any work,
So when will it be time to end it..!!

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