[70+] One Sided Love Shayari in Hindi (2022)

[70+] One Sided Love Shayari in Hindi (2022)

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One Sided Love Shayari in Hindi

One Sided Love Shayari

If love is one sided,
Memories of the person in front are everything..!!

Now you have become a habit, what to do?
One sided love has to be faced..!!

I am sure that this prayer of yours will never be accepted.
that I will find someone better than you..!!

Sometimes looking deep into my heart,
Only you will be seen in my heart..!!

Put all your pain in alphabets,
Changed and buried in books,
If you do not come, then with your memories,
Had a celebration today..!!

There was a wish that sometime they should also celebrate us,
This heart never got angry with him..!!

No matter who you wanted and how much,
We know that we loved you and wanted more than the limit..!!

It was difficult but
Where love is easily found..!!

The river also has to pass through lakhs of obstacles,
Then it meets the sea somewhere..!!

The world rests on hope and I am also
Somewhere maybe my one sided love becomes two sided with you..!!

One Sided Love Shayari in Hindi
One Sided Love Shayari in Hindi

He lives with great ease, without me today,
It seems as if we were a burden on him for centuries..!!

Even though my love was one sided,
But your eyes also took the initiative..!!

Just give you some hope, I met
I will wait for the rest of my life..!!

When friendship turns into love and when love turns into deception,
I don’t know anything..!!

If love doesn’t come from the one you want,
So give love to those who want you..!!

Don’t know how many love ends on this thing,
That parents will not agree..!!

I have probably come to the world to hear this,
Man you are very good you can get anyone..!!

If you ever cry, then do call.
I don’t know how to laugh but I will definitely stay with you..!!

Who said if love is true then it is definitely complete,
We also did love with all our heart..!!

Was there a lack in prayer or maybe in my love,
Then you didn’t even realize my love..!!

One Sided Love Shayari Hindi
One Sided Love Shayari Hindi

Asked you in every prayer, yet the prayer was not accepted,
Our wish was only you, yet the wish was not accepted..!!

One sided love taught me a lot,
I was afraid with the first words today you made me a poet..!!

It’s amazing that you met me too
Love is only one sided..!!

I was proud of him that my love is as clear as a mirror,
When I came to know that my love is one sided, then my pride broke..!!

You be happy, that’s enough for me,
I have no one sided love..!!

How much should I celebrate you, I am tired now,
Only I loved you, why didn’t you tell me..!!

My love broke me, it was one sided love,
I failed to understand this, he left me in the middle..!!

I was facing one sided love,
Now it has become a habit while facing it..!!

I went to forget myself,
Forgetting and learning to love you one sided..!!

I have a strange love,
Despite being in this world, he is not in my world..!!

Shayari on One Sided Love
Shayari on One Sided Love

What is the life in which there is no love,
And what is that love which is not one sided..!!

With great respect he denied me in love,
Said that I will get better..!!

With the changing times, everything changed,
But nothing has changed if my love for you does not change..!!

Don’t know about luck but in prayers,
Every time your name comes on the lips..!!

Ending the path does not reduce love,
Those who leave the world live in the heart..!!

Do you know what love is?
Asking someone’s happiness in every prayer..!!

Oh God, only such an age is needed,
Neither die before that nor live after that..!!

To change whose nature is always written,
What can we expect from them..!!

I don’t know how your nights are going
Every moment of mine passes in your memories..!!

Whose hearts are clean, aren’t they
They are often turned down..!!

Shayari for One Sided Love
Shayari for One Sided Love

It is not necessary that every complaint should be made in words only.
Some resentments are expressed even by keeping silent..!!

If you stay with me then all the troubles will go away,
I want to touch you, all my fingers will be cut..!!

Saying that love is yours, it was never known that
Saala our love will also turn out to be one sided..!!

Was it my love or was it the end of passion,
That you have passed by your own thoughts..!!

look at one side with love,
There will never be a time-pass from anyone..!!

Ask a one sided lover,
What is honesty..

Not every true love is one sided,
But one sided love is always true..!!

Isn’t it strange that he wants one-sided love,
Who doesn’t even want to talk to you..!!

Heard she has forgotten me,
Oh when did he remember..!!

Afraid that I may lose you somewhere,
Then I remember that you are not mine..!!

Shayari for One Sided Lovers
Shayari for One Sided Lovers

These cold nights make my life beautiful,
Your picture and the things that happened with those pictures..!!

I don’t agree with you because,
I am in love with your soul and not with your body..!!

Everything is there if we ask you, but we had asked for your happiness,
And he accepted my prayer for the first time..!!

It is said that first love is never forgotten,
So how can I forget you..!!

Even today I have stopped waiting for him,
Do you know tomorrow he will come and I will not be there..!!

This is one sided love Pagli,
The question of breakup does not arise here..!!

Breaking of breath is common
Where death changes itself, then it comes..!!

You are my heart but what should I do?
One sided love with one heart..!!

Had to write something like a fragrance, what should I write more than the character,
Listen, now I have to write life, what should I write more than friends and relationships..!!

Laughter has stopped rolling on the lips,
Dreams have stopped coming on the eyelids,
Now even hiccups don’t come,
Maybe you have also stopped remembering..!!

Pain One Sided Love Shayari in Hindi
Pain One Sided Love Shayari in Hindi

Once you openly refuse,
This would have been enough for us in one sided love..!!

I made my life easier in this way,
Forgetting your infidelity I fell in love with my loneliness..!!

This will be a different example in all the times,
Only your name will be found in all my troubles..!!

By shedding tears, no one is one’s own,
The one who loves from the heart never makes me cry..!!

Far from understanding you in love,
Didn’t even deserve to be misunderstood..!!

Losing me will know the price of mine,
I am with you now so you have no idea..!!

People say lies, prayers are accepted,
We had asked for us in every prayer..!!

We asked for your happiness in every prayer,
How can I love you anymore..!!

My failure was in love,
Couldn’t make you feel your love..!!

With whose feelings we are living,
Amazing they don’t even realize this..!!

I learned how to love from you,
One sided love..!!

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