[55+] God Shayari in Hindi (2022)

[55+] God Shayari in Hindi (2022)

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Most of all believe in God and many times we want to share something about God but we do not have words, today we have come up with a solution to the same problem with these Shayari on God in Hindi.

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God Shayari

God says don’t be sad I am with you
I’m not around in front
closing the eyelids and remembering by heart,
I do not believe in anyone else..!!

Open my account too, God in your court,
Keep coming in the business of continuous transactions,
To put the interest of your philosophy on the root of my deeds,
If I can’t repay the loan, then make me your servant..!!

Believe me, I made the same law for you,
what was right for you,
Whatever I have done till date,
done for your good luck..!!

God says you do what you want,
But what happens is what I want,
You do what I want
Then you will see what you want..!!

Trust in God, don’t show your sorrows,
Whatever is yours will come at your rate.
Don’t aspire to get it everyday..!!

Satyam-Shivam-Sundaram is everywhere in every heart,
Manifested in the inanimate consciousness, there is God in the continuous kankar-kankar..!!

Your name is Bholenath in my body.
If I am happy today, then this favor is also yours.
I have held my hand, you know me,
My Bholenath love is yours in every moment of my life..!!

Always have your thoughts in this mind,
Always keep my attention at the feet,
Whether I live in sorrow or live in happiness,
May your name always be on the lips..!!

If you wish, my every work will come true,
May happiness flow out of your grace,
Well, my karma is also not very good,
But if you see me then I will be saved..!!

Morning is from you, evening is from you,
Your name is in my every heartbeat,
Now there will be breath and there will also be fire,
Now you are my only destination..!!

God Shayari in Hindi

Why are our fingers ahead of the lines of the palm?
God has also put our hard work ahead of luck..!!

Those who praise God day and night,
They are the ones who have made human beings like Ramesh and Salim.
Leave the humans, these people,
Ram and Rahim are sitting on God too..!!

Do not give up, Lord is a difficult test,
Lord my every path is easier with you,
Don’t get lost in the rush of the Lord’s time,
Because with the help of you my identity is only..!!

Lord, may my heart be drenched with the juice of your name,
Let the rain of your love get my body wet,
Give me the color of your devotion,
That my life will pass by chanting your name..!!

When no one gives along then you give along,
When everyone gets rid of you, you give a hand to hold,
When my kayak starts sinking in the middle of the whirlpool,
Then you give support to my sinking Naya..!!

O Kanha, in your heart I get life imprisonment,
Get tired all the lawyers still don’t get bail..!!

The thunder rose, the whole sea left its shore,
Jahan jahan sara shaken when the slogan of Jai Shri Ram resonates..!!

God does not ask you for fruits, flowers, nuts and sweets,
He just asks for a true heart that does not hurt anyone..!!

Even if the leaf moves, then by his command,
We have the right by our own karma..!!

In the race of life running,
When tired of stumbling,
Lord you only saw me,
Whenever someone hit his stumbling block..!!

Shayari on God in Hindi

All I lost was my innocence,
And whatever I got was the mercy of the Lord..!!

He is always everyone’s, sometimes you also look like him,
You will see your bad work by chanting Ram’s name..!!

Who became my support in my bad times,
That’s where my god was called..!!

Yes, I have seen God earlier, he used to be stationed on the outskirts,
Now saves to take the form of white clothes..!!

We fight in your name
Being human, we forget humanity,
Although God is you,
But we save you every time..!!

Whatever is there in your heart is all news to him,
Bande, Lord Shiva’s eyes are on your every condition..!!

He holds his hand in every trouble,
Knows every weakness of the devotee,
One who calls out to God with a sincere heart,
God accepts everything at that time..!!

How can I say that my every prayer has been in vain,
Whenever I cried my Bholenath got the news..!!

Even though there is no blood relation, God gives us some people,
binds us into wonderful relationships with those,
Relationships should always be cherished..!!

God is the one whom the blind can see,
And the deaf can hear..!!

Bhagwan Shayari

Bhagwan Shayari

The destination has taken the path that left me,
Go life I don’t need you God has taken care of me..!!

Those who want to find God,
He is blessed with purity of speech, mind, senses,
And a kind heart is needed..!!

Hail to the heart of Nand Lal,
Hail to Bal Gopal settled in the heart..!!

If you become a sage, then you get rid of the illusion.
If you become a recluse, you will leave your body.
If Hari falls in true love with you,
Then all the attachments of Maya are released..!!

Light grows from the light of Shiva,
Whoever goes to the door of the naive,
He definitely gets something..!!

If the deeds are good, that becomes religion.
Such a person becomes a devotee of God..!!

I have found you, if God is your support, then so be it,
Wherever I look, there you are a sight, so be it..!!

Lord of gods, Mahadev is requesting you,
I too should be counted among your special devotees..!!

Alone in the whole world bathe with the ashes of the pyre,
Not only this, they are called the Kaal’s Mahakal..!!

The name given to God is never short,
The one who breaks is not the determination,
keep defeat away from victory,
Because there is no alternative to victory..!!

Bhagwan Ki Shayari

those who remember God,
God also remembers them,
God steals all the sorrows,
Keep the house of devotees filled with happiness..!!

Mohini idol is sitting hidden in the heart,
A beautiful image is sitting in the eyes,
Let Kanha hear the melodious tone of the flute,
Have a little hope..!!

What should I write on you Mahadev, how much should I write?
You will still remain undefined no matter how much I write..!!

Love has the power to bend the world
Otherwise what was the need for Ram to eat false hatred..!!

On whom may the grace of Lord Shri Ram be,
All his troubles go away,
To get happiness or not,
But sorrows are definitely destroyed..!!

My breath will stop after seeing you, Lord.
Your eyes will tell the story of my love,
Whoever reads Ghanshyam’s tales of our love,
While reading that person’s eyes will be blown away..!!

Let me be your devotee my God,
You Mahadev, then I should become a devotee Ravana among your devotees.
And you Ghanshyam then I will be named Sudama,
You Shri Ram, then I will become the chest-chittering Hanuman..!!

The devotees who are restless for their God,
God is also restless for those devotees..!!

Every moment your name should come on my tongue every moment,
I come for your work and God you come for my work,
If I get lost in your love something like this,
Your remembrance Lord come to me in the morning and evening..!!

God is the embodiment of love and affection,
God is the face of faith and hope,
Don’t care about the wealth of this era,
Bhagat’s devotion is needed God..!!

Bhagwan Par Shayari

I asked God how should I worship you, then God said smile yourself,
And be the reason for the smile of others, that’s where my worship is..!!

Your name is in my heart, Lord,
If I am happy in life then that is your work Lord,
You have shown me the way every moment,
I am weak and you are strong Lord..!!

God’s grace will rain by itself,
You just go on doing your good deeds,
Lord will settle in his merciful heart,
You just keep softening your heart..!!

Whoever takes refuge in the Lord with a sincere heart,
He gets everything without asking,
On whom the grace of the Lord falls,
He knows how to smile in every situation..!!

God does not let the devotees get into trouble,
Do not let you get into the quagmire of trouble,
We have seen millions of lives being built,
Don’t let the life of devotees get bitten by obstacles..!!

We belong to the ship of life,
If your boat starts sinking in the storm,
Don’t be afraid friend, Krishna Kanhaiya will cross the fleet..!!

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