[70+] Judai Shayari in Hindi (2022) | जुदाई शायरी

[70+] Judai Shayari in Hindi (2022) | जुदाई शायरी

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Judai Shayari

If someone is angry with you, then immediately convince him,
In this situation, separation often wins..!!

Even if I teach you about your separation, with whom should I do it?
Here everyone still considers me yours..!!

Many people are separated, you are also right,
Now what should surprise life on such a thing..!!

In his separation, memories hurt today,
In remembrance of him, now the nights pass,
There is never sleep in the eyes,
Sometimes the eyes turn away from sleep..!!

There is no separation even after being separated,
Love is life imprisonment dear it is not released..!!

He did not go together in my separation,
I would not have died without him..!!

Despite all, there is loneliness,
There is a shadow of sorrow even in the memories,
Whatever you pray to get someone,
The more separation you get..!!

I have come to tell them that I will live without you,
Life has come as soon as they parted..!!

If it were so easy to part with someone,
Angels do not come to take the soul from the body..!!

There was a need for time on every meeting,
Heartache refreshed on every memory,
Heard only things of separation from people,
When I passed on myself, I realized the reality..!!

Judai Shayari in Hindi

I had forgotten that only love is not enough,
One has to become something to get love in life..!!

I laugh and cry sometimes,
Whenever I miss your laugh..!!

It is good that I knew everything before the time,
I don’t know if I get time again later or not..!!

We also have love for desire,
We only beat in someone’s heart,
We want to meet you so much,
But after meeting they are afraid of separation..!!

Do not call these distances separation,
Don’t call these silences rude,
Will miss you at every turn,
If you do not support in life then do not say infidelity..!!

We have not worshiped love, not love,
Have rebelled against rituals,
Whom we had asked in our prayers,
He wants to part with me..!!

We do not understand why separation is the custom of love,
Why is love so compulsive, we don’t understand..!!

Today again the heart has asked the same question,
What was missing in your being..!!

The pain itself subsided,
When you lost hope of getting it..!!

Don’t be so desperate to leave me,
You have to be separated from my heart not from your eyes..!!

Judai Ki Shayari

This tears flowing from my eyes,
Is asking the reason for leaving us..!!

Longing for your smile, longing for your talk,
Longing to meet you even after being near you..!!

Sleep used to come in childhood,
Now every day before sleep, tears come in my eyes..!!

Afraid to break my heart
Some are afraid of their fate,
who take me away from you,
I am scared of that line of hands..!!

Let us leave it but there is only one little confusion,
I have heard that the separation of the heartbeat from the heart is only death..!!

I can’t remember it can’t happen,
Apart from you, no one else can cheat this heart..!!

Come, see me falling apart someday,
Watch the poison of separation descend in my veins,
With what respect have you asked from God,
Come see me sometimes sobbing in sajdo..!!

If I had to go
So would not have come so close to me..!!

Afraid of the chain of Wafa,
Some are afraid of their fate,
that separates me from you,
Scared of that line of hand..!!

Feel lonely when in loneliness,
Remember me when in separation,
I am with you every moment,
Whenever you want to see in your shadow..!!

Sad Judai Shayari

Don’t know how I have persuaded my heart,
I don’t even understand that you have become someone else’s..!!

Despite being separated from them, chatter happens with them everyday,
We also have questions and answers too..!!

Your separation hurts in the cold nights,
The fire is not extinguished, you put it in your chest,
You used to say that you will find peace by separation,
Then why do you cry at my rate, your loneliness..!!

Was it unfaithful time or was it my fate,
Whatever the matter was, however, the result turned out to be separation..!!

We will give something like this to your infidelity,
We will call you unfaithful love and only you unfaithful..!!

Your voice makes the heart yearning,
Glance search keeps you up again and again,
I am not ashamed that we are so far away from you,
Our separation also loves you..!!

Somebody tell me where you will get that luck,
So that I can find my love..!!

Don’t know how people forget someone
We miss you only every moment..!!

The evening did not come out of the heart,
You used to say that bad times pass..!!

If you don’t love me, why do you cry?
Why do you think about me in loneliness,
If the destination is separation then let me go
When will you come back and ask why..!!

Shayari Judai

Was it time? were you? Or was it mine?
The only thing is that the result was separation..!!

Many people are separated, you are also right,
Now what should surprise life on such a thing..!!

When did we want a promise of a lifetime from you,
I wanted you more even by staying away..!!

One in search of him,
We lost ourselves..!!

I wish you were my friend
Or I would never have met..!!

How much did the habit of smiling cost us,
He left thinking that we are happy in separation..!!

How do your days pass in remembrance,
Don’t ask us about that separation,
That moment kept stinging like a thorn,
Weeping passes the path of every loneliness..!!

Somebody learn from me how to bear separation,
I cry but there are no tears in my eyes..!!

I don’t know how my death will be
But it is certain that your separation will be better..!!

What do you know what is loneliness,
Asking this broken heart what is the separation,
Don’t blame the infidelity,
Ask from this time at what time you do not remember..!!

Judai Shayari in Hindi

Living apart even after a long time,
Sometimes both used to say that separation will kill..!!

Someone sighs in your memory,
Someone misses you with every breath,
Death is the truth, it has to come one day,
But every day someone dies in your separation..!!

Whose eyes were bitten for centuries,
He has given the separation of centuries..!!

How do your days pass in remembrance,
Don’t ask us about that separation,
That moment kept stinging like a thorn,
Weeping passes the path of every loneliness..!!

A lot has changed in my life,
One after you come, then after you leave..!!

When promised, I will keep
The sun will come on the roof as a ray
If we are, then how is the sorrow of separation?
Will decorate your every morning with flowers..!!

Even when the separation was cut, it happened that he died,
Your days have passed, my days too have passed..!!

If the heart is attached, then what can be achieved by meeting,
Like this, Sehra also meets the ocean..!!

My heart does not even realize this,
that now my friend is not with me,
His separation has hurt us,
Don’t stay alive and there is no corpse either..!!

Like everyday she came online today,
But not for me but for someone else..!!

Bad times were luck and you were,
But the result is this separation..!!

separation shayari

Today again he made a promise while leaving,
Will definitely come back but with someone else..!!

It is about love or else we also know,
Love is not acquired by force..!!

Don’t want to be away from you again,
That’s why didn’t even try to get it..!!

I don’t want to lose you now
So happy that I don’t want to cry anymore
This is the situation in our separation from you,
I have sleep in my eyes and don’t want to sleep..!!

Didn’t meet him
But still I meet in the memories sometimes..!!

Never found it for fear of losing it,
Every moment kept on agonizing in his memory but never told him..!!

Those body and life got separated today,
He got lost in the color of henna today,
Whom we wished with sincerity,
He has become someone else’s for a lifetime..!!

In spite of you, there is loneliness,
Look at the infidelity even after doing loyalty,
As much as I prayed to get you,
You have got more separation than that..!!

We understood only one thing by loving,
Do love but never let your heart deal..!!

Even after being separated, there is no separation, love
Life is imprisoned dear, there is no release in it,
The days that were spent with you,
Eyes search them again and again..!!

looks like you,
Now you have belonged to someone else..!!

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