[70+] Husband Wife Shayari in Hindi (2022)

[70+] Husband Wife Shayari in Hindi (2022)

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The relationship of husband and wife is very sweet and pure, it is known to all that many things are necessary to maintain this relationship, such as supporting each other in every good and bad time and with each other with love. Live.
In view of this relationship, we have brought a very good store of special Husband Wife Shayari, which will be liked by all of you and you can also show your love by sharing Wife Husband Shayari with your partner Husband or Wife. Your partner will feel good and special.

Husband Wife Shayari

Don’t ask the extent of my love, you
We can stop living but not loving you..!!

It is my habit to be happy with him, I want to be in his shelter,
My destination is to spend life with him..!!

A husband is incomplete without a wife,
And a wife is incomplete without a husband,
Just as the soul is incomplete without the body,
And the body is incomplete without the soul..!!

I adopted you in every moment of my life,
I found you only in every moment of my love..!!

You ask from the morning, if you are not sure then from the evening,
This heart beats in your name only..!!

Best Husband Wife Shayari

Everyone says that wife only hurts,
No one ever said that in trouble,
Only she gives us support..!!

All my happiness is sacrificed on you,
All my dreams are sacrificed on you,
I even sacrificed my life for you..!!

It’s in your nature to smile all the time,
And it is in our destiny to keep this smile..!!

When they love, every moment feels good,
Mischief happens and love also seems like real..!!

Support me at every turn,
Everything is incomplete without you..!!

Husband Wife Shayari in Hindi

Husband Wife Shayari in Hindi

Whether ask the sun or the moon,
My heart beats only in your name..!!

There is no one like you, there will be no one,
The love that we have from you will not be able to be from anyone else..!!

Got it all by finding you,
Every sorrow of ours is erased by finding you,
Life has gone on with our every moment,
By making you a part of my life..!!

Don’t talk about fearless love, sir.
We have spent centuries to get this love..!!

There is no help in life again and again,
No one gets dearer than love again and again,
Keep the one who is close to him,
They are never found again by losing..!!

Husband Wife Shayari Hindi

Teach me how to express love, life
I have heard that people give their lives for their beloved..!!

There will be no noise, no mischief,
I will want your love on my lips..!!

Ever since we found you,
Found myself very lucky..!!

It is a promise that you will keep this love affair with you at all costs.
Will fight with you everyday and celebrate you..!!

Even if fate and wife troubles,
But when you give support, life changes..!!

True Love Husband Wife Shayari

True Love Husband Wife Shayari

How can I explain what you are to me,
You are my land and sky..!!

The light of your love is a shadow on my eyes,
I have come to live because of your love..!!

If the relationship is tied with the cord of the heart,
So do not get away from any compulsion,
Marriage was a name
God wants to give the gift of my worship..!!

All my happiness is yours,
Every breath is yours, you are hidden in my breath.
Life is mine, this thing is big for me..!!

Memories are often there to haunt,
Somebody gets angry then to agree,
Maintaining a relationship is not difficult
Just need love in hearts to fulfill it..!!

Husband Wife Shayari

This is the only wish from my life,
It is my request to get a friend like you every birth..!!

If someone is angry with husband and wife, then convince each other,
If the desire of love rises, then openly tell..!!

Be the pride of husband-wife relationship,
Be the smile of each other’s lips,
If the desire of love rises, then openly tell..!!

You have settled in the beating of my heart,
Your relationship should be till Jannat..!!

I have a relationship with your every happiness and sorrow, I love you,
And you are a precious part of my life..!!

Husband Wife Love Shayari

Husband Wife Love Shayari

Received a friend like you from the one above, as asked for,
I wish nothing more than yours who got so much love..!!

You are the cure for my sick heart,
You feel my every happiness..!!

Morning tea is good only then,
When you are with me in that moment..!!

These relationships have become very strange nowadays,
Everyone is in free time but no one has time..!!

You know my way my way,
A new beginning of life started with you,
You are with me at every step,
My world is populated..!!

Love Husband Wife Shayari

I don’t want anything else from God now,
I got you I got my life..!!

Life doesn’t pass without you anymore
Your memories do not erase from my heart,
You are in my eyes
Your picture is not removed from the eyes..!!

