[60+] Dil Todne Wali Shayari in Hindi (2022)

[60+] Dil Todne Wali Shayari in Hindi (2022)

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Are you heart broken? we brought you Dil Todne Wali Shayari Read and share your feelings with Dil Todne Wali Shayari in Hindi

Such a time comes in everyone’s life that we believe in the wrong person and he deceives us or breaks our heart and at that time we want poetry to share our feelings, then we Shayari Dil Todne for you. Wali has come.

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Dil Todne Wali Shayari

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Ask the faithful heart,
How much pain do you get from being unfaithful to your heart..!!

You should be my age too.
Like my heart is attached to you..!!

Once he would have spoken to me with love,
I would have hugged me once,
You have broken my heart all the time,
Sometimes I would have understood with love..!!

All the vows went away after breaking all the promises in a moment,
broke my heart, she left me like a mirror..!!

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He breaks his heart and asks,
Hal-e-dil mine..!!

Now I think that if I had not met him at that time,
So today my colorful life would not have had this colorless stitch..!!

Every place of your presence,
There is hell for my life..!!

How long should I be unfaithful, she was unfaithful, not me.
How long should I tell this time..!!

Giving happiness on one side you make you cry on the other side,
Not only do you laugh at me but why do you make others laugh as well..!!

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I have done a lot of love,
I will do what no one has done,
If you have broken my heart,
So I will take account of that too..!!

Dil Todne Wali Shayari in Hindi

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Let’s live a little peacefully,
Stay a little away from the heart that hurts..!!

Wherever you are now,
I don’t mean anything to you
If you broke my heart,
So I don’t love you too..!!

She could never love me
Can’t understand my love
Every time he has broken my heart,
She could never love me..!!

When you broke our heart now,
Then why should we ask,
And on an unfaithful Mehboob like you
Why go to love..!!

Do not think that by breaking someone’s heart, you will become happy,
That age you will repent after remembering your own sins and you will die while living..!!

You have tormented me so much,
You have made me cry moment by moment,
You went away after breaking my heart,
And you have made someone else your companion..!!

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Oh leave, what is there in the beauties other than the texture,
Styles are the only way what is there except decoration..!!

I don’t keep a relationship with what I could not have,
I do not love that which could not be mine,
When you broke my heart,
There can be no loyalty in love..!!

We know all the reasons of your love,
We consider your love as our God,
Then why did you break our heart,
When we only want you..!!

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Maybe we are kissing in their hearts,
Then again and again they tell us to get out of our heart..!!

Shayari Dil Todne Wali

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Why don’t you get it written on your door?
All kinds of hearts are hurt here..!!

The pieces of this broken heart can no longer be joined,
Long decisions are now ours from them,
Now we can’t turn towards them again..!!

The thing that pierced the heart broke all the relationships,
Till yesterday they were on your own but today you got angry with them..!!

The wounds you got from you are no longer tolerated,
The words of this painful heart are no longer spoken..!!

Aashiqui and love had become so much from them,
We got used to not living without them,
How much we wanted them but them,
Still there was a tendency to break the heart..!!

Is love even a charge,
Ulfat’s name is still infamous..!!

I’m tired of everyone
I am tired of loving now,
Now I want to move forward in life
I am tired of having relationship with heartbreakers..!!

When he has broken our heart,
So we won’t complain to anyone,
Will love everyone
But don’t drive yourself crazy in love..!!

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You never loved me You never loved me
Never expressed love to me,
I have unconditional love for you and you,
Nothing worked except heart break..!!

You talk about breaking your heart,
First you show dreams of dying together
Then you talk about getting away..!!

Dil Todne Ki Shayari

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Forgive me if my heart has hurt you,
Don’t know what you didn’t get yesterday, dude..!!

Even our shadows stole our eyes from us,
In the name of loyalty, the heart was sitting idle..!!

Oh, what did we ask for other than loyalty?
What did we want except love?
He broke our heart
We didn’t want anyone other than him..!!

Were not so bad that you rejected us,
One day you will also regret your decision..!!

You can go wherever you want
Now you can live life on your own terms,
I have freed you from every relationship,
Now my heart can be broken too..!!

Leaving me alone you are leaving me,
By breaking the heart that you have gone to mine,
Remember you will regret one day,
Who you have left me like this..!!

It is possible to fall in love after love,
But wanting to break someone happens only once in life..!!

Everything you say touches my heart,
That’s why talk to me thoughtfully,
Don’t let your words break my heart..!!

Let’s exchange hearts
You will understand what the yearning is..!!

The secret of love is not told,
The eyes themselves understand, it is not explained..!!

Dil Todne Wali Shayari Hindi

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Deception is step by step, in this crowded world,
Take care in the journey of this life..!!

Love each other even today,
She doesn’t even refuse and we don’t even tell..!!

Know what this era wants from me,
Breaking my heart wants to make me laugh
Know what is reflected in my face,
Everyone wants to try me..!!

Anyone has the right to break a heart,
After all you are also our lover,
You broke our heart,
You are part of our heart..!!

What to tell someone how compelled we are,
Wanted only him and we are away from him..!!

Moonlight does the moon, not the stars,
Love heart does not stray..!!

It was not like that, sir, we did not get anyone other than him,
Just what we had given them to hurt their heart, no one else had..!!

I will fall in love with her, I know she will break my heart,
Still I pray that I can be her..!!

You went away after breaking my heart like this,
broke the hopes of my dreams and went away,
I understood you my life,
You turned away from me like this..!!

Your love made me mad
I was so lost in your love,
Why did you break my heart
When I was completely yours..!!

heart breaking poetry

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The one who has hope and that only hurts the heart,
So trust is lost from the whole world..!!

Dil Jaane Jaa Tera, when the deal is done
Love is making you stumble..!!

You fall in love with everyone
Your heart falls on everyone,
You break our heart
And everyone’s love falls on you..!!

She was doing me some revenge,
She was playing some unfinished story with me,
He had broken my heart
She was just driving me crazy..!!

Whenever I go to God,
This is my request to him,
Do not give such love to anyone who breaks your heart,
I pray only to me..!!

Why don’t those who break hearts get punished?
Why not everyone get success in love,
People say love is a disease,
Then why its medicine is not available in the medical store..!!

We get nothing in love,
nothing but pain,
Everyone goes here breaking hearts,
There is no true lover here..!!

Don’t think so by mistake,
It’s all a matter of luck,
I only know
Your only hand is in my ruin..!!

Don’t ask when we don’t talk,
Just understand this,
In silence, ever since we became friends,
Love them but don’t talk..!!

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