[60+] Shero Shayari in Hindi (2022) | Sher Shayari

[60+] Shero Shayari in Hindi (2022) | Sher Shayari

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Shero Shayari in Hindi

Shero Shayari

No one remembers the loyal ones,
Be unfaithful to me, the world will remember..!!

I do not need to be angry with the whole world,
Just being your silence hurts me..!!

I have infinite love,
From a careless person..!!

Give any punishment but stay in front of your eyes.
Because I am not used to living without you..!!

Don’t defame me by calling me a poet.
I write the day’s account every evening..!!

If you get everything in life, then who would you wish for?
Some unfulfilled wishes give fun to life..!!

Don’t be so proud of your victory, O ignorant one,
More discussions in the city are about my defeat than your victory..!!

What is the pain of love too,
Doesn’t sting, doesn’t look, just feels..!!

Prices can be high for wishes,
But happiness is not always expensive..!!

Don’t read my words so hard
If we remember something, we will not be able to forget..!!

Shero Shayari in Hindi
Shero Shayari in Hindi

It is not necessary to hit a stone to break something,
A lot breaks even after speaking with a change of tone..!!

How is it possible that there is no sorrow in life,
We did not find anyone, we did not find anyone,
What’s the trick my friend has done with me,
Got your love but you didn’t get it..!!

Asking and seeing from your heart what does it want to forget us,
If he said yes, then you will stop loving by oath..!!

I think I should stop writing poetry,
It doesn’t work for anyone
reminds him, but
Doesn’t show it..!!

We do drugs, the blame is given to alcohol,
But the blame is not of alcohol,
Whose face we see in every jam..!!

If not yours, what will happen to your loved ones?
What will happen if you meet him in dreams?
From morning till evening we are waiting for whom,
What will happen to the night if the night is cut in promises..!!

Has dragged me to my house today,
Memories of my childhood are etched in my mind,
Now I don’t want wealth of this world,
My mother’s love is my lifetime’s earning..!!

One tear said all the heart’s heart,
I used to understand that this cruelty is indecent..!!

What is the request to disgrace you to meet,
Life will be easy for me, just dissolve in my breath..!!

Must have heart, must be liver,
Aashiqui should have skill,
There is no love when you see eye to eye,
There should be an effect on the other side of the eye too..!!

Shero Shayari in Hindi
Shero Shayari in Hindi

Time turns noor into darkness,
heals small wounds,
Who wants to stay away from loved ones,
But time forces everyone..!!

Memories force you otherwise,
I don’t like to do poetry now..!!

Life is getting extinguished;
Now there is no reason to live here,
Sir you still have to smile..!!

Everyday the stars are disturbed in the exhibition,
Moon is crazy, as it goes in the dark,
Writes ghazals in favor of stone everyday,
Everyday some work comes out of the mirrors..!!

My failure is better than your richness,
What have you not lost for a few coins?
I do not believe that I have a velvet bed,
But tell me how many nights you have slept peacefully..!!

Our mention has also become a crime there,
It is a matter of days that we were in the eyes of the gathering,
The thought was to stop these stone-pelting.
When I came to my senses I saw blood and blood..!!

It is not necessary to have support to live,
It is not necessary that we belong to whom we belong,
Some boats even sink,
It is not necessary that every kayak has an edge..!!

Didn’t see or talk a whole life,
Had a great time meeting..!!

The fairies of the light began to bathe,
Thought of humming the river..!!

I spent my time away from you,
I didn’t move my lips, yet I called every moment..!!

Shayari in Hindi
Hindi Mein Shero Shayari

The problem is not that you love someone else,
The pain happened when we were ignored..!!

Your name came and we started staring the way,
I remembered you and we opened the window..!!

The wound-e-tabassum was found hidden in the eye,
He was angry but met me with a smile..!!

That companion that laughed at my sarcasm a lot,
Sitam Zarif found me by showing me the mirror..!!

Mile met every person with Ehtram,
But whatever I got I got from some work or the other..!!

There is bound to be a little strictness in the mood, Huzoor.
People would drink the ocean if it had not stood..!!

I drink so much that I get drunk,
I understand everything but remain silent
Those who try to bring me down,
I often stay with them..!!

I myself wonder why I love you so much,
Whenever the word of love comes, only your face is remembered..!!

You must have heard the name of life,
I have called you often by that name..!!

You taught the delicate beats of my heart to beat,
Ever since I got love, I have taught you to smile even in your sorrow..!!

Sher Shayari
Sher Shayari

Every day a new trouble, a new sorrow,
Don’t know when it will be announced that we have died..!!

You have every right by expressing all you have on me,
I don’t ask, still tell me everything..!!

Love sings on your silent lips,
You are mine, I am yours, this is the only voice that comes..!!

We’ll love you everything
I’ll take care of everything about you
Just say once that you are only mine,
We will wait for you all my life..!!

Sometimes in trouble you have to smile,
So that our family members do not become troubled for us..!!

Waking up from sleep, I keep searching here and there,
That in dreams you come so close to me..!!

A palanquin is made from the moonlight of the moon,
We have decorated this palanquin with stars,
O wind, just move slowly,
My friend has had a very sweet sleep..!!

The journey of love is long
So what happened, you come on a little,
Little we go, little you walk,
We walk a little, then we will rickshaw..!!

Nothing has changed because of your absence,
Just yesterday where the heart used to be, today it hurts..!!

There is nothing in me except unrequited love,
If you want, check your breath..!!

Sher Shayari in Hindi
Hindi Sher Shayari

If there is love, then it is from the poor,
If you don’t get gifts or deception, you will not get it..!!

Relationships do not break by not being together,
Moments are not broken by the mist of time,
People say that my dream is broken,
Broken sleep is not broken dreams..!!

Alphas are there for the ages, you come,
We will make you hear the heartbeat..!!

Just be so close that
Even if there is no talk, do not take distance..!!

Have learned so many lessons from life,
If you are worried, you will burn a lot, if you remain careless, the world will burn..!!

Whoever you do not leave with me, my love,
If I do not deny even the angel of death, then say,
There is so much love in the effect of my love,
If I do not affect you even if you are far away then say..!!

Don’t go to the ground looking at my eyes,
Take a look around and allow me to live,
Those who are angry give me that first love,
Ishq is innocent, don’t go on blaming..!!

The face is like a smiling Gulabo,
Seeing you climbs more than drinking intoxicants..!!

If we are a drop alone then we are the ocean,
And if we are the thread alone, then we are the sheet,
If we are the paper alone then we are the book..!!

If you say love, then two and a half words, if you say it, then bandgi,
Think if the deep ocean sinks then life,
Do it easy, do it hard,
If you are scattered, then all the places where else you are confined..!!

You should never give names to some relationships,
Let them go, don’t accuse them like this,
Let it be like this, you Tishnagi in every word,
Don’t let the words of mine execute you..!!

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