70+ कोरोना जोक्स 2022 : Corona Jokes in Hindi

70+ कोरोना जोक्स 2022 : Corona Jokes in Hindi

Friends, till now crores of people all over the world have become corona positive and lakhs of people have given their lives because of this and do not know how many people have lost their jobs and are starving right now.
Due to Corona virus, people of almost all countries of the world are facing different types of problems.
But in Indian culture, old people believe that we should face every kind of problem while laughing, that is why in today’s post we have brought some funny funny jokes related to Corona for you, by the way, friends, don’t take any joke. It is not a thing, we should follow all the instructions given by the government carefully and take special care of social distancing.
Friends, in this post, we have shared Joke’s related to all types of Corona Virus from Lockdown till now, hope you will definitely like this Joke, if you like, then definitely share this post with your friends.

corona jokes in hindi

The havoc of Corona is not over yet, friends.

So leave the house only as much……

How many leaders come out after winning the election.

God has deliberately created every part of the human being.

Now look at the ear.

Had it not been out so much, then nails would have to be hammered to apply the mask.

breaking news
Due to Corona, women are not able to form a herd
Huge fall in chugli..!!

corona jokes

Just once this corona virus ends
Then I go to China

I will teach everyone to make lentils and rice
these people eat anything

of corona virus
caller tune is so long
that I forget when I hear
call that person in front
what was employed for

Have slept so much in the wake of this Corona that……
Now even dreams have started repeating

Corona virus is the first such disease
in which you do not have to go for treatment
The government itself will pick you up from home.

In the carelessness of a few moments,
Cried for a lifetime,
Keep thinking that love fever
And Ghalib got corona.

corona virus jokes

Even if the eyes of Chinese people are less open..
But he has opened the eyes of the whole world.

The Chinese are ahead in everything.
now look who thought
That death will also come one day from China.

Corona virus has some effect like this,
There is nothing except writing now.

Right now it’s like this, can’t do anything
The fear of Corona is all around
Can’t get out of the house
school closed, college closed, exams cancel
How can this dilemma not remain without a mask?

corona jokes with photo

corona jokes with photo

jokes on corona

corona virus joke

corona funny image

corona jokes

jokes on corona

Work From Home as well
Work of home will also have to be done
Didn’t know this.

What is the difference between Kareena and Corona.
Saif is in the grip of Kareena,
And no one is safe in the grip of Corona.

I don’t think so panic
Corona virus will also
After school holidays
children have created havoc in the house

i was about to do
that I immediately ABP News
changed to television
now i’m completely fine

Fufa ji was very fond of calling Uttarakhand UK.
Went to Delhi, told everyone for some work, I am coming from UK…
Today the doctor has kept him locked in the LAB since 2 days.

Corona epidemic is also behaving exactly like mother-in-law…….

Do not go out, eat at home, do not roam outside and always keep your mouth covered.

Office closed…

College closed…

The weather is cold…

Everyone in the house…

See, this corona will produce more than it kills.

Use alcohol in limit…..

Corona is to kill not dinosaurs!!!!

Friends, how do you like these jokes, definitely tell us in the comment, if you also have any such joke related to corona virus, then you can follow us on social media and bring that joke to us, we will also add it to this post. Hope you liked this post, if you like this post then definitely share it with your friends.


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