[70+] Sandeep Maheshwari Quotes in Hindi (JAN 2022)

sandeep maheshwari quotes in hindi Looking for? read Best sandeep maheshwari quotes and status 2022 in hindi that will change the way you think and Motivated do

Name Sandeep Maheshwari / Sandeep Maheshwari
Birth September 28, 1980
profession Businessman, motivational speaker
the nationality Indian
Availability Founder and CEO of ImagesBazaar, which is the biggest collection of Indian Images and they have also won these awards.. Pioneer of Tomorrow Award And Young Creative Entrepreneur Award and Star Achiever Award their name is photography world record of Limca Books of Records is recorded in. it’s their Youtube channel and their website www.sandeepmaheshwari.com And Sandeep Maheshwari TV Can watch too!

sandeep maheshwari quotes in hindi

sandeep maheshwari quotes in hindi

Working without thinking and thinking without doing anything,
Gives 100% failure..!!

Money is just as important
As much petrol in the car, neither less nor more..!!

Always remember what happens
Happens for the best..!!

The day you openly live your life is the only festival.
Everything else is just calendar dates..!!

You are thinking this, not what your family members will think,
What will your relatives think… it is better, keep thinking..!!

Hey brother, you will get so much that you cannot even imagine in a dream,
Be the first player, the sure player of your game..!!

If we have come to fix our mind at a boring place,
Then the interesting place is just the game..!!

Do whatever you want… do it openly,
Because this day is not going to come again..!!

What will people say is the biggest disease..!!

Learn most but don’t follow anyone..!!

Best Sandeep Maheshwari Quotes 2022

sandeep maheshwari quotes for students

Success That’s only one definition, share for me,
Share from heart, share with everyone..!!

Keep learning, the one who is learning is alive,
The one who stopped learning… he is a living corpse..!!

The person who changed his habits will change tomorrow,
And the one who has not changed, tomorrow will also be the same with what has happened till date..!!

It doesn’t matter what you think what you say,
What you hear, it doesn’t matter what you believe,
Because what you believe if not today then tomorrow you become that..!!

All those who believe are based on lies,
They take centuries to form, but it takes a second to break..!!

Look no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil,
This is not to be said, instead say, look good, speak well, listen well..!!

neither running nor stopping,
Just keep going, keep going..!!

I am not successful because some people think that I am successful,
I am successful because of this because I think I am successful..!!

If even one person in the world can do any work,
So you too can do that work in sports..!!

Whether you like it or not, whether you accept it or not, believe it or not,
But your life is as you have chosen for yourself..!!

sandeep maheshwari quotes for students

sandeep maheshwari motivational quotes in hindi

Success comes from experience
And from Experience Bad Experience..!!

I do my seminars for free,
If you ever get hungry in life, feed him food.
I will get my money..!!

Speak well, listen well, look good..!!

Don’t leave the field, don’t wait… just keep going..!!

When the mind is weak, situations become problems,
When the mind is still, then circumstances become a challenge,
But when the mind is strong, then circumstances become opportunities..!!

If you give your 100% in any work,
Then you will be successful..!!

If you ever want to do something in life, then tell the truth,
Don’t talk about twists and turns..!!

It’s easy when we speak
And if you ask for the answer, then you get the answer..!!

If a boy like me who was submissive, who was shy,
If he can come on stage and speak then any man in the world can do anything..!!

Being successful is not an adult’s game, it is a child’s game.
And if you believe that being successful is child’s play,
So what will happen… you will be successful..!!

sandeep maheshwari motivational quotes in hindi

Best Sandeep Maheshwari Quotes in Hindi

If you’re looking for that person,
What will change your life, then take a look in the mirror..!!

No mountain is difficult to climb,
See you at the top..!!

If you have more than you need,
So share it with those who need it the most..!!

If you want to achieve greatness,
So stop taking permission..!!

Those who can’t change their mind,
They can’t change anything..!!

Mistakes are proof of that,
that you are trying..!!

A ‘will’ changes nothing, a ‘decision’ changes something,
But one ‘Nishya’ changes everything..!!

Success always embraces being alone,
But failure always slaps you in front of everyone, that’s life..!!

The way you look at this world,
This world will look like this to you..!!

Whether the applause echoes or fades, what’s the difference?
It doesn’t mean that you succeed or fail, just work.
No work is small or big..!!

sandeep maheshwari quotes in hindi

sandeep maheshwari quotes in hindi

You have to be powerful
Not because you can suppress someone,
But because no one can suppress you..!!

Whatever you do, do it with a passion or else don’t..!!

The karma that strengthens you from within is a good karma.
That which weakens you from inside is bad karma..!!

Whose awareness is higher,
His Possibilities will also be more..!!

Hey those who are sleeping, scared, sitting, get up, stand up,
Go ahead, do whatever you want to do.. no work is small or big,
Have to drive auto.. have to drive taxi, don’t you.. what’s wrong why to sit empty..

When the Desire has to be chosen, then choose the biggest one, right?
Biggest than biggest.. Biggest in the world..!!

Focus on Learning, not on Earning, Earning is always in the Future,
Learning always happens in Present Moment..!!

Do whatever you want freely.
Because this day is not going to come again..!!

What is my mission – inside India and in this whole world,
Standing Unlimited Leaders..!!

Ten years from now, we are living life as we were living it.
Eat sleep repeat, Eat sleep repeat, what fun! Go to the next level..!!

sandeep maheshwari status

sandeep maheshwari status

If we come to change our Desires,
Then our fate will change..!!

People say what is there in this business, what is there in this job,
So let me tell that in any business… nothing is lying in any career,
You are not going to find any gold mine, you have to dig it from anywhere..!!

Remember the beginning of every big,
It’s small..!!

Mediocrity is a very dangerous place, we get stuck here,
We keep burning after seeing the ones above and keep getting happy seeing those below..!!

Where can one go to the top in every career,
There is no limit for this..!!

As soon as you’re doing something bad,
Or doing Jealousy with someone or bringing someone down,
To make yourself feel better, you fall further down..!!

Where your thinking goes Wherever your eyes go,
That’s how you start becoming..!!

You’re holding my words, but the way I’m pointing
They are not seeing, this is the trap, meaning if I am showing the moon with my finger,
So you are just looking at the finger, not looking at the moon..!!

There is good and bad in every situation,
There is good and evil in every human being,
The choice is in our hands what we see..!!

When we look at the things we don’t have,
And if we want then our luck is bad,
And when we turn to those things,
Whatever we have, we have good luck in that moment..!!

best sandeep maheshwari status in hindi

sandeep maheshwari status in hindi

For the first time if you have made any mistake in life then it is not a mistake.
But if you are doing the same thing again and again then it is a mistake..!!

Make mistakes but learn from it, do the right thing but don’t stick to it…
Don’t increase your ego by doing something good, Grow out of it what does it matter..!!

no mistake is so big,
that he cannot be forgiven..!!

When we are giving advice to someone else, we give very good advice,
But when we ourselves are in that situation then we act like idiots..!!

I am neither hardware nor I am software,
I am going to use both of these..!!

Just understand this
Life is a game..!!

Whenever someone tells you that you can’t do it,
So all he wants to say is – I can’t do this..!!

Even if you want, you cannot get out in the game of life,
until you leave the field yourself and run away,
No power in the world can beat you if you stay on the pitch..!!

Failing in one event doesn’t make you fail in life.
The end of an event is not the end of life, brother..!!

The more you think about materialistic things, the more chances of getting it will decrease,
The more you think about your work, the more chances of getting materialistic things will increase..!!

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