[70+] Bharosa Shayari in Hindi (2022) | विश्वास शायरी

[70+] Bharosa Shayari in Hindi (2022) | विश्वास शायरी

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Bharosa Shayari

Bharosa Shayari

I forgive every time
But trust me only once..!!

Life is beautiful, love it
Surprise now, wait for the morning,
That moment will also come for which you are waiting,
Just trust in God and do it on time..!!

Trust is like glass,
Which once broken, no matter how much you add,
The face will look different..!!

Have faith in your God this bad time will also pass.
Every single moment to come will bring you lots of happiness..!!

Don’t trust anyone so much that
Don’t trust anyone later..!!

To be happy you should try yourself sometime,
Trusting others, I have often seen people crying..!!

Sometimes we used to talk about love,
Right long ago but we used to trust people too..!!

Don’t be so fond of trusting people,
To lose confidence in yourself..!!

where trust
There is no place for promises..!!

Whenever I have trusted, then my trust is broken,
Now I don’t feel like trusting anyone..!!

Bharosa Shayari in Hindi

Bharosa Shayari in Hindi
Bharosa Shayari in Hindi

trusting someone more than yourself,
And the breaking of that trust is like the custom of life..!!

By trusting in you that I held your hand,
Don’t even believe in my trust that you have left my side..!!

People have a lot but the difficulty is this,
That there is doubt on trust and there is trust in your doubt..!!

He gets whatever he wants, man has so much power in faith,
What God gives to a person, it never diminishes..!!

Knowing them, we have to know this thing,
How do those who call themselves friends turn around..!!

The world has taught me to doubt even myself,
In my nature, I had to rely on others too..!!

This miracle can only be believed,
Who can even turn a stone into a god..!!

He has forgotten me now I am sure otherwise,
If there is no Wafa, then there will be a series of Zafao..!!

Heartache remained a secret,
My trust has become a joke,
Perhaps sitting with the soulmates of the heart,
That’s why my love has become like an alpha..!!

The price is not of water but of thirst.
The price is not of death but of breath.
Love is a lot in the world,
The price is not of love but of faith..!!

Sad Bharosa Shayari 2 Lines

Sad Bharosa Shayari
Sad Bharosa Shayari

There should be only one trust in love,
The whole world doubts..!!

Wow a happy understanding that Parwaz passed away with a certainty,
Went even from the ground in the desire to touch the sky..!!

Don’t stop, don’t bow down, just keep going.
Till you don’t get the destination, just keep on increasing..!!

Just keep this round of meeting,
When will death be with you, what is the trust..!!

Don’t cross the border of my heart
My heart is fragile, do not attack me,
I trust you more than myself,
Don’t waste this trust..!!

Those who were worried about yesterday cried all night long,
Those who believed in God, they slept all night..!!

Must believe in himself-e-Kamil,
Who encourages someone..!!

Let there be faith in every relationship,
Let there be sweetness on the tongue at all times,
This is the way of living life,
Don’t be sad yourself, don’t let others be..!!

No promise, no trust, no hope,
But we had to wait for you..!!

If you put trust in others, then it gives sorrow,
Have faith in yourself, it becomes strength..!!

Rishte Bharosa Shayari

Rishte Bharosa Shayari
Rishte Bharosa Shayari

Trusted you more than luck,
Still luck has not changed as much as you have changed..!!

The walls were small but there was a curtain,
Before the invention of locks, there was only trust,
As long as the person to kiss the forehead was alive,
Even outside the door, there used to be Lukma in my mouth..!!

Why do you find trust in yourself?
Where are the angels near the birds?
Maps still find the way..!!

Winning trust is not a big deal,
Having faith is a big deal..!!

I trust you more than myself,
Don’t waste this trust..!!

I have trusted your lies too,
Whoever considered you as God..!!

What to trust when you have to fall on yourself,
Have to walk on your own feet..!!

It was me who trusted you,
People had only broken hearts,
You squeezed my soul..!!

Trust is not broken when someone gets angry,
Trust breaks when someone’s heart is broken..!!

Tomorrow evening the sun will rise again,
Have faith in yourself you will shine every moment..!!

Dosti Bharosa Shayari

Dosti Bharosa Shayari
Dosti Bharosa Shayari

We are also wise enough to catch their lies,
And even their crazy people still believe so much..!!

Someone cries for trust,
Someone cries with confidence..!!

what to believe in his laughter,
The person who has never cried openly..!!

Often the appearance of bad personalities is also beautiful,
Be careful people don’t hesitate to use knives on trust..!!

Our heart broke, something new
The fault is not yours but ours.
because we trusted you,
You are not on us..!!

We fell on the ground after colliding with that stone,
Tell me the foundation of trust which was once laid by your loved ones..!!

When everyone was weighing me neither in the scales of hope,
He was the only one who reposed faith in me..!!

I had sold my life in the market of trust.
Then I have found this attitude somewhere..!!

The fallen leaves are all of hope,
But the root of trust is very strong..!!

Now what should I trust in these waves,
When she’s walking opposite me,
I believe in these winds,
Who is supporting my helm..!!

Trust Shayari

Trust Shayari
Trust Shayari

I was the only one who trusted you,
Otherwise, those who told everything were right..!!

Laughing and drinking the poison of life,
Living life without your love
We are no longer afraid of loneliness,
I am living alone after you are gone..!!

Have faith in your love,
Because the whole world does doubt..!!

People were proved right even after seeing the deception.
And we proved to be good even by trusting..!!

I put my heart and you put my mind,
I trusted and you took advantage of the trust..!!

Sometimes God deliberately puts us in trouble,
So that we can see the mask on the faces of those people,
On whom we trust blindly..!!

Why are you so surprised to see me silent, man?
Nothing has happened, I have been cheated by just trusting me..!!

Of course forgive someone again and again but,
Trust them only once..!!

This world taught me to doubt myself,
Otherwise our nature was to trust the Garos too..!!

Always be prepared sir,
Because when the weather and humans change,
They have no faith..!!

Vishwas Shayari

Vishwas Shayari
Vishwas Shayari

When trust is lost in someone, then we have something,
It doesn’t matter whether he swears or takes poison..!!

When a person comes to know about his position,
When he stumbles from where he has trusted the most..!!

Laughing is in front of man, but crying is in front of him,
In whom he trusts more than himself..!!

From whom we have full hope, if he hurts our heart,
So we lose our trust from the whole world..!!

There is no complaint, no trust in you,
It has taught us that your love is a deception..!!

Trust everyone but do it carefully
Because sometimes even your own teeth bite your tongue..!!

If you have faith in God, then whatever happens, you will get it only in luck.
But if you have faith in yourself,
God will write whatever you want..!!

Never lose anyone’s love and trust,
Because love doesn’t happen to everyone,
And don’t trust everyone..!!

People have a lot but the difficulty is that,
Doubt on trust and trust in your doubt..!!

You have served on my plate more than I can,
You give me lakhs of difficulties, God I have faith in you..!!

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