No one gets the cutest in life,
Save your love for your life partner,
I can’t find a better man than him again..!!

When speaking with silent eyes,
So this is how love begins,
Lost in your own thoughts
Don’t know when there is day and night..!!

Your eyes do not lose your face,
Your love does not go away from your heart,
It feels like to live
Need you more than ever..!!

Wife Husband Romantic Shayari

Wife Husband Romantic Shayari

Support me at every turn,
Everything is incomplete without you..!!

What you can understand is the thing that we,
The one who doesn’t bring the morning is the night,
People break up by making relationships,
The one who never leaves is with us..!!

The promise of a moment to moment relationship is with you,
Your belonging is so much more than you,
Don’t think you will forget
I would like to have this promise for the rest of my life..!!

I have a relation not with your happiness but also with sorrow,
You are a precious part of my life,
My love is not just a matter of words,
My soul is related to your soul..!!

Sanam in my every breath, just the name of yours,
You are the sound of every heartbeat,
You are immortal, my sweetheart
You are the master of my love..!!

Romantic Husband Wife Shayari

I want my life’s support by keeping my head on your shoulder.
I want to share all my feelings with you only..!!

Be close enough that there is love in relationships,
Stay far away so that you can wait for it to come,
Keep hope so in the middle of relationships,
Hope that breaks but the relationship remains intact..!!

By becoming a fragrance, you will be absorbed in your breath,
Will get down in your heart by becoming peace,
Try to feel
Even when you are far away, you will be seen near..!!

May there be no hope left in life,
Just be the companion who gives you coffee in bed early in the morning..!!

You are my every morning,
May every evening be pleasant with you,
Such a relationship has become with you that,
There is only your name in every breath..!!

Wife Husband Shayari Hindi

Wife Husband Shayari Hindi

The story of my life has become your reality,
I met you ever since your luck has changed..!!

Got something special from you,
My heart has got along with you,
The love that every girl dreams of,
I got that love from you..!!

Your loyalty will always be lent to me,
My life will be based on your smile,
You have given me so much love,
that even after death my life will be indebted to you..!!

Two words he had said, the pain of the heart has disappeared,
The world always asked what happened to you,
Desperate eyes kept smiling,
Couldn’t even say that I fell in love with you..!!

One you will miss your voice,
I will remember everything you said,
The day will pass and the night will be remembered,
Will miss the first meeting every moment..!!

Wife Husband Shayari

It is the night that brings new dawn to us,
People leave by forming a relationship, the one who never leaves is with us..!!

Life doesn’t pass without you anymore
Your memory does not erase from my mind,
You are settled in my eyes,
Your picture does not go away from the eyes..!!

We can save many relationships from breaking,
By just making this small change in your thinking,
that the front is not wrong,
Just a little different from our expectation..!!

Even today there is unrequited love with you,
Now we have given up the desire to get you..!!

That night will be a night of pain and sorrow,
The night Rukhsat will be their procession,
I often wake up from my sleep thinking that,
My whole life will be in the arms of one non..!!

Pati Patni Shayari

Pati Patni Shayari

There is no moon and no stars in the sky,
You are the breath in my life and you are not there, this cannot happen..!!

There is conflict in the relationship between husband and wife and there is also love,
We have to cry and celebrate and this relationship is also the world of happiness..!!

O moon, don’t stop shining,
Your moonlight haunts me,
He has the same face as you,
She misses seeing you..!!

There’s a different fun to be had,
Your anger is also a punishment..!!

Be the pride of husband-wife relationship,
Be the smile of each other’s lips..!!

Pati Patni Shayari in Hindi

We got what we wanted from our heart,
There is no grudge against God,
Nor do we have any wish now,
Ever since we found you..!!

You are my every morning,
May every evening be pleasant with you,
Something like this has happened to you,
That in every breath only your name..!!

I will ask many wishes for you,
because you have given me life,
I was helpless for love
Thank you for coming in my life..!!

All my happiness is yours,
This breath hidden in your breath is yours,
Can’t live even two moments without you,
Every sound of heartbeat is yours..!!

Going to hug you is just one thing to tell,
The heart that beats in your chest is my sign..!!

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