[50+] Ghamand Shayari in Hindi (2022) | घमंड शायरी

[50+] Ghamand Shayari in Hindi (2022) | घमंड शायरी

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Pride is something that happens to anyone after getting a little bit and after that that status or Status We have brought Ghamand Wali Shayari which you can read below.

In these Ghamand Ki Shayari, we have collected very good poetry and have brought this Ghamand Shayari Hindi, you can also share it with those people who are too proud of themselves so that you can make them face the truth.

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Don’t be proud, the fate keeps changing in life,
The mirror remains the same, only the picture keeps changing..!!

If you are proud of something,
a round of the cemetery,
The best people from you have become ashes there..!!

If you have to break then break your pride,
Relationships break even in misunderstanding..!!

things often seem small,
When someone looks from afar or with pride..!!

I was proud of my loved ones in this world
Time has turned, the reality of all has come to the fore..!!

Don’t be so proud of this beauty,
But otherwise you will have to be very ashamed,
Now is the time to calm down or else you will have to cry..!!

I thought you were unknown to my love,
But I did not know that pride is your sign..!!

I was proud that my fans are many in this world,
Later it came to know that everyone wants for their needs..!!

Don’t praise anyone too much
I have heard that arrogance makes a relationship quicker..!!

Don’t go back to your Guru’s house.
It would not have been made if there was not a laborer..!!

Shayari in Hindi

Shayari in Hindi

If there is too much arrogance, then definitely come once with equal
Going there to see that those with more status than you are lying in the ashes..!!

Was proud to see our love,
But seeing their value, they forgot our value..!!

Time keeps changing for everyone, what to be proud of?
The chair will remain the same, only those who come and go will continue..!!

Sun moon and stars be with me,
As long as your hand is in my hand,
We are not the leaves that are broken by the branches,
Somebody can tell from the storm that stay in your position..!!

Your behavior will decide
How much do I have to talk to you..!!

Who wins, for whom loses,
For whom all this quarrel in life,
Whoever has come will go one day,
Then for whom is this arrogance..!!

After separating from you, I came to know about your pride,
People like to talk only to people with money..!!

those who do not understand me,
They have the right to consider me bad..!!

Never be proud when the time is good,
Because what is of the time will pass as soon as you see it..!!

He was proud that he was not in love,
I cleared his misconception too..!!

Rishte Ghamand Shayari

Rishte Ghamand Shayari

Never be proud of time and luck,
Morning is also for those whom no one remembers..!!

Why does the world boast on Surat,
When all the fault is of Seerat..!!

Pride just thinks it
Otherwise the body even lies down in the ground for two yards..!!

What’s so arrogant about?
What’s so proud of
All the lions made in the hands of time,
Do it all in time..!!

Man gets proud on small things,
One doesn’t have to be big to be proud..!!

Everyone is away from vanity,
One day the pride breaks down..!!

Rain believes on a drop of water,
Have faith but don’t be proud of yourself..!!

Even these roads had pride of being tall and wide.
The children of the poor measured them on foot..!!

When pride crosses your limits,
Then the shaman felt a whirlwind,
The best people like you have become ashes there..!!

When the mercury of pride rises,
Man goes beyond his limits..!!

Paiso Ka Ghamand Shayari

Paiso Ka Ghamand Shayari

He doesn’t bother on short flights,
The bird who finds the sky for himself..!!

He said what talent do you have,
I said to break pride..!!

Why do you hesitate so much by reaching the highlands,
You are a little alone, today is your time, tomorrow will be ours too..!!

This night too shall pass,
Don’t be proud of this night’s gathering..!!

I kept falling madly in love with her,
And I was his love, he was proud of it..!!

There are so many good thoughts in this world,
Wear them all, what is kept in this pride..!!

His eyes were bent, but
There was pride in his simplicity..!!

I bowed my head and accepted what you said,
Just didn’t laugh in pride and said..!!

Our secret is everywhere.
in the hearts of those who love,
And in the minds of those who dislike..!!

I am looking for someone who loves my soul,
Otherwise people get by with money too..!!

Don’t try to buy us
We are the heirs of those ancestors who donated the haveli in Mujre..!!

Daulat Ka Ghamand Shayari

Daulat Ka Ghamand Shayari

Always be happy at that place,
Where people of 2 penny sing the virtues of their status..!!

Everyone is away from vanity,
One day the pride breaks down..!!

Man with his ego
Destroys own relationships..!!

Pride and belly when these two grow,
Then a person cannot hug anyone even if he wants..!!

Don’t be so proud of this beauty, otherwise you will have to be very ashamed,
Now is the time to calm down or else you will have to cry..!!

I thought you were unknown to my love,
But I did not know that pride is your sign..!!

Tell the people to stop burning with our fate,
We leave the house with the blessings of the mother, not the medicine..!!

Even if I am proud, what should I do?
After death, my own hands will wash my hands after touching me..!!

I also have a lot when it stings, like an arrow,
But I am silent like my fate..!!

There are strange tales of Gurur too.
Today above the soil, tomorrow under the soil..!!

Somewhere anger takes off somewhere,
It is true that we put fun on the paper..!!

Would have said that you have to give pain, O life,
What was the need to bring love in the middle..!!

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